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What do you think about our German national team? Will she survive the group stage and advance?

Prediction game World Cup 2022
Prize money 1st place 1000 €

The Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar is in the starting blocks. For all football enthusiasts and fans of lawn sports, we have launched our World Cup 2022 betting game with the With the you can am PC or smartphone easily give your tips and to tip king aufsteigen

Since football is always about fun and excitement, we have one Prize money pot of 1000 € fixed for best prediction kings. This should be a small incentive to join in to fight to the end.

Registration is now online! The betting release for the games will only be activated shortly before the start of the tournament if enough players have registered. That means support and share the World Cup 2022 prediction game, the more participants, the higher the probability that this prediction game will be unlocked and launched!

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Game Rules: We want to keep it simple!

1. The exact betting result | 2. correct tip win | 3. The goal difference

World Cup 2022 betting game World Cup 2022 betting game
Football World Cup 2022 betting game by 3

If you got an exact bet correctly, you should also get high points, here it's a whole 5 points. At the end of the tournament you can still get a few points until the end. A correct win tip is worth 2 points. In addition, if the goal difference is correct, you get 1 point, i.e. 3 in total.

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We wish you a lot of fun taking part and a high participation in sharing and spreading the word.

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