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  • Test: eufy Security Cam 2C | Homesecurity
    The eufy security Cam 2C surveillance camera offers absolutely sharp recordings in HD quality. How does the camera perform in the practical test? Read it here.
  • Test: best thermal container for food? | warm meals for on the go
    I was looking for a thermal container for food so that I could have a warm meal on the go.
  • Digital room thermostat | Control your warmth
    What are the possibilities of digital thermostats to save money and to keep the temperature in the rooms as comfortable as possible without having to run through every room three times a day? We deal with this guide.
  • Warm winter jacket Top 10
    Which materials are suitable for whom? Which price do you have to expect? Which properties are useful, which are only in second place? So that there is no disappointment and you have to put 3 sweater on top of each other under the new winter jacket, we have looked closer here.

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