Portable air purifier with rechargeable battery + washable air filter | Against dust and pollen for clean indoor air

Air purifier with battery
Air purifier, UETSNOR Air Purifier with 99.9% filtration performance...*
  • 【Air Purifier With Pollen Filter】 UETSNOR air purifier for allergy sufferers with 3-in-1 electronic filter ensure air purification of 99,48% ...
  • 【NO replacement required - washable air filter】 The practical air purifier for allergy sufferers comes with washable filter layers ...

Portable air purifier with battery

UETSNOR Air Purifier frees the room air from smoke, dust, pollen and animal hair. This is a great relief for allergy sufferers in particular, but it is also worthwhile for everyone else to ensure better air quality. The filtration performance is included 99,9 Prozent, By the washable filter of the room air purifier, the product has a long service life and is therefore a sustainable investment in excellent, healthy air quality.

Air purifier for allergy sufferers has a capacity of up to 80 cubic meters per hour. This means that clean air can also be achieved in larger rooms. It can be used in the home, bedroom, office, kitchen, car, camping, RV and just about anywhere. It is particularly suitable for baby rooms, as clean air promotes the child's health and sleep quality. Since this is a portable room air purifier with battery acts, it can be transported to where it is needed.

Air filter with battery

  • 99,9% filtration efficiency
  • washable filter - no waste
  • portable
  • battery with USB-C connector
  • against smoke, dust, pollen, animal hair and much more.

Details | Air purifier with battery

The air that we breathe in throughout the day contains a large number of particles, such as smoke, fine dust, pollen, animal hair, cooking odors, formaldehyde and much more. With the portable air purifier become over 99 % filtered this particle out of the air. This is one 3-in-1 electronic filter, which ensures fresh, clean and, above all, healthy air throughout the day. The air purifier with battery has two different cleaning modes - of the manual mode and the automatic mode. So you can choose between different cleaning speeds switch back and forth depending on what is needed at the time.

All you have to do to switch to auto mode is the breath icon briefly touched twice will. The sensor then automatically detects the air quality and then automatically selects the required strength. The air purifier for allergy sufferers therefore requires no special knowledge and is easy to use. It adapts individually to your needs and the room conditions and thus always delivers an optimal result.

Air purifier with battery
Mode 1 normal air purification
Air purifier with battery
Mode 2 automatic detection of indoor air pollution and mode selection
Air purifier with battery
Mode 3 strong fast cleaning of the room air

Easy to care for and versatile

Air filters are washable, so no replacement is required. This makes the air purifier particularly easy to use for allergy sufferers and produces no waste. The room air purifier comes with washable filter layers and these are very easy to clean. The device is therefore particularly durable and the quality of the air purification does not decrease over the period of use.

What also makes the air purifier so practical for allergy sufferers is that it is portable and has a rechargeable battery contains. This clearly sets it apart from the wired competing products. The air purifier consists of a compact body and has a fold-out handle. This makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is charged with a normal mobile phone charger via the USB-C connector to be charged. He can therefore both at the Steckdose as well as on computer, at the Power Bank or on Car charger etc. are loaded. The air purifier then has a cleaning service life of 13 to 26 hours depending on the degree of pollution. These features make the device particularly convenient and easy to use.

Instructions for the air filter with battery are only included in English, but are relatively understandable and kept simple.

Air filter instructions

Test: air purifier with battery

The air purifier looks very stylish to me and has a compact design which makes it very portable for my purposes. My son keeps struggling with allergies and pollen. Therefore, this small air filter is practical to make your room or on the go or the garden a little more bearable for sleeping.

Here you can see how big or compact the air filter is in my hand.

Air purifier with battery
size view

Before sleeping, the air purifier for allergy sufferers is switched on for 2 hours at the highest level. If you then enter the room, you will notice that the air in the room is different and I hope that it is clean and better. Of course, you should take other measures in the event of allergies, but this should only be about the room air.

Depending on which air filter strength is set, this also affects the battery and the noise level. In the minimum setting it is very quiet and you only hear a slight whirring, I don't know if everyone can sleep there. If you put it a little further away in the room, one or the other can certainly let this air filter continue to clean the air while you sleep.

USB-C connector is great and nowadays standard easy.

Operation is very simple you only have one touch-sensitive button – you tap this briefly or a little longer for the respective function (switch on, settings or switch off). An LED light shows you the selected mode and an LED display numerically shows you the battery capacity in percent. A child can operate this super itself.

Air filter with battery
Battery indicator

The removal of the air filter and its disassembly is done very easily and quickly. Assembling and putting it back into operation is quick and easy.

Note: Please note that this device no HEPA filter owns!

I find the mobility practical, charging and operating via a socket or a power bank. I will see how the air filter with battery continues to prove itself in everyday life and for a children's room and its use and room air quality, but the first few weeks made me feel positive and if the child has a quieter sleep due to a little less polluted room air while sleeping, that's it Good.

This is something to keep in mind when buying a room air purifier

If you have decided to buy an air purifier so that you can breathe clean, healthy, fresh air in the future, then there are a few things you should consider when making your purchase - so you can be sure that you will find the product that best suits your needs.

Firstly, you should make sure what types of particles the room air purifier filters out of the air and whether the substances that cause problems for you as an allergy sufferer are included. There is also Air purifiers that also fight odors and others who, in turn, do not. The type of battery also makes a difference. If it is important to you to be able to transport the device flexibly, you should use one rechargeable battery put. Another relevant aspect is of course the Battery life. Weight and size also play a role - the more compact, the more practical. However, you should too Volume that filtered within an hour to make sure that the device is able to clean your room. Maybe this air purifier with battery presented and tested here would be according to your needs or ideas.

Air purifier, UETSNOR Air Purifier with 99.9% filtration performance...*
  • 【Air Purifier With Pollen Filter】 UETSNOR air purifier for allergy sufferers with 3-in-1 electronic filter ensure air purification of 99,48% ...
  • 【NO replacement required - washable air filter】 The practical air purifier for allergy sufferers comes with washable filter layers ...

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