Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Here you will find information in guides, tests, top 10 & comparisons of products in the mobility category

Test: IPhone 11 Pro Max | a must-have?

iPhone 11 Pro Max tested: I am not a technology professional, but I would like to share my opinion and experience as a normal consumer with you.

Survival Kit - Outdoor | What sets are there?

Survival kits are so practical and so small that they can be stored in any backpack. They can also stay in the car and wait for their use.

Motor vehicle jump starter set | Jump starter for car battery

This guide is about getting started for the vehicle battery. What You Should Know About Jump Starter Kits or Battery Booster Kits Before Buying

Havit i95 InEar-Blutooth Headphones | Test - experience

We tested and tried out the Havit i95 InEar-Blutooth headphones. What you can expect for a narrow 30 €, you read here in the post.

Oasser P1S electric air pump with battery test

Oasser P1S - Outdoor Battery Air Pump with Mini-Compressor to 8,25 Bar for on the way. We looked at the mini-air compressor. What can he do? How do you use it and what should you pay attention to? - Oasser P1S electric air pump with battery in the test

Guidebook: Bicycle carrier for car | Bicycle transport

You need a bike carrier. Just which ones? You have different options. You can transport your bike on the roof, at the rear, on the trailer hitch, in the interior or on the drawbar. What's with e-bikes? Are there special conditions? In this guide you will learn everything you need to know.

Buy the best e-scooter - electric scooter - e-scooter

An e-scooter guide to basic questions. What is an e-scooter anyway? Are there certain obligations? Do you have to wear a helmet or must the thing be insured?

Guidebook: Hard Case Trolley

Are you looking for a suitcase that will not let you down when you travel? Well. Today's guide is hard-shell trolleys. There is a lot to consider, so you will not be disappointed, your suitcase does not prematurely make the bend or lose a bike.

Tuning e-bikes: e-bike or pedelec tuning tips

Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha have tuning kits on offer. From the manufacturer himself, this will be clear, you think. - And are wrong. We clarify in the guidebook. What is allowed, what not, what consequences it can have, if you can and what you can still do. - Tuning e-bikes

Emergency toilet for the road: The pocket tart always with you

In this guide we will introduce you to different solutions for emergency situations. For the woman, for the man and the children. What options do you have on the way? Do you prefer to use disposable? Or better returnable?