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You are looking for a product?

You are looking for a product?

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Household appliances, electrical appliances, tools, and much more!

Household appliances are mechanical and electrical powered devices that are used every day in a private household and can save us a lot of work and time. These include, for example. Mixer as well as Mammal. In retail this became kitchen appliances-Goods offer titled as "white goods". That is also divided into White goods like refrigerators and small electrical appliances such as hairdryers. - Are you looking for a product?

Consumer electronics (e.g. TV, DVD recorder or Desktop), which was previously defined as "brown goods" in retail, is now understood as a separate device area and no longer counted as household appliances, the same applies to hobbyist devices and toys (Model railway, Game Boy). A thorough differentiation can in no way take place with the hobbyist devices, because a Cordless Screwdriver z. B. can belong to household appliances, but not a sander.

Typical household appliances are:

Historical evolution of household appliances powered by electricity

The development of the electrical devices, which are now in use in private households, took place parallel to the development of the electrical power grid. The first hydropower plants with their power grids built at the turn of the 19th to the XNUMXth century were only sufficient to operate arc and incandescent lamps. The electricity price to be paid was huge and clearly exceeded the hourly income of a skilled worker per kilowatt hour. Today there are always more Led Lamps.

This fact changed only in the times after the 1st war when pompous steam power plants were built. At the same time, power grids at high voltage level were further expanded so that the converted thermal energy could cover long distances. In private households, this course of development meant the massive use of the electric iron, the first electric household appliance together with the electric sewing machine. The victorious market launch of these two tools in the middle of the 19th century was the dawn of industrialization in private households.

Approx. Fifteen years later, the Nazis promoted the use of one Radio receiver, which was called the Volksempfänger and was an extremely sought-after instrument for the previous commanders to distribute their propaganda. The introduction of refrigerators was already being tried out at this point, but this failed because of the high purchase prices. After the second world fire, the currency reforms and the economic boom, the power plants and the electricity grids became more and more efficient while energy prices fell at the same time.

At the same time, other electrical household helpers pushed onto the market. At the same time, the number of household appliances running on electricity increased. Many devices, such as electric cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, TVs and many other devices that are used for amusement, still assist housewives in their daily work to this day.

A decade later came the electrically powered coffee machine and the Freezer added, after another 15 years the microwave. Some of these devices were developed several years before they were introduced to the market; However, the cost of electricity and electricity consumption at the time of development were so high that they could not quickly establish themselves on the market.

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