Test report: Roman LED pillar candles with battery and timer from Yunsheng

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Are you looking for atmospheric lighting for indoors and outdoors? Yunsheng Roman LED pillar candles could be an interesting option. Here's a comprehensive review to help you decide if they're right for you.

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Roman LED pillar candles with battery from Yunsheng

  1. Material and design
    • Material: High quality ABS plastic
    • Color: ivory
    • Design: Roman column look
    • Wick: Teardrop-shaped 3D wick
  2. Dimensions
    • Set composition: 6 candles in three sizes
    • Sizes: 2 x (5cm x 10,5cm), 2 x (5cm x 14cm), 2 x (5cm x 16,5cm)
  3. Lighting and modes
    • Light color: warm white
    • Lighting modes: 4 (fast/slow/breathing/normal)
    • Adjustable brightness
  4. Operation and functions
    • Remote control: 10 button remote control
    • Control distance: Up to 8 meters
    • Timer functions: 4 hours, 6 hours
  5. Charge and battery
    • Charging Port: Type-C
    • Charging cable: USB cable with 6 Type-C ports
    • Battery life: Up to 20 hours (maximum brightness and fast flickering mode)
  6. Waterproof and outdoor use
    • Waterproof: Wick and charging port sealed with rubber
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  7. Additional characteristics
    • Rechargeable with charging protection
    • Packing list: 6 candles, 1 remote control, 1 USB charging cable, 1 manual
    • Packaging: cardboard box
Roman LED pillar candles with battery and timer

Design and quality

The candles mimic the look of ivory Roman columns. Made from high quality ABS plastic, they offer an attractive look. But what about the quality? The workmanship is solid, but with products from China a candle can always be out of line. One of the candles in this set tends to perform erratically - something to keep in mind.

Roman LED pillar candles with battery and timer

Lighting modes and realism

The candles offer different flickering modes, but are they realistic? Honestly, the modes could be better. They either flicker too quickly or too slowly, which lacks the realistic effect of a real flame. On the plus side, you can adjust the brightness, which can be useful in different situations.

Roman LED pillar candles with battery and timer

Ease of use and loading process

Operating the candles is pretty simple. You'll appreciate the USB-C charging feature, which provides convenient and fast charging. The remote control makes it easier to control the candles, even if they are placed at a distance.

performance and reliability

In terms of performance, experiences vary. While the candles work well indoors, outdoor battery life can be affected by cold weather. The timer function is generally reliable, but be prepared for a candle to go out earlier than planned.

Reviews from other users

Summary of the rating
5Very nice candles
4Good outdoor candle
5Not good
1Not the burning time as stated!
5very nice candles
3Not what I was hoping for
4Rechargeable candles
5Beautiful candles for a nice ambience

Conclusion – LED pillar candles with battery

The Roman ones LED pillar candles with battery from Yunsheng are a stylish and practical option for lighting. They're easy to use and charge, but have room for improvement when it comes to lighting modes and outdoor battery life. I just use the glow mode and adjust the luminosity. You have to charge it once a week, but everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to. If you're willing to accept minor imperfections, they might be a good choice for you.

Do you have other experiences with this set or do you have a better alternative? Then feel free to use the comment function. 🙂

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