COLOP e-Mark CREATE mobile printer: Ideal for creative people?

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In a world where personalization and creativity are becoming increasingly important, the COLOP e-Mark CREATE Mobile Printer could be just the right tool for creative minds and organizers. We've taken a look at the mobile printer, and its ability to create multi-color prints easily and anywhere could be of great use for many applications.

The e-mark CREATE is ideal for various occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or other family celebrations. With the flexibility of a battery-powered device, you can print for about 5 hours non-stop. It's incredibly easy to use - use the free app to design your own motifs and print them directly onto the desired surface.

COLOP e-mark CREATE white, mobile printer for CREATIVE users,...

The app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows you to create your own designs or personalize pre-made templates for different occasions. Not to be forgotten is the possibility of using the software on Windows PCs, which makes the e-mark CREATE also suitable for those who prefer to design on the computer.


If you are looking for an easy way to take your creative projects to a new level, the COLOP e-mark CREATE offers interesting features.

Because it's light and efficient to use, you might find it a useful helper for a variety of personalized printing projects.

Don't hesitate, click here and buy the COLOP e-mark CREATE and bring your ideas to life!

Overview: COLOP e-mark CREATE white

With the e-mark CREATE, an innovative tool enters the arena of mobile printing solutions, allowing creative users to personalize and design materials right in their hand. Its compact size and light weight make it the ideal companion for anyone who likes to implement creative projects on the go. Whether for private use at celebrations or for small shops that want to give their products a personal touch, the strength of the e-mark CREATE lies in its flexibility.

The companion app, available for iOS, Android and via desktop for Windows PCs, provides access to a wide range of designs and allows users to design their own creations. The connection to the printer can be done either via WLAN or USB, which also ensures smooth transfer of the print data. A full charge lasts for approximately five hours of sustained printing, which should be more than enough for most projects.

However, it should be noted that some users find the print quality to be suboptimal on certain surfaces. While the e-mark CREATE works well on paper, toner bleeds can occur on porous materials such as wood. Battery performance could also become a limiting factor for intensive users in the long term.

Overall, Colop's e-mark CREATE offers impressive versatility for creative printing tasks, and its easy handling and mobile application options make it a useful tool for craft enthusiasts and small businesses.

Mobility and battery life

Mobility is a crucial factor in portable devices, and with the COLOP e-mark CREATE we notice that its lightweight design is quite impressive at just 267 grams. It's clear to us that these compact dimensions make it easy to take the printer anywhere. It fits in any briefcase and allows you to print on the go without much effort.

We also observe that the battery life seems reasonable for a device in this category. With a capacity of 600 mAs and three lithium-ion cells, the user should be able to handle various printing tasks without having to constantly search for a power outlet. Still, some users may consider the need for more frequent charging compared to larger, less portable options.

In terms of connectivity, the Wi-Fi feature ensures that users can work on the go without physical cable connections. This makes mobility even easier. Since COLOP does not provide any information about the exact duration of the battery life, potential buyers should be aware that the actual usage time may vary depending on printing behavior.

Print quality and media formats

We look at the COLOP e-mark CREATE, a mobile printer that scores with its print quality and flexibility in media formats. Thanks to inkjet technology, it delivers multicolored, razor-sharp prints. Users who want versatility in their creative projects will find this printer a reliable solution to print on various surfaces up to a maximum size of 8,5 x 14 inches.

The combination of wireless connectivity and an improved free app, available on both iOS and Android, makes the printing process flexible and efficient. However, it should be noted that the printing results depend heavily on the nature of the media chosen. While some users praise the ease of use and print quality, others point out the need to familiarize themselves with the app and media formats to achieve optimal results.

Connectivity and Compatibility

We look at the connection options of the COLOP e-mark CREATE, an aspect that is crucial for using the mobile printer. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the device can be easily connected to the corresponding smartphones and tablets via WiFi. The setup and operation are carried out using a free app that is constantly being improved and thus increases the user-friendliness of the printer.

For creative users who appreciate multi-colored prints, connectivity is particularly important because it allows you to work quickly and efficiently from almost anywhere - ideal for printing on materials in a variety of sizes up to a maximum of 8,5 x 14 inches. While the device offers impressive flexibility, it should be noted that without a stable WiFi connection, the functions of the e-mark CREATE may be limited. Although the printer generally performs well, it does have the limitations in terms of connectivity that all Wi-Fi dependent devices share.

App functionality for customization

The flexibility to add personal touches is a key feature of the e-mark CREATE. Our research shows that the accompanying app plays a key role in realizing users' creative vision. It offers the freedom to create your own designs or customize existing templates for different occasions. Users can design motifs with an intuitive interface and have a wide selection of texts, fonts, colors and images at their disposal.

Interestingly, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices and a Windows desktop version is also provided. This versatility makes it possible to operate the printer via WiFi or USB, which makes it particularly easy to transfer designs to the printer.

However, we note that the maximum print size is limited to 14,5 mm in height and 150 mm in length, which could be limiting for some projects. Nevertheless, the app stands out because it can be tested without purchasing a printer, which means potential buyers can check the software functionalities in advance.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • portability: A key advantage of the e-mark CREATE is its compact size, which enables high mobility. Ideal for creatives on the go, the printer fits easily into almost any bag.
  • Creativity without limits: With the ability to create and print custom designs via the free app, users have almost unlimited design options.
  • Independency: The printer's battery operation ensures that you can print for around 5 hours without a power outlet. This increases the flexibility and independence of users.
  • variety of colors: The included multi-color inkjet allows printing in different colors, resulting in vibrant and attractive results.
  • Compatible software: In addition to the mobile app for iOS and Android, a desktop version is also available that connects to the printer via WiFi or USB.


  • Quality restrictions: Customer reviews indicate that the print quality on certain materials such as blocks leaves something to be desired, which can lead to disappointing results and unnecessary expenses.
  • color accuracy: Some users report issues with the color accuracy of the prints, which can lead to significant deviations from the desired results.
  • software problems: Some customers have experienced challenges using the app, particularly when there are errors in color reproduction.
  • Printing Limitations: The printer is not equally suitable for all materials, which limits its applicability and can lead to frustration if you make a bad purchase.
  • Inactivity issues: When the printer is not used for a long period of time, some users have found that it stops working properly, requiring additional maintenance.

Customer Reviews

In the world of portable printers, the COLOP e-mark CREATE has attracted attention. With an average of 3,8 stars from 34 reviews, there are mixed opinions. Users appreciate its compactness and versatile design options, allowing creatives to create original prints on the go with little effort. In particular, printing Christmas cards and other paper items seems to work smoothly.

On the other hand, there are some critical voices about print quality, especially when it comes to stronger materials where the colors can run or the quality suffers. Some users report disappointment over expectations not being met in terms of color accuracy and detail of the print results. Clear guidance on which materials are suitable for printing appears to be lacking, leading to frustration as results on certain media do not meet expectations.

Overall, we recommend that potential buyers study the reviews carefully to assess whether this device meets their personal needs for creativity and print quality.


When we look at the COLOP e-mark CREATE, we see a device that can be well suited for creative minds. Users appreciate the compact size, which makes it easy to transport the printer. His ability to create multi-colored prints has made quite an impression in artistic communities, where unusual projects such as individual Christmas greetings have been realized.

However, there are also some points that are not completely convincing. Some users note that the print quality on certain materials decreases or the ink runs, which leads to disappointment at the price. In addition, problems occurred after a long period of non-use or the color reproduction did not meet expectations.

So we recognize that the COLOP e-mark CREATE has its strengths in portable and creative use. At the same time, interested parties should have realistic expectations about the material variety and print resistance of the product and be aware that there may be limitations in terms of color accuracy and long-term use.

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the COLOP e-mark create and the e-mark go?

The e-mark create and the e-mark go are both innovative products from Colop, designed for different customer needs. The e-mark create was developed for creative users who want to enjoy a variety of design options via an app. In contrast, the e-mark go is a more compact printer that is more suitable for quick and mobile use in a simple manner. Users report that the e-mark create is more versatile in functions, while the e-mark go is appreciated for its easier operation.

Why is my COLOP e-mark create not printing and how can I fix the problem?

If the e-mark create does not print, there could be several reasons. First you should check whether the battery is fully charged and the ink cartridge has been inserted correctly. A faulty connection to the app could also be a hindrance; In this case, it is advisable to check the connection and possibly reestablish it. User feedback suggests that if print quality is unsatisfactory, it may help to restart the device or clean the cartridge.

Which cartridges do I need for my COLOP e-mark create and where can I buy them?

The e-mark create device uses special multi-color ink cartridges that are designed for approximately 1.500 prints. These cartridges can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website or in well-stocked online shops. It is recommended to use original ink cartridges to ensure optimal print quality and device performance.

Are there alternatives to COLOP e-mark create, and what advantages and disadvantages do they offer?

There are several alternatives to e-mark create on the market, such as portable label printers and other handheld printers. These devices may offer different features and printing options. A frequently mentioned advantage of the alternatives can be the printing speed or the ability to adapt to different media, while the e-mark create is particularly valued for its intuitive operation and the freedom of design in the app. An accurate assessment of the advantages and disadvantages depends on the individual requirements of the user.

What experiences have users had with the COLOP e-mark create?

User opinions on e-mark create are mixed. Some appreciate the flexibility and creativity that the device brings and enjoy the versatile design options. On the other hand, there is also criticism regarding the print quality on certain materials and the fact that ink problems can occur when the printer is not in use. Overall, users seem to agree that the device can be very useful for creative work, but may require some training.

How is the ink changed in the COLOP e-mark create and what do I have to pay attention to?

To change the ink on the e-mark create, the device must first be switched off and the old cartridge removed. The new cartridge should then be inserted carefully, making sure it is correctly placed. Users should be careful not to shake the ink cartridge and insert it immediately after unpacking to avoid drying out or leaking of the ink. After installing the new cartridge, it is advisable to print a test page to ensure that the ink is flowing correctly.

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