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Body Shaver Men Top 10

Hair was from a need to jewelry that you either wanted or not. And all over the body. And where are we today? For full-body razors, body razors, body shavers and body groomers for every household. Which one can you use for what? Today it's about hair removal.

Zinc ointment - good for the skin

Here we present what makes the ointment so valuable, where it can be used everywhere and what side effects it can have or for whom it is not really suitable

Eyebrow pencil Waterproof Top 10

Like mascara, the eyebrow pencil is offered waterproof. What options are there and what the product range looks like, where to buy the pen and what to look for. Ran to the color, we do the fact check.

Warm wax device Top 10

Warm wax machine Top 10 - Guide for smooth skin Warm wax machine Top 10 - Waxing offers some advantages compared to shaving or a depilatory cream, but is ...

Glue and care for artificial eyelashes | Catrice Single Lashes

I tell you how I glue and care for my eyelashes from Catrice. You can read my tips and experience here.

Hair color remover Top 10

The result of the coloring is not what one imagined. The reason does not matter, the old hair must go out. If possible ASAP. If possible at home, by the way, without hairdressing appointment and without having to dissolve the Bauspar contract. So what do you do?

Test: StyleCare Prestige | Automatic curling iron

You find a conventional curling iron unwieldy? Then with the StyleCare Prestige (automatic curling iron) from Philips you are exactly on the right way to your perfect curls. Here is my review! Have fun while reading.

Aokebeey One-Step Hairstyler | Review

I took a closer look at the Aokebeey styling brush and tested it. What can she do? How is the handling? How is the bottom line.


I came across Biotherm AQUA and ordered and tried out the sample package with the three trial sizes (5ml)

Soum antiperspirant | Test experience

Antiperspirant tested by Soumme - Does it work? Is it to be recommended?