Product test: Yaheetech bathroom cabinet chest of drawers with 3 drawers

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Yaheetech bathroom cabinet chest of drawers with 3 drawers: detailed product test

In this test I will take a close look at the Yaheetech bathroom cabinet chest of drawers with three drawers. This review aims to provide potential buyers with comprehensive information about the product, including its specifications, construction, possible problems and solutions, customer reviews and a final conclusion.

- 20,00 €
Yaheetech bathroom cabinet chest of drawers with 3 drawers made of wood, 55,5 x…*
  • Versatile and multifunctional: The classic style bathroom cabinet allows our bathroom cabinet to be used both in the bathroom and in the living room or…
  • Plenty of storage space: This cabinet has three drawers, a cupboard and an open shelf, which can accommodate a variety of items...
  • With adjustable shelf: The adjustable shelf in the closet ensures that you can adjust it according to the size of the items and your individual…
  • Our bathroom cabinet is made of durable MDF wood panels and metal. Due to the stable structure, the maximum load capacity is…

Why did I buy this bathroom cabinet?

I needed a base cabinet that was 87 cm high and a maximum of 25 cm deep for the L-shaped kitchen I built and its worktop, and the bathroom cabinet fit perfectly here! In terms of width, 2 pieces fit well next to each other.


product specifications

Material and design: The Yaheetech bathroom cabinet is made of MDF wood panels and metal, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction. Its modern design in white fits well into different interior styles, both in the bathroom and in other living areas. Just in my kitchen. I find the bathroom cabinets to be very valuable and stable. I like the white too!

Dimensions and capacity: With a total size of 55,5 x 29,5 x 86,5 cm, the cabinet offers enough storage space. The drawers, measuring 22,3 x 24,5 x 11,5 cm, are ideal for smaller items. The load capacity of the table top is 23 kg, while that of the drawers and shelves is 2,5 kg and 8-10 kg respectively. The total weight of the cabinet is approx. 16 kg​​

Functionality: The cabinet has three drawers and additional storage space that ensures neat and organized storage. The adjustable shelf in the cupboard allows for flexible use. You can use the open area at the top with slide-in boxes or simply leave it open. I use both, I just had to cut off the back panel at the back of the boxes so I could use slightly longer boxes.

- 20,00 € Yaheetech Bathroom Cabinet Chest of 3 Drawers Made of Wood, 55,5 x...

construction and assembly

The assembly of the Yaheetech bathroom cabinet is often described as easy on the internet. The product is delivered disassembled. However, customers should be prepared for a certain number of individual parts and allow some time for assembly. With the clear assembly instructions included it should work well, at least it worked quite well for me.

Problems and solutions

Some customers reported assembly challenges and an initial chemical smell from the product. In my case, I couldn't really detect a chemical smell that would be really noticeable. It is advisable to allow some time for assembly and to follow the instructions carefully.

Customer Reviews

Positive aspects: The majority of customer reviews are positive. Customers particularly praise the attractive design and functionality of the cabinet. The versatility of the cabinet, its ability to be used in different rooms and the ease of cleaning are also appreciated. A good multifunctional piece of furniture.

Negative aspects: Some customers expressed concerns about the color being darker than expected and the initial chemical smell. However, these issues do not appear to occur with all customers and may vary depending on individual perceptions. Neither of these applied to me. For me the white is pure white and I couldn't detect any smell.

Conclusion on the Yaheetech bathroom cabinet

The Yaheetech bathroom cabinet offers a stylish and practical solution for storage in the bathroom and other living areas. Its modern design and robust construction make it an attractive piece of furniture.

I rate the price-performance ratio very positively and can recommend the product. Easy assembly and ease of cleaning are additional advantages. I cannot confirm minor problems such as an initial smell or the color difference and I have built 2 bathroom cabinets.

I would particularly like to praise the fact that both cabinets were well packaged. There were no chipped edges, other flaws or damage from the factory. Top!

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