Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Here you will find information in guides, tests, top 10 & comparisons of products in the BEAUTY category

Glue and care for artificial eyelashes | Catrice Single Lashes

I tell you how I glue and care for my eyelashes from Catrice. You can read my tips and experience here.

Care your teeth like a pro - dental care for the home

This is about the teeth cleaning, the various toothbrushes, mouthwashes, whitening teeth. It's all about the pros and cons of electric toothbrushes and let's see what the studies say.

Tested: Green Tea Lavender | Eau de Toilette Spray | Elizabeth Arden

Here I would like to share my review with you and why I like it so much.

Products from Chain Bridge Honey Farm - family business for centuries

Products from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm - family business since centuries I'm still standing ...

Cream Breast Enlargement Top 10 - Is It Good What?

Do you want a cream for breast augmentation with a cream? In this guide we have taken the once under the microscope. What such a cream is at all what affects the size of the breast, how to apply a cream and what you should consider when buying.

IPL Hair Remover Top 10

Removing hair with light and laser - that is quite practical now also at home. The hair removal in the bathroom, then, if you have the time. Without annoying scheduling. There is a small device, an IPL - hair removal device. Is such a device really suitable for everyday use? Can it have side effects? Is it suitable for every hairy area of ​​the body? We looked at this once.

Waist Shaper Corset Top 10

In this guide, there is the fact check: for whom are suitable waist shapers, what does it bring, how long you have to wear it, is he healthy at all and what you have to buy when buying Shapewear?

Make-up head Top 10

The selection of make-up heads is great. What does a styling head have to bring with it? For whom is he suitable? What do you have to consider when buying? We clarify this in this guide.

Hair Clipper - Top 10

Hair clipper for hair and beard Hair clipper - Top 10 The device for cutting hair must ...

Hair color remover Top 10

The result of the coloring is not what one imagined. The reason does not matter, the old hair must go out. If possible ASAP. If possible at home, by the way, without hairdressing appointment and without having to dissolve the Bauspar contract. So what do you do?