Bartesian Cocktail Maker: The Ultimate Cocktail Machine for Home – Easily Mix Premium Drinks

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With this device you no longer have to buy and store a variety of ingredients that are ultimately only rarely used. The Bartesian makes enjoying cocktails much easier. After filling the device with your choice of spirit, simply select a capsule and the desired strength of the drink. Your cocktail will be ready within a few seconds. In addition, the automatic cleaning cycle saves you annoying cleaning work and ensures that every drink is freshly prepared.

The Bartesian is an innovative device for cocktail lovers and those who want to become one. The easy handling, quick preparation and easy cleaning clearly speak for the cocktail maker.

Bartesian Cocktailautomat – Automatische Cocktailzubereitung zu...

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Overview of the Bartesian 55300 Cocktail and Margarita Machine

With the Bartesian 55300 you get a stylish, user-friendly cocktail machine for your home bar. It allows you to enjoy a variety of cocktails with ease. Simply use the capsules filled with real, fresh ingredients, choose your desired spirit and let the machine do the rest. The integrated cleaning cycle ensures that your cocktails always taste perfect and makes care easier as many parts are dishwasher safe.

However, shipping the capsules could represent an additional cost factor, especially if high shipping costs are involved. Some users probably had problems with the motor, but that seems to be an exception. Most of the time, customers report smooth functioning and delicious results. Fresh and diverse drink options, without the hassle and expense of bundling juices and other ingredients, make the machine an attractive option for enriching your own bar.

important characteristics

Real fresh ingredients

Are you tired of having to buy lots of different ingredients for each cocktail? The system uses capsules filled with fresh ingredients to save you this hassle. And best of all, they come with a freshness date so you always know you're enjoying high-quality drinks.

Simple design and maintenance

Your time is valuable, which is why maintaining this machine is extremely easy. An automatic cleaning cycle is carried out after each drink. If it ever becomes necessary, you can also start a manual cycle. Do you want to do a more thorough cleaning? No problem, because the parts are dishwasher safe.

Intelligent cocktail creation

Imagine being able to bring bar quality to your living room in no time without measuring or mixing. The machine allows you to do exactly that: insert the capsule, select the desired strength and press the mix button. The device takes care of the right amount of spirits and mixes your cocktail in seconds.

Versatility of drink options

Boring drink selection? Not with this machine. It brings all the variety of a well-equipped bar to your home without you having to worry about purchasing various ingredients. Your job is limited to keeping your favorite spirits handy. Whiskey, vodka, rum, gin or tequila – the choice is yours.

Advantages and disadvantages


The Bartesian 55300 cocktail machine brings the flair of a professional bar into your own four walls. Here are some advantages that the device offers you:

  • Fresh ingredients: The capsules used contain fresh ingredients dated for freshness, allowing you to enjoy high quality drinks.
  • Comfortable care: Thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle and dishwasher-safe parts, the cocktail maker is easy to keep clean.
  • Master Mixologist Drinks: The capsules were developed by experts and cover a range of classic and popular cocktails.
  • Easy handling: The machine creates cocktails at the touch of a button and allows you to adjust the strength of the drink to your liking - all without measuring or pouring.
  • Versatile: You have a variety of drink options without having to stock up on the ingredients yourself - saving space and time is guaranteed.


In addition to the obvious advantages, the device also has some disadvantages that are worth considering:

  • Error susceptibility: Some users report problems with the motor mechanism, which does not always work reliably.
  • Additional costs for capsules: Although the capsules bring convenience, they may come with additional costs and shipping fees.
  • Limited choice: The variety of drinks is limited to the capsules available, which limits your options compared to making your own.
  • Pre-investment: The purchase costs are not insignificant, which is a consideration for your wallet.
  • Space requirement: Even though the machine is more compact than a full home bar, it still requires a dedicated space in your kitchen or living area.

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Customer Reviews

The customer experience with the Bartesian cocktail and margarita machine is a key aspect that often determines the investment. Many users praise the ease with which a variety of drinks can be created at the touch of a button. Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite cocktails without having to buy a variety of ingredients - that's what the machine promises.

However, some customers report difficulties with the technology, for example when the pump does not work as intended. Such incidents are unfortunate, but appear to be rare. Satisfied users, in turn, emphasize the high quality and excellent taste of the drinks prepared with the machine. The convenience of having different cocktail options on hand adds to the positive experience.

A potential negative point is the cost of the required capsules, which can increase significantly due to shipping fees. This is an important aspect to consider. Overall, the average rating of 4,6 stars, based on over 4000 reviews, reflects a predominantly positive user experience.

Conclusion – Bartesian Cocktail Maker

With the Bartesian 55300 you can take your home bar to a new level. This low-maintenance device makes it easy to enjoy a variety of cocktails with just the push of a button. The machine has received very positive reviews overall and boasts a high overall rating of 4,6 stars. Your guests will be impressed by the ease of use and the quality of the drinks you can serve them.

One point of criticism, however, is that some customers experienced technical difficulties - so the desired perfection was not achieved for everyone. The costs for the associated capsules and any shipping fees that may apply should not surprise you either; they can add up. But if you're looking for a convenient solution to offer a variety of cocktails at home without having to buy various special ingredients, then the Bartesian might be worth considering for you. Enjoy your cocktails with less effort and no mess.

Frequently asked questions

Which cocktails can I prepare with the Bartesian cocktail maker?

You can mix a variety of well-known cocktails with the Bartesian machine. Thanks to the capsules developed by mixologists, you have access to popular classics such as margaritas, whiskey sours and old fashioneds. The variety is considerable and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of drinks without much effort.

What is the best way to clean my Bartesian cocktail machine?

To keep your Bartesian clean, the device has an automatic cleaning cycle that runs after every drink. There is also a manual cleaning cycle. Some parts are dishwasher safe, making care even easier to ensure every cocktail tastes great. Regular cleaning guarantees the longevity of the device.

Is there an alternative to the official Bartesian capsules?

Currently only the official capsules, which consist of fresh ingredients, can be used for the Bartesian machine. These capsules are tailored to the system to ensure the quality and taste experience. There are no officially supported alternatives to these capsules as this could affect functionality.

What alcohol do I need to use with my Bartesian device?

You should have basic spirits such as whiskey, vodka, rum, gin or tequila ready. These are used in combination with the capsules to prepare various cocktails. It is therefore advantageous to have a selection of common types of alcohol at home in order to be able to fully exploit the possibilities of Bartesian.

Is it worth purchasing a Bartesian cocktail machine?

A Bartesian is worth investing in if you love cocktails and appreciate the convenience of enjoying them at home at the touch of a button. It saves you from purchasing and storing many different ingredients needed to make cocktails. The easy cleaning and high-quality drinks can justify the purchase for cocktail lovers.

Can I use my Bartesian without capsules and create my own recipes?

The Bartesian cocktail machine is specifically designed for use with the associated capsules. Mixing your own recipes directly in the machine is not intended, as the device is designed to work with the capsules provided, which contain all the required ingredients.

Please note that for an optimal taste experience and to guarantee device functionality, it is recommended to use the official capsules.

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  • Create delicious cocktails in seconds: You don't have to deal with the hassle and mess of measuring and mixing ingredients...

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