Bathroom equipment

Wall hooks for kitchen and bathroom | gluing instead of drilling


They are small, relatively inconspicuous and just fit anywhere. The wall hooks for the kitchen and bathroom impress with their versatility. Of course, they are useful as a towel holder in the kitchen for tea towels. In the bathroom you have shower towels and small hand towels as well as washcloths ready.

Bathroom design - bathroom toilet tips


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, because the bathroom is the first room we enter in the morning and the last we leave in the evening. Therefore, bathroom design is just as important as that of the other rooms in a house.

What is part of bathroom equipment


If you are about to redecorate your house or apartment, the bathroom should also be furnished with great care. So you ask yourself what is part of bathroom furnishings? Because the bathroom fittings should not only meet your requirements visually, but should also be practical and offer plenty of storage space.