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Welcome to the universe of DIY! Today we delve into the world of the Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw, a tool that brings performance and convenience to your garden.

Einhell Professional Cordless Chainsaw GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo Power...
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Einhell Professional cordless chainsaw GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo Power…*
  • Power X-Change – The GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo cordless chainsaw is part of the Einhell Power
  • Tool-free chain tensioning – both tensioning and changing the chain can be done without special tools.
  • Automatic chain lubrication - The saw chain is permanently supplied with oil from the 115 ml oil tank with sight glass and runs up to 15 m/s fast.
  • Cutting length - The 35 cm long, high-quality OREGON quality sword and the robust OREGON saw chain enable a cutting length of 33 cm.

What makes the Einhell GP-LC 36 so special?

The Einhell GP-LC 36 is not just any chainsaw. It is a wireless solution that offers freedom and flexibility at work. Let’s discover the key aspects of this saw.

battery performance

The Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw is known for its impressive battery performance. It is part of Einhell's Power X-Change system, which means it is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are not only powerful, but also long-lasting and last for a considerable time, even during demanding sawing work. The batteries provide consistent performance that does not decrease until the battery is completely discharged. This makes it possible to carry out longer projects without interruption. The batteries are also compatible with other Einhell Power X-Change tools, making them a versatile and economical choice.

environmental friendliness

Using battery technology instead of a gasoline-powered system makes the GP-LC 36 more environmentally friendly. Unlike petrol-powered chainsaws, it produces no direct exhaust gases, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The lack of exhaust fumes also makes the saw ideal for use in enclosed spaces or in environmentally sensitive areas. In addition, the lower noise produced by the cordless saw means a smaller ecological footprint, which is a great advantage in residential areas.

Innovative technology

The Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw is equipped with innovative technology that sets it apart from conventional models. A key element is the brushless motor, which offers greater efficiency and longer life than traditional brushed motors. This motor delivers consistent and strong power, resulting in consistent and clean cuts. Another highlight is the integrated LED light, which provides a better view of the work area, especially in poorly lit environments. Tool-free chain tensioning is another innovative feature that increases comfort and ease of use by allowing quick and easy chain replacement or adjustment without additional tools.

Technical specifications at a glance

Here we look at the technical details of the GP-LC 36, from battery life to blade length.

Battery Life

The battery life is a decisive factor for the practical suitability of a cordless chainsaw like the Einhell cordless chainsaw GP-LC 36. This model uses Power X-Change technology, which promises an efficient and long-lasting energy supply. However, the life of a battery depends heavily on the type of work. For light cutting work such as shredding small branches, the battery can last for several hours. During more intensive tasks such as felling larger trees or sawing through thicker pieces of wood, battery life may be significantly reduced. It is therefore advisable to have a spare battery on hand, especially for longer or more demanding projects. It usually takes a few hours to fully charge the batteries, so it is advisable to charge the batteries after each use to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Cutting length and depth

Cutting performance is another important aspect that determines the performance of the Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw. The saw features a bar with a length suitable for most DIY jobs. This allows for a significant cutting depth, sufficient for cutting through medium-sized branches and pieces of wood. The exact cutting depth and length depend on the specific saw blade size and can vary, but usually offer enough scope for a wide range of garden and DIY applications. The GP-LC 36 is therefore well suited for tasks such as cutting wood for construction projects, shredding firewood or trimming trees.

Security features

Safety is of utmost importance when using a chainsaw. The Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw has several safety features that minimize the risk of accidents. These features include an instant stop chain that stops immediately in an emergency or when the handle is released, significantly reducing the risk of injury. Another important safety feature is the kickback protection, which prevents the saw from kicking up when sawing. In addition, the saw features an ergonomic handle and a balanced design that allows safe handling and control while working. Some models may also have a hand guard and a chain catch pin to provide further safety when using the saw.

Practical report: The GP-LC 36 in use

I tested the Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw and share my experience. How does it perform during typical gardening tasks?

Handling and ease of use

The Einhell GP-LC 36/35 Li is characterized by its user-friendliness. It is part of Einhell's Power X-Change family, which means it is powered by two powerful 18V batteries. This battery configuration ensures powerful performance, with the brushless motor offering efficiency and longer life. The saw is equipped with tool-free chain tensioning and chain changing, which simplifies handling and maintenance. In addition, the ergonomic handle with soft grip and felling handle offers a comfortable and secure hold.

Cutting performance and versatility

The GP-LC 36/35 comes with a high quality Oregon guide bar and chain, allowing a maximum cutting capacity of up to 33cm. The chainsaw has an impressive cutting speed of 15 m/s, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cut through garden wood, carpentry pieces and other timber. Their cutting performance makes them a versatile tool for a variety of woodworking projects.

Noise levels and maintenance

Compared to petrol-powered chainsaws, the GP-LC 36/35 is significantly quieter, which makes it suitable for use in residential areas. Automatic chain lubrication ensures continuous lubrication of the chain, making maintenance easier and increasing the life of the saw. The saw's oil tank has a volume of 115 ml, which ensures sufficient lubrication during longer periods of use.

Instructions: This is how you get the most out of the Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw

From preparation to care – here you will find helpful tips for using your Einhell chainsaw.

Commissioning and battery management


Starting up the Einhell cordless chainsaw GP-LC 36/35 Li is usually straightforward:

  1. Insert batteries: The saw is powered by two 18 V batteries. These should be fully charged before first use.
  2. Chain assembly: Check whether the chain is correctly mounted and tensioned. The chain usually comes already assembled, but it is important to check its tension.
  3. Fill oil container: Fill the oil container for automatic chain lubrication. It is important that there is always enough oil to ensure good chain lubrication.

Battery management

  • Charging the batteries: The batteries should be charged after use. The charging time may vary depending on the capacity of the batteries.
  • Battery care: Avoid completely discharging the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place.

Safety tips for work

  • Personal protective equipment: Always wear appropriate protective equipment, including gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection.
  • Safe area: Make sure the work area is clear of obstacles and that there are no people near the sawing area.
  • How to hold the saw correctly: Always hold the saw firmly with both hands and ensure a stable posture.
  • Mindfulness at work: Avoid distractions and concentrate on the sawing work.
  • Use according to instructions: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use of the saw.



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Frequently asked questions about the Einhell cordless chainsaw GP-LC 36

Question 1: Is the Einhell GP-LC 36 suitable for professional applications? Answer: The Einhell GP-LC 36 is primarily designed for DIY enthusiasts and gardening. While it offers solid performance for a variety of tasks, very demanding, professional work may require more powerful models.

Question 2: How long does the battery last on the Einhell GP-LC 36? Answer: Battery life depends largely on the type of work being done. The battery can last for several hours during light cutting tasks, while it drains more quickly during more intensive tasks. It is advisable to have a spare battery ready.

Question 3: Are the batteries and charger included? Answer: As a rule, batteries and charger are not included in the scope of delivery of the Einhell GP-LC 36 and must be purchased separately.

Question 4: How heavy is the Einhell GP-LC 36? Answer: The Einhell GP-LC 36 is relatively light and handy for a cordless chainsaw, which makes it easy to handle. The exact weight may vary depending on the model, but is within a range that is comfortable for most users.

Question 5: Can the saw chain be changed without tools? Answer: Yes, the Einhell GP-LC 36 has tool-free chain tensioning, which makes changing and adjusting the chain very easy.

Question 6: What is the volume of the Einhell GP-LC 36 during operation? Answer: The Einhell GP-LC 36 is quieter compared to gasoline-powered chainsaws, which makes it more suitable for use in residential areas.

Problems and solutions: tips from users

Problem: Battery discharges quickly

  • Solution: Make sure the batteries are fully charged before each use. Avoid operating the chainsaw when the battery is low, as this can affect performance and battery life.

Problem: Chain becomes dull

  • Solution: Keep the chain sharpened regularly. If you are not experienced in sharpening chains, consult a professional or use a special sharpener.

Problem: Saw doesn't cut evenly

  • Solution: Check the tension of the chain and adjust if necessary. An incorrectly tensioned chain can result in uneven cuts.

Problem: Saw won't start

  • Solution: Check whether the batteries are inserted correctly and are sufficiently charged. Also check whether all safety switches are activated.

Problem: Oil is leaking from the oil tank

  • Solution: Make sure the oil tank lid is tightly closed. Check the tank for cracks or damage and replace if necessary.

Problem: Saw is difficult to handle

  • Solution: Practice using the chainsaw correctly. Make sure you have both hands firmly on the device and maintain a stable posture.

Conclusion: Is the Einhell GP-LC 36 the right choice for you?

The Einhell GP-LC 36 cordless chainsaw is a tool that impresses in many ways. It offers a combination of performance, ease of use and flexibility that makes it attractive for a wide range of applications.

Price-Performance Ratio

  • Costs: The GP-LC 36 is priced in the mid-range segment, making it an affordable option for many DIY enthusiasts.
  • Performance: For its price, it offers remarkable performance, especially in terms of battery life, cutting quality and general handling.
  • Investment: As part of Einhell's Power X-Change family, where the batteries are compatible with other tools in the series, it represents a valuable long-term investment.

Target group and suitability

  • handyman: Ideal for hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts who need a reliable chainsaw for regular garden tasks.
  • Semi-professional use: Also suitable for more demanding tasks, although with limitations compared to professional, petrol-powered saws.
  • Environmentally conscious users: The battery technology and lower emissions make it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Personal recommendation

  • For occasional work: If you're looking for a chainsaw for occasional jobs like cutting firewood or trimming trees, the GP-LC 36 is an excellent choice.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use and maintenance make them particularly attractive to users who value comfort and ease of use.
  • Environmental friendliness and noise: The GP-LC 36 is quieter than petrol-powered models and produces no exhaust fumes, making it ideal for use in residential areas.


The Einhell GP-LC 36/35 Li cordless chainsaw is a versatile, user-friendly and environmentally friendly solution for a variety of sawing jobs. It offers excellent value for money and is ideal for DIY enthusiasts looking for a powerful yet affordable chainsaw. However, it may reach its limits for professional users and extremely demanding tasks. Overall, the GP-LC 36 is a solid choice for most garden and DIY projects.

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