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Peanut butter from Argentina | without palm oil | no added sugar

If you like peanut butter or peanut butter, I have a tip for you. There are many varieties from many countries, but here I would like to bring my peanut butter from Argentina closer.

Probiotics Top 10 | Buy health

Probiotics is important for optimal functioning of the intestine. The gut is considered the seat of health, is now known. Due to improper diet, medications such as antibiotics or even stress and other diseases, the intestine can be severely affected.

Whey powder Top 10

Everyone has probably heard that whey powder is supposed to be healthy. It is full of minerals, is fat-free, and is generally considered a muscle feed. Very popular in sport and dieting, however, there are differences.

Licorice - thickened licorice juice

Exactly what effect that is, where the licorice juice comes from, how it is made, where it is used and what you can benefit from if you like it, here in this licorice juice guide. In addition, possible side effects, tips and where to buy it best.

Test: Tea in a glass by Auresa | The delicious tea test

6 testers took the tea in the glass from Auresa. What they tasted and how they judged, you can read here in the following tea test

Intestinal rehabilitation preparations Top 10

In this article we draw attention to the possibilities of intestinal rehabilitation. What can help, whom to pay attention to and what aids are there.

Guidebook: cooking eggs | Egg boiler or pot?

This guide is about cooking an egg. Is there anything to consider at all there? What options do you have? Do you have health benefits and what about vitamins in the egg? Are steamers even better than egg cookers?

Tested: Chaga mushroom prepared as Chaga tea

In our Chaga mushroom guide, we researched what the mushroom can do, what it is used for, and looked at the ingredients. Today I do the product test, put on water and made myself a tea. While writing this test here, a cup of tea steams in front of me, black, somehow different and my sense of taste and smell has difficulty sorting out. Maybe I mutate to the super - funghi. I dont know.

Everything about the Rocky Road flavor

What is it about the popular Rocky Road taste? What is it anyway and what's in it?

Test: 14 vegan spreads tested Zwergenwiese

In this post we looked at 14 different spreads from Zwergenwiese and tested their taste. It should give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect. Of course, tastes are different.