Useful household tips

Cooking - baking - cleaning - washing

Useful household tips for running the household have changed significantly over the past few decades. Thanks to technical progress, housewives and housekeepers are significantly relieved of many jobs. In addition, you can buy everything that is needed for housekeeping, but also for nourishment and cleaning the laundry. Nevertheless, there are many old tips and tricks that are also very helpful in organizing the modern household.

Free household tips for organizing everyday life

Good housekeeping starts with organization and Useful household tips. When you go to work, you have to do the housekeeping in your spare time. Even in small households, it is not enough just to clean the apartment or house, go shopping and do laundry on the weekends. Plan a fixed period of time each day in which you can devote yourself to your household.

If you work in shifts, adjust this period to your duty roster. The flexible opening times of the shops will help you.

Even in smaller towns, supermarkets and discounters are open between 7 a.m. and 22 p.m., so you can do your shopping depending on your working hours. The cost of running the household depends on the size of your household and the number of family members.

Bigger children and also the husband can take care of tasks and relieve you. Try to reduce the demands on yourself. You don't have to clean the entire apartment or house every day. The bathroom and kitchen need a lot of maintenance. A weekly basic cleaning is sufficient in the individual rooms. It is best to plan a room every day, because this way you can split up the work for a whole week.

Clean household linen and clothing properly

Washing the laundry and removing stains take up a lot of the housework, but this is not a problem with useful household tips. A modern washing machine in connection with an electronic clothes dryer can relieve you of a lot of work. However, pay attention to the consumption values ​​and invest in devices that are a little more expensive.

Experience shows that washing machines and tumble dryers are usually used for around seven years before they are replaced. During this time, a slightly higher purchase price pays for itself because you consume less energy. And along the way, you also make an important contribution to the environment.


In the past, delicate laundry such as blouses, woolen items or baby clothes could not be machine washed. This requirement no longer applies to modern washing machines. The washing machines can effectively clean delicate laundry without damaging the materials. There are programs for wool and silk, but also for duvets and baby linen. In combination with a good detergent, you no longer have to worry about the long service life of your textiles.

A modern tumble dryer uses a lot less energy than it did a few years ago. Nevertheless, modern heat pump dryers are also one of the biggest energy guzzlers in the household. You shouldn't use it regularly and prefer to hang your laundry outdoors or in a laundry room.

Many textiles are also too sensitive for a dryer. Towels and other textiles made of terrycloth or microfiber, on the other hand, become particularly soft in the dryer and dry faster than on the clothesline. Find a healthy balance between using the dryer and the classic clothesline to dry your textiles effectively.


Modern kitchen appliances make cooking easier

Cooking is no longer as important in many households as it was a few years ago. Irregular working hours and long journeys to work are responsible for the fact that the family only comes together for meals in the evenings and on weekends. The kitchen equipment has become much more modern. In addition to the hob, oven and microwave, small appliances are very popular in the kitchen.

These include blenders for smoothies or kitchen machines that chop up vegetables, prepare shakes or stir cake batter. After ready meals have been very popular for many years, more and more young women and men are returning to classic kitchen recipes. Grandmother's household tips are also taken into account as useful household tips, but nobody wants to do without the modern version of kitchen work.


Household tips for men

The classic family is giving way to other ways of life, especially in the big cities. There are more and more singles or mothers and fathers who raise their children alone. Flat-sharing communities and homosexual partnerships are also on the rise. These new ways of life mean that men always live alone or in partnership or flat share and consequently have to take care of the household themselves.

Now the time when the German housewife did not work and had everything under control has been over for a generation. The men had to learn to take care of the household themselves. Often times it is very minimalistic in male households. Simple dishes are cooked and the tidying up and cleaning of the apartment is not planned in advance, but done when it is necessary.

Make sure the kitchen and bathroom are cleaned regularly. If you are away from home all day because of your job, you don't need to schedule a thorough cleaning every day. It is important that you remove small areas of dirt as soon as possible.

You should clean the living spaces weekly. Keep out of here so that you get the job done when it comes up.
One of the problems in male households is the Refrigerator Make sure you do shop effectively and regularly check the condition and shelf life of the food. This also applies to the supplies in the cupboards. Food cannot be stored indefinitely. Regular and targeted shopping will help you keep a good overview of your supplies.

Buying and storing food properly

Shopping is a very important part of housekeeping. A lot has changed in terms of opening times. In larger cities and in shopping centers, shops are open until 22 p.m. They open at seven in the morning, and this also applies to Saturday. You can combine shopping with your job very well, even if you work in shifts.

When shopping, you should always work with a shopping list. Otherwise there is a high risk of over-shopping. Don't go to the supermarket hungry and always look down when choosing food and other products. The more expensive products that are supposed to bring sales to the supermarket are presented at eye level. If you want to shop cheaply, you can find high quality but cheaper products at the bottom of the shelves.

When storing food, it is important that you do not interrupt the cold chain of frozen and chilled products. Otherwise the shelf life will be shortened or the products will spoil.

Many products have to be stored in a cool and dry place. A basement or pantry is ideal, but not always available. Alternatively, you can use cupboards and make sure that the temperatures in the kitchen are not too high.


Useful household tips for the easy-care furnishing of house and apartment

Even when furnishing your house or apartment, you can do a lot to ensure that household maintenance is quick and easy. Useful household tips are always in demand here. Light-colored furniture not only looks friendly, but also cleaner because you don't see every speck of dust.

Many accessories look good, but they take a lot of effort to clean. The same applies to open shelves. Pay attention to smooth floors and avoid carpets with a high pile. These catch a lot of dust and can only be cleaned with great effort.

The same applies to curtains and thick curtains. A clear view through the window is not only modern, it also lets a lot of light into the rooms and you don't have to worry about looking after the window decorations.