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Dog teeth

How to take care of your dog's teeth

Showing teeth - can smell pretty unpleasant. When tooth decay, plaque and tartar have settled, the animal suffers like us. From toothache to blood poisoning, anything is possible. But what is useful for dog dental care and what is not? Are there any differences? How do dental diseases develop? We answer these questions in this guide and also what options you have to take care of the teeth of your beloved four-legged friend. Because: The dog is no longer a wolf. - Dog dental care

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Dental care dog - in comparison

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Dental care for the dog necessary?

Why should you brush your dog's teeth? This question cannot be answered in general, but always depends on various factors. The most important thing: today's dog is not a wolf. Point. It starts with breeding and ends with the way of life. Wild wolves have an internal tooth cleaning system, so to speak. By tearing the prey, their teeth are brushed naturally. Your jaw is designed so that there is natural abrasion. Last but not least, running increases salivation and kills bacteria and cleans the oral cavity.

dental care
PHA mouthguard supplement - simply add it to the feed mix

This does not mean that the free-living fur carriers are completely free from dental diseases. They only occur less. Our dogs, on the other hand, sleep in the basket, are less than 60 km a day and at most they tear a piece of sausage. Then there is the food that was produced industrially - junk food, if you want to translate that. The jaw was also changed through breeding. Self-cleaning can often no longer take place here. Last but not least, gnawing on bones, like in the wild, is a kind of natural toothbrush. However, this does not mean that every dog ​​develops problems with the teeth.

Effective dental care for the dog

Small dogs in particular often have problems with their teeth. In many dogs, the disaster begins at the age of two. Food residues remain in the mouth (like in humans) and are broken down by bacteria in the interdental spaces. This greasy layer quickly turns into a hard crust. Tartar has emerged. Once tartar is there, more bacteria can collect on this rough crust. Germs develop that attack the gums. Inflammatory processes are the result. Generally speaking, the less a dog chews, the less saliva it produces. Little saliva also means less protection.

Dental gels for the dog

According to studies, chlorhexidine has a particularly good effect on combating tooth decay in dogs. It is found in many tooth gels. These gels are either placed in the oral cavity or directly on the tooth. Your dog then licks off the gel, the salivation is stimulated and the entire mouth is flushed out.

Brushing teeth dog

Not every dog ​​can have their teeth brushed. Fewer those who come into contact with cleaning technology for the first time in old age. Dog teeth brushing is very effective, it means thorough cleaning and simultaneous massage of the gums. For a long-term effect, however, it is necessary to brush the dog's teeth every day. Below you can read how to get your dog used to brushing their teeth.

Dental care dog chew

Chewing is good, especially when it's long. The more the dog chews, the more saliva it forms. Good blood circulation in the chewing muscles is also important. However, the chewing articles should not be too hard, otherwise the teeth run the risk of breaking.

** Some dogs like carrots! This is a healthy alternative as a snack and also cleans the dog's teeth. **

Chews can be very different. So there are low-calorie snacks, rolls or even beef skin. Attention drool! Those who chew a lot drool. In this case this is deliberate, but it can lead to a lot of smearing!

In addition: Chew should definitely be sugar free.

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Dental care dog finger cot

A finger cot works similarly to a toothbrush. The advantage: you can directly touch your dog's tooth with your finger and the dogs' desire to bite is suppressed. At best, your dog will try to spit you out. The thimble is not as foreign as a toothbrush, for example. The finger cots are made of silicone or microfiber.

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Dental care dog toy

There are a number of toys available on the market where the dog is encouraged to rip around. The pimpled shape of the toy has a cleaning, massaging and saliva-promoting effect. Pay attention to that Bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest toy testing but make sure that it doesn't contain any dangerous plasticizers. Your dog should also not swallow bitten parts.

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Dental health dog

What health damage can be caused by lack of dental care vs. Can dental diseases be triggered in dogs? These include:

  • Gingivitis
  • liver inflammation
  • kidney infections
  • pulmonary fibrosis
  • bronchitis
  • heart disease
  • Pain

Regular dental check-ups are therefore important. So that all of this is not too stressful and uncomfortable for the dog, the puppy should be used to it. For some dogs it is a horror to submit to them. You hate it. Playful training should be right at the beginning - by the way, not only when it comes to teeth! Nail care is also part of it. Some dogs also have problems with their ears or eyes. Some with the anal glands. It is always worthwhile to get the puppy used to certain processes (even those that might become necessary).

How do I get my dog ​​used to dental care?

Slowly. As with anything you want to teach your dog, your pet's understanding is based on trust. So if you want to brush his dog's teeth, you have to show him everything first. You can start to touch the dog's snout. Then you start to pull your lips up. You can give him that toothpaste already show. If all of this works well and your dog is no longer scared or has become normal for him, you can encourage him to open his jaw.

Put some toothpaste on your finger and just wipe your tooth. Replace your finger with a toothbrush. All of this can go in wonderfully small stages until your dog has orientated himself and he can take the procedure carefree and stress-free. As important as praising and having fun! Fun immediately jumps on your animal and it is happy - because you are happy.

** If you are unsure, you can also ask your veterinarian if he can show you the right technique.

What to consider when buying dental care items

You are spoiled for choice and double: you have to decide for your dog. What are its limits? If your dog is very shy, don't try to get everyone in the world to brush their teeth. Especially not when he's older. Then a toy may be more suitable. Or a Chew, But no matter what you choose:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the plastic toys. Small parts should not come loose and there should also be no plasticizers in the toy
  • Always chew chew without sugar
  • Pay attention to the conditions: Especially with casino toys, the toy has to endure more. If you take a toy that is too large, it will be less likely to reach the interdental spaces
  • Don't make it too complicated for yourself! If you don't feel like it, your dog won't have it for a long time. Then it says: less is more. More fun and less stress.
  • It is often said dried animal food is better than wet food, This is not necessarily true, because if the dog bites the chunk of food, it crumbles. These crumbs can get stuck anywhere.

    Pros and cons dental care dog

    Well, brushing teeth is hardly out of the question for us humans. All right. At least for most of them. Classically, this is not the case with dogs, but this is more due to the work that humans do with it.

    Per dog dental care

    ✔ Used to it early and often performed, the dog's dental care can significantly improve its health in the long term

    ✔ Chew toy train can be refilled and usually has a long service life

    ✔ Chews are eaten by all dogs and are not particularly expensive

    ✔ Good care can replace one or two visits to the vet

    ✔ There is a suitable solution for every dog

    ✔ The four-legged friends are often happy and content for hours with toys and chewing items

    Against dental care dog

    ✘ Brushing your teeth can become a daily test of patience for humans and animals

    ✘ Using tooth gels or finger cots also means: job

    ✘ Some chewing items can trace a large drool mark. Many dog ​​owners (like me) give their loved ones bones, skin, etc. Best in the summer outside

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    Conclusion - dental care dog

    If nothing helps, only the veterinarian can help. He alone is able to straighten the bite with the help of an anesthetic. So that it doesn't get this far, or at least not too often, there are a few things you can do to keep your dog healthy. Lots of exercise, lots of chewing, good food and getting used to appropriate dental care.
    With the food you provide to your dog, you can do even more for its health. Because the same applies to dogs: the way to health leads through the kitchen. Every now and then nibble a carrot, gnaw a bone, feed fresh and good meat and not just junk food. This gives strength and the natural things are still full of minerals and vitamins, which your dog needs for strong teeth, a stable bone structure and for its regeneration.

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