Honest tests

First inform, then buy. Honest tests, field reports, guides & product comparisons are a good support for a purchase decision.

Honest tests


Snow chains - more grip in winter - top 10
Winter, Vehicle, Mobility, Guide

Snow chains - more grip in winter

Hail protection car top 10
Winter, Vehicle, Mobility, Guide

Hail protection car top 10

Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service
Winter, House and garden, Guide

Guide: Snow removal tools - winter service

De-icer Spray Top 10
Winter, Vehicle, Guide

De-icer Spray Top 10

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DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car 1:18 +60 km/h buy & test | testimonial


Here you can read our experience and test about DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car in Part 1.


Test: TonieBox by Tonies | Music & radio plays for children

Dirk Re.

With the TonieBox, children can playfully set up and hear different hearing figures for different stories. Here is my test

3T6B drone (KF609)

Test: 3T6B drone KF609 (Tenga Mini Drone) under 100 euros from Amazon


The 3T6B drone KF609 is a very light, small drone for in between.

Hoverboard - fun for young and old

Hoverboard - fun for young and old


Do you want to buy a hoverboard and don't know what to look for? Here is a little guide to buying.

Carrera RC- The world of remote-controlled Carrera models

Carrera RC - The world of Carrera RC


In this guide we dive into the fascinating world of Carrera RC cars. After a brief outline of the story, here's an overview of all the models or categories, looking for what age groups they are and where to buy the models. Various special features are also included. Let's go. On, into the world of miniature racing!



Test: Bosch scarifier UniversalVerticut 1100 | Scarify the lawn perfectly

Scarify properly with the Bosch UniversalVerticut 1100 scarifier! What needs to be considered when scarifying a lawn and what preparations are made.

Gardena_lawn trimmer_electric_comparison_experiences-0a541151

Gardena ComfortCut 450/25 – corded lawn trimmer for the ideal cut

The corded Gardena ComfortCut 450/25 lawn trimmer for an optimal result. Now read what his strengths and weaknesses are.


41zM6auBuBL. SL500

Buying guide: cordless press machine | Cordless crimping pliers for radial pipe connections


A small guide to buying a cordless press machine for craftsmen in the heating and sanitary sector

Makita cordless screwdriver cordless drill DF330DWE buy-f41fac5e

Test: Makita DF330DWE cordless drill

Dirk Re.

Screws too tight? Is your arm already slack? The Makita cordless drill solves the problem and tightens or loosens screws in seconds. Here you can read my experiences.

build a small pallet sofa

Build a small pallet sofa: Build a 2-seater pallet sofa with armrests yourself | DIY project


DIY: Build a small pallet sofa for 2 people or as a 1 person pallet armchair to lie down and chill 😉 step by step to the pallet sofa

Bosch jigsaw PST 900 PEL TEST-4ead6bce

Test: Bosch jigsaw PST 900 PEL | Quality assessment

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Bosch PST 900 PEL jigsaw and show strengths and weaknesses with occasional use.


Squeegee: What is a water squeegee used for?


Here you can find out why a rubber squeegee or a water squeegee can be very useful.


Buying guide: sandblasting machine | Sandblasting gun | Sandblasting cabin


We have written a guide in which you can read everything you need to know about sandblasting. Have fun

41wSkJI+iVL. SL500

Buying advice: vacuum drill | Drilling vacuum cleaner


Inform yourself before you buy and compare top sellers in Bohr Sauger Top 10 | Opinions and ratings from other buyers will help you.

Home & Living


Test: Syntrox sandwich maker with ceramic coating for 4 sandwiches

Which sandwich maker should you buy? My choice fell on the Syntrox sandwich maker SM-2000W XXL with ceramic coating. You can read why and what I think of him here, have fun.

Air filter with battery

Portable air purifier with rechargeable battery + washable air filter | Against dust and pollen for clean indoor air

A portable air filter with battery? I tested and tried out the room air filter.

Beurer UB 68 XXL

Test: Beurer UB 68 XXL double heated blanket | Buy thermal blanket

My research led me to the Beurer UB 68 XXL double heated blanket with the dimensions 1,50 x 1,60 m. This is a double heated blanket for two people, you can read more in my test.

Solar energy

4184G6AXC2L. SL500

Renewable energy for home: Discover the powerful 800 watt balcony power plant with WiFi and waterproof IP65 inverter!


More and more people are interested in a sustainable and independent energy supply and this innovative device offers an attractive solution.

312Rprevious4CL. SL500

Discover the environmentally friendly EcoFlow PowerStream microinverter 600W for efficient energy conversion!


This microinverter enables efficient and sustainable energy conversion.

51zpZGA2OrL. SL500

The 4 best balcony power plants for optimal energy production


In this blog post, I will share the top four balcony power plants that you can use to get optimal energy harvesting. From small footprint to easy installation, there are numerous factors to consider to find the perfect solution for your balcony.

51ai19i weL. SL500

Save energy and earn money


In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to the exciting concept of the balcony power plant, with which you can not only easily save energy, but also earn money.

41P5HVYVC8L. SL500

Top 5 solar power storage to optimize your energy consumption


In this post, I will introduce the best solar power storage on the market to help you...

619tBB1cFjL. SL500

Balcony power plant: energy self-sufficiency on your own balcony


Today I want to tell you about a fascinating way to start your own...

61iZqyRKaL. SL500

What you should know about the safety of a balcony power station


Have you ever thought about installing a balcony power station on your balcony? The …


Rowing machine_Sportstech_RSX500_Test-c4d32a07

Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine review | 16 programs for the perfect back training

Would you like to strengthen your back and are you considering buying a rowing machine for your home? Then I can help with this review of the Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine.

Bluefin_Fitnessplatte_Rüttelplatte_Vibrationsplatte_Amazon_Ebay_Test_Vergleich_Top10 (4)-d7e3c098

Bluefin vibration plate: lose weight at home

I have tested the Bluefin vibration plate and report on my experiences. Read here the best way to lose weight and keep fit.


Massage gun - help against back pain

Massage guns are the trend for the home. The massagers relieve back pain and can be used by anyone at home. How good are they really?