Test winner mounting gloves


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Test winner mounting gloves

We present you our test winner mounting gloves!

We tested with a deliverer from a letter and parcel service.

Our test criteria:

  • Protection against dirt and injuries
  • Feelings of the fingertips
  • Grip slip resistance palms
  • the grip in the wet
  • that wear in the cold
  • the wearing comfort
  • the service life, wear, abrasion of the palms

There are many assembly gloves suppliers. Many materials for different needs. In a while we have tested various assembly gloves in the logistics industry and can recommend our test winner here!

Corsair Kori-Red Cat.2

- € 1,00

and Corsair Kori-Grip Kat.2

test winner

Work gloves

our conclusion to these test winner assembly gloves

  • The Corsair Kori-Red has a very good skid resistanceYou need less pressure when holding packages, which relieves the hands and arms.
  • The fingertips have a very good feel for letter delivery and letter sorting
  • The wear and tear of the palms, which can happen very quickly with such gloves, is very good at these and one has a very long service life.
  • When wet, this is also very suitable and remains non-slip.
  • protect very well from dirt and cut on mailboxes, letters and parcels
  • The comfort of wearing the right size is always very good

The Korsar Kori-Red Kat.2 palms look like fine sandpaper

The Korsar Kori-Grip Kat.2 palm is a bit more rubbery and structured

Both are highly recommended by us!

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