Electrical appliances

Bosch MUM5 CreationLine_Kitchen_machine_buy-af12da4d

Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine - the versatility in the kitchen

Dirk Re.

The Bosch kitchen machine has a multitude of options and comes with a large number of accessories for flexible preparation. I report how it performs in everyday life.

Popcorn loop

popcorn loop | How to make your own cinema popcorn


As popcorn connoisseurs and lovers, you will be won over by the popcorn loop. When buying a popcorn loop you can try several mixes for popcorn. The inconspicuous help to make popcorn in a pot looks more like a bathing cap.

Air fryer | deep-fry with a little oil | counselor


What is a hot air fryer anyway? Are there any health benefits? Can you buy useful air fryer accessories? And what are the other advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers?

vacuum sealer

Test: Inkbird vacuum sealer - film sealing device for dry and moist food


I am testing the INKBIRD vacuum device INK-VS01. It is my first food sealer for vacuum sealing. How to find the device and how to vacuum it yourself can be found here in my test for the Inkbird vacuum sealer

Induction cooker | Gas stove or electric stove?


An induction cooker, gas cooker or electric cooker, what should it be? Here are a few tips.

Electric Ice Crusher Gastroback Buy-3ae04ad2

Test: Electric Ice Crusher | Gastroback 41127 | Crushed ice in 15 seconds!

Dirk Re.

The electric ice crusher from Gastroback delivers crushed ice in just 15 seconds at the push of a button! This is what it says on the product packaging. Here is my test & experience on the ice crusher from Gastroback.

Housing, controls

TEST: Siemens vacuum cleaner Q5.0 - model VSQ5X1230 - powerful & quiet

Dirk Re.

The Siemens vacuum cleaner offers high suction power and still vacuums particularly quietly. But what are its strengths and weaknesses? I tested it!


Test: Tefal OptiGrill + | Contact grill

Dirk Re.

Is the Tefal contact grill a real alternative to the conventional gas or electric grill? This question bothered me and I tested the Tefal grill for strengths and weaknesses.

Kitchen scales: kitchen gadget for the kitchen


Especially those who cook and bake in the kitchen according to the recipe and instructions are dependent on the helpful tools of the kitchen scales. You will have to buy a kitchen scale at some point. This has had quite a development behind it, if you remember the kitchen scales models from bygone times.

Dyson V11 Animal Extra cordless vacuum cleaner

Test: Dyson V11 Animal Extra cordless vacuum cleaner


The Dyson V11 has become one of the most popular brands in the vacuum cleaner field. The Dyson V11 offers many innovative features. Here are my experiences.