Pore ​​cleaner - remove blackheads from the face

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Pore ​​cleaner - remove blackheads from the face

Pore ​​cleaner - remove blackheads from the face. Who does not know it?! The nasty little black spots on the face, so-called blackheads! They are a problem for many, for women as well as for men. Many have to struggle with it, tried a lot, but no cleaning water, peeling, mask or cream helps. But this should be the end of this pore cleaner!

What is a pore cleaner?

A Pore ​​cleaner or pore vacuum cleans pores and acne using a vacuumby simply sucking out the nasty blackheads, the little black dots. He also helps to refine the complexion and promotes flawless skin.

Why use a pore vacuum?

There are many products that advertise the results of pore-deep clean skin - whether creams, cleansing water, washing gels, masks, etc. I have tried a lot - both branded and drugstore products and so far nothing has helped me. However, expressing blackheads yourself is also not a good idea and personally I find it pretty painful. In addition, penetrating bacteria can trigger a painful inflammation.

Likewise, my monthly professional facial treatment is not enough to always show clean skin and to go to cosmetics more often, which becomes quite expensive in the long run. When I saw on YouTube that someone was testing a pore extractor, I was really impressed by the video and wanted to test a pore cleaner myself. Then I ordered the "Xpreen Electric Microcrystalline IPL Pore Cleaner here at Amazon“And tested him.

What does the pore cleaner - remove blackheads on the face from Xpreen contain?

The pore aspirator came in a nice, sturdy packaging in which you can keep it in the future. The package consists of the device itself and the other 4 different essays,: a large round, a small round, an oval and a microcrystalline attachment. Each of the essays fulfills its purpose, more on that later. A package is also included in the package Insulating cushion, Charging cables, a stainless steel blackhead remover needle and a user manual. The pore aspirator is available in 2 different colors: one in white with pink attachments and one in white with transparent attachments, I chose the pink one.


The device sees optically very modern and lies very well in the hand due to its size, shape and weight of 129 grams. With 3 adjustable levels: "soft, normal and strong" is the pore cleaner suitable for all skin types. It also contains one High performance lithium battery, which enables a fast loading time. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 3 weeks for 5 minutes when used twice a week. The vacuum cup is already assembled, so you save yourself any assembly of the device, the battery is also inserted and charged.

Package contents:
1 vacuum suction cup (electric)
1 large attachment
1 small attachment
1 an oval attachment
1 microcrystalline attachment
1 pack of insulating pillows
1 charging cable
1 stainless steel blackhead needle
1 user manual

Why did I buy the pore aspirator?

As already described, I have always had problems with blackheads, for me it is mainly the skin in the nose area where the nasty black dots are. I have already tried a few things, always without success, when I came across this device by chance, I wanted to try it immediately. I liked the design straight away and the Price is also absolutely in the normal range. I also hoped to get one good, quick removal of my blackheads with little effort.

How do I use the pore cleaner in my everyday life?

I use the pore vacuum approximately 2 to 3 times a week - sometimes more, sometimes less - mostly before applying make-up, as it gives me very pure and soft skin and this is a very good basis for make-up, or in the evening before going to bed. I use the device on my face, mainly around my nose, chin and forehead. The vacuum suction device but can be used on any part of the bodywherever you want, for example on the back or on the legs.


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How do I prepare for the application?

Before you start using it, you should first test the suction power of the various levels on a less sensitive area, for example on the back of your hand. First set the lowest level and vacuum briefly in one place and then pull it off again. You can already get a first impression of the suction power. Repeat for the other two stages. The application is completely painless, it's just a matter of choosing the right suction strength for your respective skin type. Personally, I always use the "strong" suction level. In preparation, you should clean your face as usual. To improve cleaning, it helps if you soak a towel in warm water and place it on your face for a few minutes or hold your face over steam for a few minutes to open the pores a little.

When do I use which essay?

Then you choose the right attachment for your application. The large round attachment is best used for large areas such as the chin or forehead. You can use the small rounds for isolated small areas so as not to irritate too much surface of your skin. I personally always take the oval for the difficult spots on the nostrils. The microcrystalline attachment can be used to simultaneously remove old skin cells, dirt or oil from the face, but try it out individually and decide for yourself which attachment you use for what.

How do I use the pore cleaner?

When using the device on the face for the first time, it also starts with the lowest setting to avoid injuries such as bruises. You yourself know your skin best and you know how much it can take. Therefore, first place the lowest level on a spot on your face and pull the device off again. Make absolutely sure that you do not hold the teat in one place for too long, otherwise there is a risk of bruising. It may be that your skin is a bit red afterwards, but it will go away after a few minutes, so you should not do it immediately before applying your make-up, but let it pass a few minutes in between to let the skin calm down a bit. Use the vacuum cup anywhere you have blackheads. You will see that the dirt will collect from your pores in the front attachment. You can easily remove this after use with water and a cotton swab. Then it goes back into the packaging with the vacuum and it is ready for the next application.

How user-friendly is the pore vacuum?

The Very easy to use and the Pre-assembly of the device I value the blackhead remover as very user friendly a. As described above, it arrives at your home ready for use, so you can use it immediately without having to search for batteries or having to charge it with the included charging cable. It is operated with just one button, which is pressed once for the lightest level, twice for the medium level and three times for the strongest level. The fourth time it goes out. It is really easy to use and can be operated without much thought. That is also a big plus easy changing of the different attachmentsthat you simply unplug or plug on. The Cleaning is also very easy through water and / or using a cotton swab.

What is the quality and manufacture of the blackhead remover?

The pore vacuum from "Xpreen" is very high quality made, it works perfectly. Both the external criteria such as the stability of the housing and modern design meet my complete satisfaction, as do the functions of the device. The levels can be individually adjusted by very easy handling and by the also stable individual attachments, you can reach even the most difficult parts of the face such as the nostrils. Battery performance is also first class. I've been using the cleaner for a month now and didn't even have to charge the battery. The quality of the pore vacuum corresponds to my complete satisfaction.

What are the positive properties of the pore vacuum?

I am rarely satisfied with my beauty products, especially when it comes to removing my blackheads or cleaning my skin, but with this purchase I really did everything right. The most important thing: The result is convincing over its entire length. You can really see a difference after a few uses. I also think the design is really great, it looks modern, is not too big, not too heavy and therefore fits in every handbag and in every suitcase. Handling is so easy that in any age group can be used, even mothers and grandmas who cannot cope with their new smartphones will be able to operate the pore suction device from "Xpeen" easily and will love it. The Different levels enable the use of the pore cleaner for every skin type. You do not have to worry that various ingredients damage your skin, allergy sufferers do not have to be careful that a certain substance is contained in the cream or mask.

What is my conclusion?

It doesn't matter which pore cleaner you choose, I have tested the pore vacuum from "Xpeen" and I am more than satisfied with it. However, I am of the opinion that you get similar results with every pore vacuum, some have 3 adjustable levels, the other 4, but on the whole the products only differ in design and price. So you have to decide for yourselves which one to choose, but the fact is you need one. The pore aspirator is created for everyonewho has problems with clogged pores, whether male or female, young or old, allergy sufferers or vegans.

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