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Zinc ointment for the skin

Zinc ointment has always been a well-known remedy. Its main ingredient: zinc. This ointment can be used in many ways and also in mineral form, it is often used as a food supplement for colds, for example. Not surprisingly, zinc, like iron, is also one of the most important trace elements in the human body. Here we present what makes the ointment so valuable, where it can be used anywhere and what side effects it can have or for whom it is not suitable. - Zinc ointment - good for the skin

Zinc ointment - good for the skin

Zinc is primarily used for wound healing. It is involved in various metabolic processes, supports the immune system, and provides nutrients for the hair and skin. It also helps with insulin storage. Involved in all major processes, it is very important for the body. Zinc provides tremendous support, especially in situations where rapid healing is required. Zinc gets through the blood to its "tasks", for example wound healing.

When zinc is used externally, this bioidentical mineral creates a kind of protective film on the wound. This is disinfecting and absorbing due to the zinc oxide. This means that particularly weeping wounds are drained. This also supports wound healing. It is not suitable for all wounds as it can also dry out the skin too much. For this reason, manufacturers have only used a part of zinc in their ointments. Other ingredients are fatty substances such as Vaseline, paraffin or wool wax alcohol.

Zinc ointment - comparison

Abbey Wundheil zinc ointment - ointment with zinc for wound healing -...AKNE AKUT - The anti pimple cream for clearer skin and a ...SunJas 10/20/30/40/50 Christmas candles RGB, wireless ...Zinc ointment against pimples - the immediate anti pimple aid for ...SUNLIFE wound protection ointment: wound ointment with zinc & allantoin ....InfectoSoor zinc ointment against fungal diseases of the skin, 30 g ...Enzborn Zinc Ointment 50 ml, 1er Pack (1 x 50 ml)
6,31€Check price17,99€25,50€7,15€16,01€8,08€
Abbey Wundheil zinc ointment - ointment with zinc for ... *AKNE AKUT - The anti pimple cream for purer ... *SunJas 10/20/30/40/50 Christmas candles RGB, ... *Zinc ointment against pimples - the anti pimple ... *SUNLIFE wound protection ointment: wound ointment with zinc & ... *InfectoSoor zinc ointment against fungal diseases of ... *Enzborn zinc ointment 50 ml, 1 pack (1 x 50 ml) *
◼️ Traditional medicine: Used to treat small ...◼️ 👍 ...◼️ ✅ 【THE LATEST UPGRADE VERSION】 10/20/30 sets ...◼️ ✔︎ Removing pimples made easy. That works with the Pure ...◼️ WOUND PROTECTION & CARE CREAM: SUNLIFE wound protection ointment nourishes and ...◼️ Active ingredient: miconazole◼️ ENZBORN zinc ointment - the proven original.◼️ ◼️ ◼️
◼️ With 2-fold wound protection formula: In the event of skin injuries, the ...◼️ 👍 ...◼️ ✅ 【WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL】 Via our wireless ...◼️ ✔︎ As an effective remedy for inflamed ...◼️ ZINC. ALLANTOIN & AVOCADO OIL: Zinc relieves irritation and ...◼️ for the treatment of fungal diseases◼️ N / A◼️ ◼️ ◼️
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6,31€Check price17,99€25,50€7,15€16,01€8,08€
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The effect of zinc in healing

The cyan oxide absorbs moisture, at the same time it forms a protective film. The moisturizing base of vaseline or wool wax alcohol prevents at the same time a complete dehydration and that the tissue around the weeping wound is provoked too much. This makes itself felt very well in the healing of certain wounds.

Zinc ointment for pimples

Pimples are inflamed hair follicles and sebum glands. The fact that the sebum cannot drain off and keratinization occurs, which can lead to increased inflammation. Ugly, sometimes weeping wheals are the result, which can easily reach a considerable size. Pus forms. The dead skin cells also form a basis for bacteria. Zinc ointment can do so in several ways help against pimples: On the one hand, it dries out the pimples easily, helps against inflammation and promotes wound healing. Zinc ointments prescribed by a doctor often also contain vitamin A. This also helps.

Note: Apply the zinc ointment only to the affected areas and leave it on overnight.

Zinc ointment and the baby

The dreaded diaper bottom that itches, wets and hurts. The zinc ointment is also suitable for baby's bottom, as it absorbs, protects and cares for moisture. The diaper makes the area warm and moist, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The skin on the buttocks there quickly worsens. Risk of inflammation.

The zinc ointment can also be used preventively here. Often the little buttocks don't get a lot of air, so the risk increases by itself. The ointment also protects against urine and feces thanks to its protective coating, making it harder for the corrosive substances to get on the skin. The zinc ointment must never come into contact with mucous membranes and some children react to the wool wax alcohol. Small tests are required here. Ointments with cod liver oil are often better tolerated by babies.

Further uses of zinc ointment

Zinc ointment is also good at

  • abrasions
  • slight burns
  • lacerations
  • Blemishes
  • slight burns

Important, never apply the ointment on mucous membranes or on a blanket. Only on the wound itself does it reveal its healing power.


Sensitive people can redden their skin or there can be a slight burning sensation in inflamed areas. Someone who cannot tolerate wool wax alcohol or who is allergic to other components of the basic ointment should better avoid this zinc ointment. Zinc ointment may be less beneficial for those who tend to have dry skin. This must be decided on a case-by-case basis. In general, the effect can be described as “good and helpful”. Cod liver oil is also found in some ointments. - For vegetarians and vegans this can be an exclusion criterion.

Conclusion: zinc ointment

The effect of zinc ointment is generally well tolerated. Except for some people who are sensitive to the other ingredients, it is usually very well tolerated in the baby, against pimples and other smaller wounds. The effect is quite natural. If you can make your own zinc ointment, you can add other things like a chamomile extract and beeswax. The wool wax alcohol, however, is also good for the products that are available in the trade, by preference Vaseline as the main ingredient.

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Topseller 2
Aknederm ointment New for skin impurities, 30 g ointment
5.297 Reviews
Aknederm ointment New for skin impurities, 30 g ointment *
  • INGREDIENTS: Ointment with 0,02 g ammonium bituminosulfonate and 0,1 ...
  • USE: For the treatment of skin blemishes such as pimples, ...
  • APPLICATION: Aknederm Ointment New is morning and evening ...
  • Pharmacy-only medicinal product (PZN: 04889186) On risks and ...

Current savings offers

- € 1,74Offer
Abbey Wundheil zinc ointment - ointment with zinc for wound healing -...
Abbey Wundheil zinc ointment - ointment with zinc for wound healing -... *
For lacerations, abrasions, skin impurities; For minor burns and chemical burns
4,69€ - € 1,74 2,95€
Topseller 3
Urea cream 30% (UREA CREAM 30%) - scar removal, ...
1.014 Reviews
Urea cream 30% (UREA CREAM 30%) - scar removal, ... *
  • For dry and chapped skin, eczema, scars and ...
  • With lactic acid - AHA, oak bark and wheat germ oil
  • Application: with local application 3-4 times a day in thickness ....
Topseller 4
Tea Tree Oil Zinc Ointment Cmd 15 ml
898 Reviews
Topseller 5
Green Hero Cod Liver Oil Zinc Ointment for Horses, Dogs and Cats ...
59 Reviews
Green Hero cod liver oil zinc ointment for horses, dogs and cats ... *
  • Our zinc ointment is versatile: supports the ...
  • Natural composition: Vaseline, rapeseed oil, cod liver oil, ...
  • Premium quality: The high-quality cod liver oil ointment from GreenHero ...
  • Application: The affected areas of the skin should be ...
- € 6,03Topseller 6
MULTILIND healing ointment - zinc ointment for inflammation of the skin ...
355 Reviews
MULTILIND healing ointment - zinc ointment for inflammation of the skin ... *
  • wound and healing ointment for external use on inflamed and ...
  • zinc wound ointment with zinc oxide and the active ingredient nystatin -...
  • sore skin needs gentle care - multilind healing ointment ...
  • the skin protection cream is applied one to several times a day ...
- € 3,07Topseller 7
Bioturm zinc ointment No. 30. 50ml
28 Reviews
Bioturm zinc ointment No. 30. 50ml *
  • for damaged skin areas
  • Zinc ointment # 30
Topseller 8
Aknederm ointment New for skin impurities, 30 g ointment
5.297 Reviews
Aknederm ointment New for skin impurities, 30 g ointment *
  • INGREDIENTS: Ointment with 0,02 g ammonium bituminosulfonate and 0,1 ...
  • USE: For the treatment of skin blemishes such as pimples, ...
  • APPLICATION: Aknederm Ointment New is morning and evening ...
  • Pharmacy-only medicinal product (PZN: 04889186) On risks and ...
Topseller 9
NATURE LOVE® zinc - 365 tablets (1 year) - high dose ...
5.346 Reviews
NATURE LOVE® zinc - 365 tablets (1 year) - high dose ... *
  • EXCELLENT PRICE-PERFORMANCE RATIO: 365 tablets with 25 ...
  • FREE OF UNWANTED ADDITIVES & 100% VEGAN: free of ...
  • MADE IN GERMANY in strictly tested facilities, ...
  • EVERY PRODUCTION BATCH LAB TESTED: Many manufacturers leave ...
- € 1,46Topseller 10
InfectoSoor zinc ointment against fungal diseases of the skin, 30 g ...
109 Reviews
InfectoSoor zinc ointment against fungal diseases of the skin, 30 g ... *
  • Active ingredient: miconazole
  • for the treatment of fungal diseases
  • Ointment for application to the skin
  • Pharmacy-only medicinal product (PZN: 08497862) On risks and ...

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