Kitchen work

Kitchen work is work in the kitchen. It's about cooking, preserving, washing vegetables, canning fruit, freezing, baking with automatic bread makers or juicing with the pressure cooker. With over a third of housework, kitchen work is an important part of our lives. The work in the kitchen is made meaningful by Kitchen Equipment much easier.

Knowledge of the individual work processes and the correct handling of our food is also part of it. Practical tips will help make kitchen work easier. Electric kitchen appliances make your kitchen work easier and save time cooking, so you have more time for new and interesting recipes. In this way, egg boilers, microwaves or blenders can save valuable time.

Ceramic ginger grater


Ngwer is valued as a spice, cut into small pieces as an ingredient in a salad or in teas. With a ceramic ginger grater its advantages come into their own.


Store cheese properly, store it


Store cheese properly, store it. The shelf life of cheese depends primarily on its water content.


Boil and store potatoes


Cooking and storing potatoes, the possibilities are many. The potato is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.


Herbs and spices in the kitchen


Seasoning is an art in which you need a little tact, a good tongue and many years of experience. With the right seasoning, less is often more. Many herbs and spices have a beneficial effect on the digestibility of the food.

vegetable slicer

Vegetables - preparation, preparation, storage


So that the vitamins can be supplied to the human body with as little loss as possible, the following tips about storing, preparing and preparing vegetables are worth considering.


Poultry - chicken, turkey, goose, duck


Poultry - chicken, turkey, goose and duck is more fine-grained than beef or pork. The meat of young animals is very tender. Older poultry is therefore usually cooked and makes a strong broth.

Types of cooking

Types of cooking of food


Different types of cooking require different procedures for the types of food that are cooked.


Food meat


Meat is a high quality food. Meat is a high-quality food, especially due to its high content of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Fish preparation

Fish Guide - Storage - Seasoning - Blue


Fish guide - storage - seasoning - blue for all cases. In accordance with the market offer, fish should also be eaten as often as possible as canned food.


Preserving - Preserving | Advice & tips


When canning or canning, different types of food are preserved for a long time.