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Guidebook: Fitness Towel | The perfect towel for your workout

Fitness towels are characterized by special properties. What are these and what you should consider when buying, you will find out here.

Guide: Squat Machine | Tips

Everything about the squat machines and what options you have, how you take care of your knees - and still work effectively on your body.

Folding gym mat | For fitness and much more

Take your mat with you wherever you go. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the folding gym mats.

Drinking tube for PET bottles - water at hand at all times

Drinking tube for PET bottles - turn your water bottle into a drinking system. Great for hiking, running, cycling, or any other activity. With this drinking tube for PET ...

Roller Trainer - Indoor bike training with Zwift

This guide is about your bike and what options you have when you can not or do not want to go outside. We'll tell you what to look for when buying a roller trainer, where the pros and cons are and what is Zwift.

Buy an e-bike â € “buying guide for your new e-bike

E-bikes help to keep cities more and more free of cars. This way of getting around will save the environment, save space and even those who are not fit every day, can still cycle to the appointment or to shop with less effort. Ideal for commuters to work. In the purchase guide we show you what you should pay attention to when buying.

Multipress Top 10

Multi-gym - your own home gym strength. Muscle relation. Increased self-worth. Professional reasons. Muscles to compensate for weaknesses. At some point we will all get to the point ...

Vibration device - vibration plate - top 10

Vibrating Plates Exercise Equipment There is a new way to get your body fit and allow you to shed excess pounds. You don't have to ...

Weight vest - Crossfit - Top 10

Weight vests: What you have to consider when buying weight vests are very popular among competitive athletes as well as the untrained. The sport of calesthenics in particular has ...

Rowing machine - rowing machine - Top 10

How to strengthen your back with the right rowing machine. In keeping with the turn of the year and the associated good resolutions for the next year, here is our guide ...