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Renovate with the Renovator Pro

In 5 minutes a wall, in 20 minutes to paint a room? But how does a Renovator Paint work exactly? How expensive can it be? What accessories are available and what is the cost-effectiveness factor? These questions we go to the bottom, even where the pros and cons and if you can buy accessories.

Door lock with fingerprint - Fingerprint - Top 10

In this guide, we have addressed the issue of electronic door lock. What to look for when thinking of buying one. For whom such a door lock is suitable and where it finds its limits, where to buy it best and many other facts worth knowing about the safety of the door.

Guide: Transport assistance | Hand truck

This guide deals with the areas of application of transport aids such as the hand truck, which options you have, what you should consider when buying, for whom a sack truck is suitable and where the pros and cons are.

Guides: inflatable hot tubs

In this guide we explain everything about inflatable hot tub. What he consists of, what possibilities you have, where he can and should stand, what you should pay attention to and where the pros and cons are.

Flexi Wonder Top 10

Flexi Wonder - garden hose. In this guide we clarify what it is all about, how it works, where its practical use is, in what lengths it is available and what you should consider when buying.

Mouse fright | Drive away rodents

In this guide, we present good action against the furry friends who are supposed to help drive the mice out of the way and if necessary. Where to buy the best mouse defense.

Polymer joint sand - top 10

Polymer joint sand for your joints. The yard has just been repaved and after a while the first weeds will sprout. Herb that you can't have there ...

Smart home - make your life smarter!

In the guide: Smart Home is about the smart home. What is possible, what is not possible, what should you consider when installing Smarter technology and what options do you have to use technical processes profitably?

Guidebook: Battery Shrub Shear | Battery grass shear

Cordless tool. Is that practical? How versatile is it and is it worth the purchase? In this guide, we looked at battery shrub shears and battery grass shears - even the combination products that make two devices one. You have the choice.

String algae shredder Top 10

Thread algae destroyer Top 10 - Advice against algae If you can call a pond your own, in addition to the eye candy, you sometimes have trouble with things ...