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We are an affiliate partner of and automatically obtain the data of the products via API from the sellers / shops that make these products, including product description and product photos, available on and that we can use on We only link these dates!

Vendors / Shops are required to comply with copyrights. We are not liable for violations by the seller / shops, please contact the seller / shops that provide this data or directly to AMAZON.DE. Copyright infringement of product photos or data that we receive, we submit to the relevant legal department on

NOTE: Inquiries about test products!

We point out that we NO test products with or without refund via Paypal CAN'T buy. We do not write positive reviews on against product sponsorship or remuneration. Amazon reviews are only written for products that you have bought yourself. You are welcome to send us products that we can then use in everyday life, take a closer look at and test them. Our tests, impressions and experiences with the product are published in the form of an article (if necessary with links to websites, products, shops, etc.). We will not show any interest in processing PayPal refunds after ONLY positive reviews at!

Thanks for the trust of cooperation partners so far!

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