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Hoverboard - fun for young and old

Do you want to buy a hoverboard and don't know what to look for? Here is a little guide to buying.

Waffle iron for delicious waffles

Would you like to buy a waffle iron to bake delicious waffles? Here are a few tips for buying your waffle iron.

Inline skates | Inline skates - fun sport for children and adults

What are the differences, what should you watch out for when buying inline skates, what accessories are available for you.

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Guidebook: Einkochmachine | Make it durable

Today we explain the Einkochautomat, what you can do with it all, what you should pay attention to the Einkochautomat and the first recipes and instructions come to it.

Buy Icewine

What does it taste like, what suits it and how does ice wine differ from normal wine? If you need a crash course in ice wine, this is the place for you!

Base tablets Top 10

What pill tablets are, what they use and if they may hurt. Acids and bases, minerals and detoxify the body. What's in it for us?

Chaga mushroom - a health miracle?

What Chaga is, what its effects are, what its ingredients are, what its preparation looks like, whether there are any side effects and where to buy the Chaga tea is best explored in this guide. It is best to put on hot water, because this mushroom has the potential to march to the very front.

Guide: Coriander | Spice and medicinal herb

What can you use coriander for? Use in the kitchen? To add to your health? What should you look for when buying cilantro? And does anyone have a recipe?

Peanut butter from Argentina | without palm oil | no added sugar

If you like peanut butter or peanut butter, I have a tip for you. There are many varieties from many countries, but here I would like to bring my peanut butter from Argentina closer.

Home & garden

Pellet stove Top 10

How to do this cost-effectively without hauling cubic meters of wood, many ask. A pellet stove can be the solution here. We once looked, what costs such a thing, for whom it is suitable and on what one has to pay attention, so that the soothing warmth burns out not only the sense of coziness, but also the wallet.

Which surveillance camera | Your buying guide

A surveillance camera can deter burglars and is more often used as evidence. Which surveillance camera you need for which purpose, what you should consider with night vision and what the legal basis is. You can find out here in the buying guide

Window film thermal insulation Top 10

We have dedicated ourselves to some slides, what there are in the field of privacy film, insulating film / thermal film, bubble wrap, sunscreen and mirror film so what to look for when buying, how to process them the best and what are the pros and cons.

Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service

We've shoveled this guide: what must a good snow shovel, snow shovel or snowthrower do, how can they be created, which models are possible and how expensive is all the fun?

Kärcher cordless window vacuum test

Simple, convenient and practical. This is how he presents himself. Without conjuring the water first, so that window cleaning does not become a greasy result, the cordless window vacuum promises the simplest operation. In handling, the execution and in the end also with the cleaning. Let's see what the little yellow thing can do.

Renovate with the Renovator Pro

In 5 minutes a wall, in 20 minutes to paint a room? But how does a Renovator Paint work exactly? How expensive can it be? What accessories are available and what is the cost-effectiveness factor? These questions we go to the bottom, even where the pros and cons and if you can buy accessories.
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Inline skates | Inline skates - fun sport for children and adults

What are the differences, what should you watch out for when buying inline skates, what accessories are available for you.

Dance pole | Pole dance pole for home

Here comes our Poledance rod guide! You can even build them in the living room. - Or in the basement. The training builds muscle (including the grin muscles on the face), burns excess fat and catapults you into the surprise effect. We'll explain what's important.

Counselor: Learn to meditate | Tips for beginners

This little guide is about meditation. In a few words, we'll give you a little entry and explain what it's about. Also, what is not. Meditation is as old as humanity and heals. And really, meditation is not boring. But on the contrary. Really? Really.

Bolero beverage powder - never buy bottles again!

Inform yourself before buying and compare top sellers in Bolero Beverage Powder - Never buy bottles again! | Opinions and reviews from other buyers will help you.

Standing punching bag - Top 10

Standing punching bag - standing punching bags Punching bags are a practical training device on which you can practice techniques such as kicks and punches. Who has no possibility of such a sandbag ...

Guidebook: Fitness Towel | The perfect towel for your workout

Fitness towels are characterized by special properties. What are these and what you should consider when buying, you will find out here.

Guide: Squat Machine | Tips

Everything about the squat machines and what options you have, how you take care of your knees - and still work effectively on your body.

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Sonic electric toothbrush | Fairywill FW-507 tested

I was looking for a sonic electric toothbrush for a long time and came across the Fairywill FW-507 in pink on Amazon. Here is my little experience report.

Catrice Advent Calendar DIY to make yourself

Here I introduce a DIY advent calendar by Catrice.

DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself

Here you will find a small Christmas gift idea to make yourself. The gift idea is with a wine bottle, elf and LED fairy lights. Take about 30 minutes for this. Have fun reading and tinkering :)


Content Creator | Welches Equipment & Tools zum Start?

Content Creator | Which equipment & tools to start with?

In this Content Creator Equipment guide we tell you what you can't do without at the start.
Gaming Maus | Kauf einer Gaming Maus

Gaming mouse | Buying a gaming mouse

If you want to buy a gaming mouse, however, you should know what to look out for when buying. It is also important to know in advance what makes this type of mouse so popular.
Gamer Tastatur | Kauf einer Gaming-Tastatur

Gamer keyboard | Buying a gaming keyboard

We want to show you clearly and simply the differences between a standard keyboard and a gamer keyboard. We also inform you about how important and functional a gaming keyboard is.
Mobiles Soundsystem Top 10

Mobile sound system Top 10

Is a mobile sound system with a battery really good? Who is she helpful for? How long do the batteries last and how much party is the system designed for? We turn up the music system with battery and listen to what the part has to offer. - Mobile sound system Top 10
Test: S/W Laserdrucker von HP | HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w

Test: B / W laser printer from HP | HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w

Now and then printing and copying with a printer via WLAN from a PC or smartphone. Color prints are not important. It shouldn't be ink either. Budget up to € 200. With these specifications and a little research, the choice fell on a B / W laser printer from HP, the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w. According to the information, this laser printer is even the smallest in its class. You can read the setup and test in the post.