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Warm winter jacket Top 10

Which materials are suitable for whom? Which price do you have to expect? Which properties are useful, which are only in second place? So that there is no disappointment and you have to put 3 sweater on top of each other under the new winter jacket, we have looked closer here.

DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself

Here you will find a small Christmas gift idea to make yourself. The gift idea is with a wine bottle, elf and LED fairy lights. Take about 30 minutes for this. Have fun reading and tinkering :)

Gift idea: Bath and care set in a mini wooden cabinet

For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or for Christmas. For the sweetheart, the mum, the sister or the best friends. This aloe vera care set in a wooden cabinet certainly meets every taste.

Christmas: 5 DIY Advent arrangement ideas for DIY

Advent arrangement ideas for the Christmas season Hello everyone, here are some suggestions for the most beautiful season of the year. Where we deco queens really ...

Body Shaver Men Top 10

Hair was from a need to jewelry that you either wanted or not. And all over the body. And where are we today? For full-body razors, body razors, body shavers and body groomers for every household. Which one can you use for what? Today it's about hair removal.

Radio solar clocks Top 10

In this guide, we describe the benefits of having a solar clock, how solar works, what the costs are and how long-lasting they are.

Zinc ointment - good for the skin

Here we present what makes the ointment so valuable, where it can be used everywhere and what side effects it can have or for whom it is not really suitable

Eyebrow pencil Waterproof Top 10

Like mascara, the eyebrow pencil is offered waterproof. What options are there and what the product range looks like, where to buy the pen and what to look for. Ran to the color, we do the fact check.

Warm wax device Top 10

Warm wax machine Top 10 - Guide for smooth skin Warm wax machine Top 10 - Waxing offers some advantages compared to shaving or a depilatory cream, but is ...

Glue and care for artificial eyelashes | Catrice Single Lashes

I tell you how I glue and care for my eyelashes from Catrice. You can read my tips and experience here.