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Extending battery life

Ultimate Guide: 16 Effective Strategies to Extend Your Smartphone's Battery Life

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We rely on our smartphones in almost all situations. In this guide you will find practical and easy-to-implement tips

Guide to weighted blankets

All About Weighted Blankets: Improved Sleep and Relaxation – A Guide to Weighted Blankets

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What are weighted blankets? Weighted blankets, also known as therapy blankets, are special blankets that provide a feeling of security due to the additional weight...

Meal Prep

Meal Prep GUIDE: Save time, eat healthy, 3 weekly plans - Simple steps for beginners, athletes and working people


Whether you are a busy professional or a fitness enthusiast, here you will find useful tips and delicious recipe ideas for your everyday life

Goulash recipe with red wine and cranberry sauce

Delicious goulash recipe with red wine and cranberry sauce: an aromatic taste experience


Actually anyone can cook goulash, just in a different way. Here is my recipe variant test!

Pilates basics

Pilates for beginners: basics and techniques for effective body training

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Get started and get to know the basics of Pilates for body and mind.

Easily remove the woodchip wallpaper

Removing woodchip wallpaper made easy: the ultimate guide for a problem-free renovation

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Are you having trouble with stubborn woodchip wallpaper? No problem, I'll help you with that.

Calm your dog on New Year's Eve

How to calm your dog on New Year's Eve: The ultimate guide

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Discover effective strategies to calm your dog during New Year's Eve.

Lemon hacks

Lemon hacks: Use ingenious lemon tips for household and health

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The lemon is your ultimate helper for cleaning and health. Tips and uses for lemons in the home.

Solutions for clogged drains

Effective solutions to clogged drains: proven methods and tips

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There are numerous solutions to clogged drains with methods and tricks on how to solve this problem effectively and often with simple home remedies.