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Take in our apartment Window-door-walls In addition to the floor, they occupy the largest areas and therefore also require a corresponding amount of maintenance. This care primarily concerns cleaning, maintenance and repair. Some tips should help to carry out this work as efficiently and quickly as possible. The tips relate to cleaning work, repairs, coloring and painting, as well as the wall and window design. Before you start repairing or beautifying doors, windows or doors, you should be clear about your goal.

This also includes which material is required and which operations are necessary in which order. The work, like any other, can only be carried out efficiently and sensibly if you have all the tools and materials you need before you begin. The required amount of work and the success of your work are crucially dependent on the material and tools used.

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When using wallpaper

If you use wallpaper for a renovation, there are, for example, wallpapers that have only low requirements for the preparation of the substrate and are very durable. If you use fiberglass non-woven wallpaper, you can, for example, wallpaper over cracks and smaller holes in the process or and keep it level without pretreatment.

When using simple paper wallpaper, however, cracks and holes must be forgiven in advance. Woodchip wallpaper with an aluminum vapor barrier and glass fiber wallpaper in particular are smudge-proof and light-proof, which means that they are durable for a long time and the period between two renovations is significantly extended.

Divide work beforehand

When the living space is renovated, the daily routine of the household is significantly disrupted. In order to keep the time of the disruption as short as possible, we recommend that you make all the necessary preparations before starting the actual renovation work. Similar considerations should be made when selecting the coating materials for windows, doors and living space ceilings.

Think about the color of your window-door-walls beforehand living rooms including the ceiling, so you avoid unnecessary, time-consuming discussions. It is also advantageous to determine beforehand what work can be carried out. Especially in a family in which such work is carried out without a craftsman, it should be clear beforehand who is doing which work.

Stripping of oil and alkyd resin paints

Old oil and alkyd paint can be easily removed from doors or walls. Use the professional paint strippers available in stores. After a certain period of time for this agent to take effect, the paint is simply puttied off and completely removed by washing it off several times. For certain work outdoors, it can be helpful to use a Kärcher for help.

New doors with door foil

Whether you just want to cover scratches on your doors or other imperfections is an open question. In any case, door foil can be used here. These somewhat stronger foils are easy to work with. With this you can bring color and structure to your door. This opens up completely new possibilities for customizing your doors. With a Door foil make your door distinctive. Redesign window-door-walls.

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