Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight TV: The ultimate Ambilight alternative for your TV?

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Imagine the colors of your favorite movie or game flooding the room, creating an atmosphere you can almost feel. This is exactly what the Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight + lightstrip kit makes possible for televisions up to 65 inches. It literally brings your screen to life by effectively extending colors and light into the room. Best of all, it syncs seamlessly with more than 50 other Nanoleaf products to create a complete lighting experience.

Nanoleaf 4D Backlight for TV

Installation was easier than expected, with clear app controls and a two-step calibration process. The control unit and the adaptation of the light strips to the size of the screen also deserve recognition, again the accompanying instructions could be clearer here and there. I also appreciate the versatility with which you can position the camera to get the best result.

Video: Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight + lightstrip kit for TVs up to 65 inches

For those looking to take their home theater or gaming setup to the next level, the Nanoleaf 4D LED Backlight + Lightstrip Kit is worth considering.

The immersive effects and the easy integration into the smart home are impressive.

Nanoleaf 4D Backlight for TV

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Overview of the Nanoleaf 4D LED Backlight + Lightstrip Kit

I bought the Nanoleaf 4D Kit because I was building my TV wall and was impressed by the possibility of enriching the viewing experience with an immersive color experience. That's why I ordered it and a day later everything was there.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

Although the installation can be a bit tricky at the beginning, which always depends on which TV you want to attach it to. In my case, I had to shorten the bracket on the TV by 9 cm on my LG C65 3″ so that I wanted to attach the LED strip well to the edge. The adhesive strips stuck well to me and nothing came loose. It is worth approaching the setup with patience.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight
Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight
Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

Setup was quick and calibration was done in two steps. Using the app was intuitive. Once installed and set up, the Nanoleaf 4D Kit transforms the room and significantly enhances the viewing experience.

Intense screen mirror color experience

When I tried the Nanoleaf 4D Kit, I was immediately impressed by the way it expanded the colors of my screen. It was almost as if series and films filled the room with waves of color, making the viewing experience truly immersive. What was particularly impressive was the ability to display multiple colors simultaneously on the lightstrip, allowing for more precise and vibrant color reproduction.

The camera was easy to position and synchronized the lighting effects with our screen. Setup was pretty easy, and after a quick calibration where you had to position a green light on every 4 corners right at the corners. The app and the firmware should both be up to date, otherwise you should do an UPDATE straight away.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

10 color zones per meter – Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

I've found that one of the most impressive features of the Nanoleaf Lightstrip is its color zones per meter. Instead of a single color across the entire length, this feature ensures that you can illuminate individual sections with different colors. While this seems like a gimmick with some products, here it brings a whole new level of personalization to your home theater experience.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

When I tried it out, the effect seemed really immersive, especially with dynamic scenes on the screen. There's something special about how the colors change in sync with what's happening, creating an atmosphere that you won't quickly forget. Still, it's fair to say that there are times when this feature overload might be a little overkill, especially if you prefer a more understated ambience. But you can adjust all of this wonderfully in the Nanoleaf APP.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

The installation was pretty simple and you could get started quickly without having to deal with too much technical detail. Overall, it's a smart light strip that offers exactly what you need for an impressive visual experience.

Adjustable size and versatile camera positioning

I was able to attach the lightstrip perfectly for my 65 inch screen. If you have a smaller one, you can cut it to size. The best part: After cropping, the system automatically readjusts itself to adjust the lighting effects. This is a clever feature as it makes the setup process much easier.

Nanoleaf 4D Backlight for TV

Camera positioning is another advantage of this set. You can place the camera almost anywhere to get the best color experience. On top of the TV or on the side - the camera reliably captures the colors of the screen and the LEDs reflect them in real time. However, there were moments where I had to experiment with the position to achieve the optimal color synchronization. Nonetheless, these features combine to create an immersive and personalized lighting experience that I really enjoyed.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

Easy installation and control

Setting up the Nanoleaf light strips proved to be surprisingly straightforward.

When it comes to controls, Nanoleaf offers flexibility. You could choose between the physical control unit, the mobile app and voice assistants like Alexa and Google. Everything responded promptly and intuitively.

It's also worth noting that the light strips responded well to app commands and the sync effects gave you an immersive experience with little effort.

Nanoleaf 4D Backlight for TV

Advantages and disadvantages Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight


  • Intense and high quality colors
  • Screen mirror function for impressive ambience for TV shows, films and games
  • Adaptable to different screen sizes by cropping
  • Syncs with other Nanoleaf products for creative setup possibilities
  • Detailed representation with ten color zones per meter
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Convenient control via the app or via voice assistant


  • Might be a bit fiddly to install at first, requires an app and component update
  • The adhesive strips provided may not always stick well to certain TVs and require improvements
  • Occasional calibration difficulties that may require multiple attempts
  • Initial challenges with WiFi connection in a mixed network, requires additional settings.
  • Potential for improvement in terms of usability of the software and the app

Despite these potential drawbacks, the Nanoleaf light strip kit still offers a great lighting experience and represents an interesting alternative to more expensive competing products.

Customer Reviews

It's obvious that the installation divides opinion - some find the process a bit tricky, others get along well. Updates seem to be required before setup to achieve a satisfactory result.

There is also praise for the ambience that the LED strips create; Long-time LED fans seem to be excited about Nanoleaf. Nevertheless, some users stumble over the adhesive strips that do not want to hold their Samsung televisions, and the calibration has been described several times as not being fully developed.

For Apple TV users, the integration seems to be smooth, although connecting over mixed Wi-Fi networks is sometimes a headache. You keep reading the suggestion to pay attention to the choice of Wi-Fi bandwidth when installing.

Those looking for a cost-effective alternative to more expensive TV lighting solutions will find the Nanoleaf Kit a practical solution as it does not require a direct connection to the TV. However, it is clear that Nanoleaf still has room for improvement, particularly in terms of software and user experience.

Nanoleaf 4D LED backlight

Conclusion – Nanoleaf 4D Backlight for TV

After using the Nanoleaf light strip set for a few days, I can say that it is an impressive addition to your viewing experience. On the one hand, the dynamic lighting, which synchronizes with what is happening on the screen, creates a fascinating atmosphere in the room.

The quality of the lighting effects that arise after setup is unique and will definitely give your TV evening a new look.

For tech enthusiasts willing to work their way through the setup, Nanoleaf's set definitely offers unique value. In my case, I actually found the plug-and-play quite good. I didn't have any problems - the adhesive strips and corners stuck to the TV and the LED strip stayed where it was supposed to be. Connection of the APP and recognition of the device via WLAN without any problems. Everything fits me and I can really recommend the set.

Installation TIP:

– Attach everything to the TV and install the APP
– Find your device in the APP and connect your smartphone directly to the device via WiFi
– then reconnect to your WiFi network or router
– Everything should now be connected and you can install the firmware update in the APP.
– you can then start calibrating and setting up.

Frequently asked questions

While researching the Nanoleaf 4D backlight, a few questions emerged that other users often ask. Here I share these findings.

How to install the Nanoleaf 4D backlight for the TV?

Installation takes some skill: updating the app and bringing the system up to date should be the first step. A two-step calibration process then follows directly in the app. You have carefully selected the optimal area on the edge of the TV to attach the lightstrip and strategically positioned the camera so that the screen mirroring works seamlessly.

Can the 4D Backlight be used with any type of TV?

The backlight's compatibility seemed like a limitation at first, but it actually works with most TV models measuring up to 65 inches. Depending on the design of your back, you could see problems where the LED strip cannot be easily placed around the edge.

What are the benefits of the Nanoleaf 4D's screen mirroring feature?

In use, the screen mirroring function offered you a truly immersive experience. It creates an atmospheric extension of what is happening on the screen. You noticed a clear difference in the feeling of immersion, especially in dark rooms.

How does the Nanoleaf 4D Backlight react to color changes in fast-moving scenes?

In my test, the backlight reacted quickly to color changes, even in action-packed scenes.

How do users rate the quality and functions of the Nanoleaf 4D Backlight?

Based on the relevant feedback, I encountered both enthusiasm and disappointed expectations when it came to user reviews. Opinions ranged from the intense color experience to installation and software problems. Overall, the backlight seemed to deliver decent performance, although the quality and functionality gave some users mixed impressions. I think users often work too quickly and impatiently and often overlook something during installation. Focus on APP and device connection via WLAN. Please read exactly what is written on your display.

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