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KFZ-Starthilfe Set | Jump Starter für Autobatterie
Jump starter kit

Start the battery with the Jump Starter Kit

Low Battery? Frost? Long service life? Power guzzlers in the car? Nothing works without juice. A decrepit battery usually dies at the worst moment: in the morning, at minus 5 degrees in winter under time pressure. Why is that actually?
This guide is about getting started vehicle battery - powerful mAh battery for winter. For long downtimes. For emergency. For everything actually. Also: Why it makes sense to have a small power reserve on the shelf. - Jump starter for the car battery


Automotive battery booster - in comparison

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Check price272,89€Check priceCheck priceCheck price169,95€82,99€63,41€95,99€84,99€
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What is a car jump start power bank?

If the battery is empty or too weak, the car will not start. Why the battery is empty and how you can spare your battery, more on that below. If the misery has happened, you need help. Basically, the principle is simple: from a power source, electricity must go into your car. Traditionally, you have the choice of connecting two strong cables to your battery and to another battery in another vehicle. You always need a second car or at least a fully charged battery. It's chunky, impractical, and unreliable. For this reason there is a set, a kind Power bank for your car, So you can work independently. Even if you should be all alone in Russia at half past five in the morning. Operation is child's play. We have described below how you can ensure safe success.


Possibilities of getting started

We come to the different options. What gearbox do you have? If you have an automatic, you only have to bridge (or replace the battery). If you have a shift car, you can also roll it down a hill in second gear or have it towed to start the car.

There are also differences between diesel and petrol: the diesel generally requires more electricity to get going again. However, this also means higher performance and the cables and the current generator must be designed accordingly.

The classic cable

Two cables are required to bridge your car. These are red and black. Red means plus, black minus. The disadvantage: if you stand alone in a wide hallway, you're out of luck. And who is constantly carrying around a fully charged second battery?

**Tip: If you have large customers in the car, maybe you need a converter, it is worth installing a fixed second battery in the trunk. You can also have these recharged via your alternator. It's worth it if you travel a lot and often.

Portable power bank - jump starter

The new Start booster sets also jump starters are becoming smaller and lighter. That is practical. They often have additional gadgets such as powerful LED lights that do not leave you in the dark. Equipped with various types of security, they provide great help, also when it comes to operation. These sets are quick to charge at home and you can easily take them with you. The latest models often weigh less than 500 grams.

Older or cheaper models are usually a bit larger and also heavier.

Attention: There are also starter sets that run over the cigarette lighter. However, a 12V connection is often not designed for this high current. If you're unlucky, the connection will break.

A Startup Help should always be tailored to your needs. More powerful starters can also operate 6 L diesel engines.

Car jump starter with accessories

You don't need to restrict yourself under any circumstances. Most products can save more than your car. Most of the features include:

  • The possibility to charge small USB devices such as smartphones and tablets or one
  • drug case to cool
  • LEDs light up the dark
  • The Home helpers are protected against water and dust, among other things

Who is a Jump Starter suitable for?

Do you really need such an Auto Booster starter set? If you rarely use your car, your battery may run out in winter. Batteries hate cold. Other reasons can be a defective alternator, it is possible that your battery is not being charged enough due to your short distance. Older batteries can sometimes no longer charge as well and quickly lose their power. Maybe you also have a power guzzler in the car who just keeps on eating. Cold, short distances, power guzzlers - these are the most common reasons for a weak battery.

**Tip: If your car battery had to be bridged, drive at least 15 km, if you have to switch on customers (lights, heating), just drive 20 km. You have (in most cases) recharged your car battery well.**

If you like camping, you may also need some extra electricity. The power banks for your car can also provide you with wonderful support.

Powerful mAh battery

You often read about mAh batteries. What is special about this? MAh is the abbreviation for milliamp hours and this describes the energy contained in the battery. Translated it means: If a charger has 1000 mAh, it can completely release all of its energy in one hour or supply another device with 10 mAh constantly for 100 hours. Of course, this is also linked to circumstances such as the temperature or the age of the battery. So what should you pay attention to? The higher the mAh, the more energy the battery has. So what do you absolutely need for your jump starter? I agree. A powerful mAh battery!

Are you steamer The e-cigarettes also often have a mAh battery!

How to connect a jump starter with a powerful battery

Please read the instructions for your product before you need it and internalize the process. You can't go wrong with the new devices anymore. Basically, it's always the same principle.
Before you start with the bridges, however, it is advisable:

  • completely switch off the engine and ignition (this also eliminates any power guzzlers)
  • take out the gear (or position P in an automatic transmission)
  • to apply the handbrake

This also applies if you let another car bridge you. Here it is still important that the two vehicles must not touch each other.

No matter whether starter set or donor vehicle, now you proceed as follows:

  • The red cable to the positive pole your battery (if there is a donor car, first the donor car, then the slave car)
  • The black cable comes to the negative pole or to a ground point (Attention: the black cable of the slave car NOT to the negative pole but always to a ground point)

The loading process can now begin. Dismantling takes place in the reverse order: first remove the black cable, then remove the red one.

Give your battery some time. After about 2 minutes you can start trying to start your car. If it doesn't start yet, wait another two minutes before trying again.

Another note: please pay attention to the tension of the cars. A small petrol engine is unable to start a diesel pick-up and this also applies to your jump starter. The manufacturers have listed in the descriptions for which car the appropriate jump starter sets are suitable.


Care instructions for car jump starter set

It is well known that batteries hate cold. If possible, store your jump starter set at room temperature and make regular checks that it is ready for use. If you have it in your closet for 4 years, it won't help you in an emergency. So check at regular intervals how full the starter is.

From about 5 degrees, most batteries start to "freeze". For this reason, do not leave your starter set in the car.


Is a Jump Starter actually safe? Yes. The manufacturers have also given some thought to safety and so most devices that are CE certified come with:

  • an overload protection
  • and discharge protection
  • as well as reflux
  • and short-circuit protection
  • as well as reverse polarity protection

to your home. When used correctly, you are sure.

What you should consider when buying a car jump starter set

If you want to buy a starter set, you should note a few things, which we will list briefly below:

  • For which engine power do you need the Jump Starter?
  • Is the device CE certified?
  • Do you also need the model as an emergency power supply for a cell phone, tablet or similar?
  • Should it have a flashlight?
  • Should it be water and dust resistant?
  • Is the operation safe and well explained?
  • What do the customers say?
  • How long does it take to charge the battery?
  • How long can you store it before it runs out?
  • How powerful is it?

You can't go wrong with these criteria. The new devices are usually "foolproof" and you don't need a second man or woman to get your car back in gear.

Advantages and disadvantages of start boosters for vehicle batteries

Either you need it or you don't need it? Nearly. Because if you need it and don't have one, it's already too late.

Advantages - battery booster for cars

✔ You don't need help if your car lets you down

✔ A start-up aid is not expensive

✔ and does not take up much space

✔ You can learn how to use it very easily

✔ and the device can also be used as a flashlight, when camping or as an emergency power bank for smartphones etc.

✔ You can bail someone out

✔ it is smaller, lighter and more practical than traditional cables

✔ You have everything together in one device

Disadvantages battery booster for cars

✘ Your set may not have enough power to bring a fat diesel to life

✘ Devices of poor quality discharge themselves within six months - even if they are in the cupboard

✘ Gross operating errors can only be eliminated with practice and prudence

Conclusion - car battery jump start | Jump starter

Every driver's nightmare: you have to go to work, the cart goes on strike, the battery is empty. If you have a weak battery or only drive short distances, a jump starter set (jump starter or battery booster) is actually mandatory. You can use it to save yourself and other people if necessary, without having to worry about bulky, heavy and annoying cables. Do you drive an automatic? Then your baby can not even be pushed. Breakdown service can be expensive and takes a lot of time. Then you'd better have a handy, powerful mAh battery that you can put in your handbag, so to speak. Better safe than sorry.


Recommended Jump Starter Kit - Top 10 top seller list

The Most Popular Jump Starter Kit Products Jump Starter Kit offers with discount to save

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EC5 cigarette lighter adapter for 12 V EC-5 car jump starter kit
  • Before buying, please check that your jump start device is EC-5 output. If not, please contact a ...
  • This is a new modified version, we have increased the gauge of the cable, used two time copper wire than the old one ...
  • This 12 volt clip-on battery cigarette lighter adapter is used to run 12 volt devices by plugging directly into ...
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Car Jump Starter, tire air pressure compressor pump, peak current of 500A, max ...
  • 1. This compact and portable multifunctional emergency equipment can be conveniently stowed in the car. 1. JUMP start ...
  • 2. Inflation function: the built-in rechargeable battery and high-performance compressor provides maximum 85psi inflation pressure even without ...
  • 3. Intelligent control system: with the LCD display, the parameters are more accurate, the values ​​are easy to read. With four ...
Topseller 3
HUIJUNWENTI Vehemo with 4USB LED Light Multi-Function DIY Auto Jump Starter Kit ...
  • 1.Battery Capacity (mAh):> 30000
  • 2.External Examination of Certification: FCC
  • 3.Number of built-in batteries: 3
Topseller 4
600A 20000Mah, 12V Jump Starter Kits Portable (Up To 5,0 L Gas, 3.0 L Diesel ...
  • 1. 20000mAh battery, 600A peak current provides enough energy to start your car (up to 5,0 liters of gasoline, 3,0 ...
  • 2. This starter, weighing 187 * 82 * 33mm and weighing 1,1kg, can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans ...
  • 3. This jump starter contains 9 intelligent protection systems that check the condition of the vehicle battery before the electrical ...
Topseller 5
SSZZ Movable Auto-Jump Starter Kit, Car Battery Starter And ...
  • ➤ Battery capacity: 20 Ah-200 Ah Input voltage: 160 V-220 V. Output current: 14 A. Output voltage: 12 V / 24 V ..
  • ➤ Fast, high-frequency technology with three-stage charging ..
  • Automatic ➤ at the push of a button; LCD display including voltage, current and battery capacity ..
Topseller 6
AZDelivery Starter Kit with 35 in 1 sensors kit, Arduino compendium book, ...
  • ✔️ This complete Arduino starter kit consists of the 35 in 1 Arduino accessories sensor kit, compendium book, ...
  • ✔️ The extensive 35 in 1 Arduino kit contains 35 sensors and many modules that are fully compatible with Arduino ...
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Smraza Basic Starter Kit with Breadboard, Power Supply, Jumper Wires, Resistors, LED ...
  • This kit has all consumable component are openly used in Arduino and Raspberry Pi, it can almost meet all your needs.
  • The kit comes with breadboard and power supply kit, a good range of LEDs, resistors, buttons, capacitors, a few transistors ...
  • With jumper wire and male-female dupont wire.
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WayinTop Electronics Starter Kit with German Tutorial, Breadboard Power Supply, ...
  • 【The Most Complete Electronic Starter Set】 The selected components are the most complete mix to create a ...
  • 【Breadboard power supply】 The core module of the starter kit, which can be connected to a USB power cable or a 1A 9V DC adapter ...
  • 【Breadboard Wire Bridges Jumper Wires Set】 Our kit contains jumpers, power supply, pin header and all kinds of ...
- € 10,40Topseller 9
keyestudio 195pcs Solderless Colorful Different Length Flexible Jumper Wire ...
  • KEYESTUDIO male to male harness 100% brand new
  • Each pack of 65 pieces, in a total of 3 packs
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Topseller 10
EliteSRS Double Under Jump Rope Starter Kit contains Ultra Light 3.0 Cable Speed ​​...
  • GRIP UPGRADE: The 3.0 grips on this rope are the latest design upgrade in the Ultra Speed ​​Rope series. With these...
  • USA QUALITY CABLES: EliteSRS uses the highest quality USA skipping rope cables manufactured by Wrap Resists Kink ...
  • ULTRA LIGHT GRIPS: Double among professionals know lighter handles = more among sets double. It's your arms, not your legs ...
- € 28,05Check these top 1
SSZZ Movable Auto-Jump Starter Kit, Car Battery Starter And ...
➤ Fast, high-frequency technology with three-stage charging ..; ➤ Battery detection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, ...

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