Experience report: Einhell cordless chainsaw GP-LC 36


I tested the Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw and share my experience. How does it perform during typical gardening tasks?


Test: Bosch scarifier UniversalVerticut 1100 | Scarify the lawn perfectly

Dirk Re.

Scarify properly with the Bosch UniversalVerticut 1100 scarifier! What needs to be considered when scarifying a lawn and what preparations are made.

Gardena_lawn trimmer_electric_comparison_experiences-0a541151

Gardena ComfortCut 450/25 – corded lawn trimmer for the ideal cut

Dirk Re.

The corded Gardena ComfortCut 450/25 lawn trimmer for an optimal result. Now read what his strengths and weaknesses are.

Gardena_Grass Shears_Hedge Shears_Ebay-97e13aef

Test: Gardena cordless grass and shrub shears | Edging Shears

Dirk Re.

The battery-operated grass and hedge trimmers from Gardena should make work easier and also save an enormous amount of time. What other advantages does the device bring and how does the quality fare?

Bosch robot lawn mower S + 350-ca5e8c2c

Test: Bosch robot lawn mower Indego S + 350 with app | How good is the robotic lawnmower?

Dirk Re.

What to look out for when using a Bosch robot lawn mower! What preparatory work is necessary? The answers and tests for the Bosch Indego S + 350 robotic lawnmower can be found here.


Test: ENDERS radiant heater | Gas heater for warmth in the garden

Dirk Re.

I had been looking for a suitable patio heater for the garden for a long time. After considering a few points, I decided on this model. Why? I describe that in the following review:

Kärcher_High-pressure cleaner_buy_comparison-5dc1d6db

Test: Kärcher high-pressure cleaner K3 | Premium Power Control

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Kärcher high-pressure cleaner and report on my experiences and how the K3 performs.

Bosch cordless grass trimmer_gasoline_Makita-724e66b3

Bosch cordless grass trimmer ART 26 Li

Dirk Re.

I have tested the ART 26 Li cordless grass trimmer, which has been highly praised by Bosch, and provide information about my experiences.

Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor | Buy riding lawn mower - guide


Do you have a large meadow or a lot of lawns and are you considering buying a lawn tractor?

Bosch cordless leaf blower 18 Li

TEST: Bosch cordless leaf blower 18 Li

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Bosch cordless leaf blower 18 Li and report my experiences.