Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Guide: Landmann gas grill | Up to 5 gas burners for perfect grilling

What makes a Landmann gas grill so exclusive and how can meat and sausages be grilled? Here is my guide to the Landmann gas grill

Electric tap with water heater | warm to boiling water from the tap

There are electric taps with instant water heaters for the kitchen, bathroom or workshop. Warm or even boiling water in the kitchen.


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DIY torches | Do it yourself torches | OIL or Wax?

Which DIY torches burn longer? Which DIY torch burns nicer? What are the differences and advantages of a DIY torch made of wax and a DIY torch made of OIL or toilet paper and kitchen roll? We tested it and here you will find our experience and tips for making torches yourself.

Test: Echo Studio | Smarter high fidelity | 3D sound + Alexa

Echo Studio - smarter high fidelity in the test - I compare it with other Amazon Echo models and report my experience.

Test report: iPhone 12 from Apple

At Apple in 2020 the motto was: "back to the roots". At least in the iPhone 12 series. My experience and opinion on the iPhone 12

Content Creator | Which equipment & tools to start with?

In this Content Creator Equipment guide we tell you what you can't do without at the start.

Gaming mouse | Buying a gaming mouse

If you want to buy a gaming mouse, however, you should know what to look out for when buying. It is also important to know in advance what makes this type of mouse so popular.
Here things can be stored dry and dark and in an appealing vintage look that many women in the kitchen or household will surely like.
BODY'S PERFECT capsules | 3 different Are you a woman and want to get a little fitter and get your metabolism going? Then think I ...

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