Test report: iPhone 12 from Apple

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iPhone 12
Test report: iPhone 12 from Apple 25 Test report: iPhone 12 from Apple

My experience with the iPhone 12

At home Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), In 2020 it was said: "back to the roots". At least in that iPhone 12 series. A new design that is reminiscent of the iPhone 12, especially for the iPhone 12 and 4 Mini. 

- € 17,29

The iPhone 12 is delivered in a box that is flatter this time. The reason: es the power supply unit is missing for the charging cable. Apple justifies this with the protection of the environment through fewer emissions. Everyone can think about it how they want, but the aspect of cost savings is very obvious. Unfortunately, the cost savings have not been passed on to end users. 

iPhone 12 series in comparison

Here are all iPhone 12s with technical details to compare:

iPhone 12 Mini **iPhone 12 **iPhone 12 Pro **iPhone 12 Pro Max **
screen size5,40 inch6,10 inch6,10 inch6,70 inch
Display resolution1 x 080 pixels1 x 170 pixels1 x 170 pixels1 x 284 pixels
Length131,5 mm146,7 mm146,7 mm160,8 mm
Width64,2 mm71,5 mm71,5 mm78,1 mm
Thickness7,4 mm7,4 mm7,4 mm7,4 mm
Weight133,0 g162,0 g187,0 g226,0 g
Processor typeA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 BionicA14 Bionic
Processor cores6666
random access memory4,0 GB 4,0 GB 6,0 GB 6,0 GB
Total memory sizefrom 64,00 GBfrom 64,00 GBfrom 128,00 GBfrom 128,00 GB
Cellular max. Downstream (LTE)2 Mbit / s2 Mbit / s2 Mbit / s2 Mbit / s
Cellular max. Downstream (5G)4,00 GBit / s4,00 GBit / s4,00 GBit / s4,00 GBit / s
WLAN standardWi-Fi 6 (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax)Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax)Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax)Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax)
MAh2 mAh2 mAh2 mAh3 mAh
CameraDual CameraDual CameraTriple CameraTriple Camera
Camera type (1st sensor)main cameramain cameramain cameramain camera
Megapixels12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel
Aperture (1st sensor)f / 1,6f / 1,6f / 1,6f / 1,6
Camera type (2st sensor)Ultra wide angleUltra wide angleUltra wide angleUltra wide angle
Megapixel (2nd sensor)12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel
Aperture (2st sensor)f / 2,4f / 2,4f / 2,4f / 2,4
Camera type (3st sensor)--ZoomZoom
Megapixel (3nd sensor)--12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel
Aperture (3st sensor)--f / 2,0f / 2,2
Front camera:
12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel12,0 Megapixel
OS version at launch14141414
Dual-SIMyes, dual SIM standbyyes, dual SIM standbyyes, dual SIM standbyyes, dual SIM standby
Dual SIM typevia eSIMvia eSIMvia eSIMvia eSIM
Amazon.deTo offer**To offer**To offer**To offer**

Quality & Design

Let's get to the actual phone. It is as usual from Apple super processed and can be shown. The matt aluminum frame with the glass back feels very valuable. The angular shape is unusual at first, but it makes the cell phone feel great in the hand and can also be operated very well with one hand. Through the Aluminum frame makes the phone very light


The display is the same as that built into the iPhone 12 Pro - a 6,1 inch Super Retina XDR display (OLED panel). The display is super sharp and has top brightness values. It's just fun to look at it and hold the phone in your hand. The The display bezel is narrower than that of the iPhone 11 and just as narrow as that of the iPhone 11 Pro. 


I think it's a pity that iPhone does not have 120 Hertz, rather only 60 Hertz. In normal everyday life it is not noticeable, but in direct contrast to one iPad Pro of the latest generation, for example, it makes a difference when scrolling. 

The iPhone is thanks to the new A14 Bionic Chips super fast and runs super fluid, no stuttering, it doesn't hang up, it just works. Downloading larger files and running large apps and games doesn't bother the phone either. 

Camera | iphone 12

Now we come to the camera. This, together with the cell phone's performance, was the main reason why I chose this cell phone. 

The iPhone 12 has 2 cameras: 

iPhone 12 camera

An 12MP wide angle camera and an ultra wide angle camera. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 has to be on Do without a telephoto lens. This is only included in the iPhone 250 Pro, which is around € 12 more expensive. The iPhone 12's camera is excellent despite this. The photos are super clear and colorfast

Whether portraits, photos and videos or panoramic shots, the camera cuts great in all areas ab. The new night mode can also be shown. The pictures are largely noise-free and look great despite difficult lighting conditions. Also the audio recording as well as the Image stabilization for videos is great. 

You can now take selfies in portrait and night modes, which of course also have great quality. 

Battery | iphone 12

The battery is more than sufficient with normal use. In normal everyday use, the cell phone battery lasts when it is on 100% charge took approximately 1,5 to 2 days. In most cases I charge my cell phone to about 80%, because that's definitely enough to get through the day if not even part of the next year. I think it's great that the cell phone has an optimized charging function. 

As a result, the cell phone uses artificial intelligence to learn the individual charging processes and when the cell phone should normally be fully charged. It is well known that it is not good for the battery if it is overcharged for a long time (continued to charge at 100%), which happens, for example, when you charge the cell phone at night. However, Apple provides a remedy for this problem. The cell phone learns how long it is typically charged at night, which slows down the charging process so that it is fully charged at the time when the cell phone is normally unplugged. 

This is a great function, because it not only conserves the battery, but you also have a fully charged battery in the morning, with which you can get through the day really well. The battery charges from 2 to 0% within approx. 100 hours if you charge the mobile phone with a cable and a 20 watt power supply. If you use the new one MagSafe, the charging process takes about 2,5 hours. 

The MagSafe charger is wireless and easy to charge by magnetic docking and only works with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

By the way MagSafe, I really like this additional feature. It is not only the charging process that this feature is supposed to simplify, but there are also many additional products that sometimes make sense and are really useful.

 For example the Apple car vent mount or MagSafe wallet

The Car Vent Mount is a gadget for the car where you can simply click on your cell phone. It holds super tight and won't fall off thanks to the MagSafe technology.

The iPhone 12 is IP68 certified, So Dust and water protected. However, this is almost (!) Normal with today's cell phones and should definitely be on board in every higher-priced smartphone. 

Storage | iphone 12

What bothers me personally is the memory selection. For an upgrade from 64 GB to 128 GB you pay 50 € more, although in my opinion 128 GB should be the standard model. For a 256 GB memory you have to dig into your pocket another € 120 more. In contrast, a 256GB memory card does not even cost 50 €, which means that other cell phone memory can be expanded relatively inexpensively. 

Since I am assuming that I will be using the cell phone for several years, I bought the cell phone with 256 GB of storage. But you have to adapt this to your behavior, if you take a lot of photos and videos and like to keep them on your mobile phone, then a larger memory definitely makes sense. 

Advantages & Disadvantages iPhone 12

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Beautiful design
  • great battery life
  • great camera, 
  • top performance thanks to the new chip


  • No power supply included
  • the surcharge for a larger storage.
  • no telephoto zoom camera
  • Standard memory only 64GB instead of 128GB

Video | test

Apple iPhone 12 test conclusion after 8 days

Conclusion: About my iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has exactly the same features as the iPhone 12 Pro except for the telephoto camera and the RAM (6 GB). The iPhone 12 has one less camera (the zoom camera) as well as the missing LIDAR scanner and the other design. Otherwise everything is the same as with the iPhone 12 Pro, the same battery life, the same display and the same chip. The iPhone 12 has a great performance, a beautiful display and design, and a top camera.

The additional camera and LIDAR scanner wasn't worth 250 € more to me, but make your own picture. If you have an older model like the iPhone 7, you can't go wrong with an iPhone 12, as there are even greater differences here than with younger models.

Apple iPhone 12, 128GB, White - (Refurbished)
Apple iPhone 12, 128GB, White - (Refurbished)*
Item - Package Dimension - 7,7165354252L x 4,9212598375W x 1,7322834628H inches; Item - Package Weight - 0,88846291586 pounds
366,99 €
- € 20,00
Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 128GB, Pacific Blue - (Refurbished)
Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 128GB, Pacific Blue - (Refurbished)*
Product Type: MOBILE PHONE; Item package quantity -1; Model – iPhone 12; Storage – 128GB
424,00 € - € 20,00 404,00 €
iPhone for Seniors: The New iPhone Guide for...
iPhone for Seniors: The New iPhone Guide for...*
Rieger Espindola, Jörg (Author)
24,90 € Amazon Prime
- € 4,01
Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) - (Product) RED
Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) - (Product) RED*
6,1 "Super Retina XDR display (15,5 cm diagonal); Ceramic Shield that withstands more than any smartphone glass
829,15 € Amazon Prime

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