Sunday, October 25, 2020
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House and garden

Here you will find information in guides, tests, top 10 & comparisons of products for home and garden

Pool filter system - guide water care | Pool maintenance

So that the pool water stays safe, does not tip over or bacteria or fungi collect, here is your guide for pool filter systems.

Solar shower | 1A tips for buying and installing

What you should consider when buying a solar shower, where the differences are, what is important when installing and installing it and how you care for your solar shower: You will find out everything with us.

Guide: shoe cleaner | Shoe doormat

Inform yourself before buying and compare top sellers in Shoe Doors - Top 10 | Opinions and reviews from other buyers will help you.

Removing foliage: Tips for a deciduous meadow

This guide is about the leaf-free garden. What options do you have, which tool is the best choice: leaf broom, a rake, a leaf blower or a leaf blower? Has a new leaf rake innovation been established on the market?

Smart home - make your life smarter!

In the guide: Smart Home is about the smart home. What is possible, what is not possible, what should you consider when installing Smarter technology and what options do you have to use technical processes profitably?

Honey do it yourself | Become a beekeeper

The apiary is suitable as a hobby. You have to bring a bit of knowledge, you do not have to be afraid of stings - unless you're allergic. What you have to bring as a beekeeper and what opportunities are offered to you, you will find out here with us.

Guidebook: Battery Shrub Shear | Battery grass shear

Cordless tool. Is that practical? How versatile is it and is it worth the purchase? In this guide, we looked at battery shrub shears and battery grass shears - even the combination products that make two devices one. You have the choice.

Guide: Transport assistance | Hand truck

This guide deals with the areas of application of transport aids such as the hand truck, which options you have, what you should consider when buying, for whom a sack truck is suitable and where the pros and cons are.

Guides: inflatable hot tubs

In this guide we explain everything about inflatable hot tub. What he consists of, what possibilities you have, where he can and should stand, what you should pay attention to and where the pros and cons are.

Buying Guide: Modern luxury toilets

In this buying guide we will look for an alternative. The modern toilet that works with water. We look at the 2in1 bidet, whether it is hygienic, what the cleaning looks like and where the advances in technology have just come. Is that even more economical? The shower toilet with extra features - also for upgrading. - Modern luxury toilets