Snowboarding for beginners: How to find the perfect board in 5 steps

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In the article below we have summarized the most important points about buying a new snowboard for you. Important points that you should also pay attention to. You can find out what you should pay attention to when buying a snowboard, bindings and boots here – Snowboards: A Guide to buy a snowboard

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You are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a snowboard

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Of course, it mainly depends on yours Body characteristics such as height, weight at. Yours Shoe size also plays an important role. There are also elements such as Length of the board (adapted to weight and height), width, shape and flex. Other factors come into play with boots and bindings. Let's take a closer look at the individual points:

1. Your height determines the length of your snowboard

The rule of thumb is that the board should reach about between your collarbone and chin. If you are just starting out with snowboarding, i.e. are a beginner, you can also choose a shorter snowboard. This makes handling easier for you at the beginning. If you are a snowboard professional and love high speeds and long powder turns, the board can be a little longer.

2. The body weight

Body weight is decisive when buying a new snowboard. The more weight is on the board, the harder the flex of your snowboard should be. Many manufacturers offer various snowboards depending on the weight class. You can use this weight range as a guide or ask on site if you want to buy your snowboard in a sports shop.

3. The relationship between shoe size and “wide” board

Your shoe size determines whether you should ride a wider board or a narrower board. Your boots shouldn't protrude over the board to avoid getting stuck in the snow and causing an accident. Because boards that are too narrow with boots that are too wide lead to strong braking or, in the worst case, also lever you out.

From shoe size 44, you should definitely consider a wide board. You should bring your bindings and boots with you when you buy a snowboard to make sure you buy the right system for you.

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4. Which snowboard is suitable for beginners, which for professionals?

Slightly shorter and softer boards are better suited for beginner snowboarders than boards that are too long. They are easier to turn and make the first turns and tricks much easier for you.

For professionals or advanced riders, if you fall into this category, all types of boards are suitable. It depends on your personal preferences, whether you prefer a soft boot system or a hard shell shoe system. In any case, you should already have experience with Turns and tricks and have reached a certain security level.

There is nothing more demotivating for a snowboarding novice than riding the wrong and inappropriate system and constantly falling, injuries included.

Different types of snowboards

All-mountain snowboard

All mountain snowboards have been developed in such a way that they are easy to ride in any altitude and in any terrain. These snowboards are especially suitable for beginners, as you can adapt to the properties of the board very quickly and make rapid progress. In most cases they are shaped as directional or directional twin. This means that the binding is either mounted in the middle (directional twin) or with a slight setback (directional).

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Freeride snowboard buy

This board is more recommended for advanced riders who like to cruise in deep snow. If you really want to freeride, you have to choose a longer board with a directional shape. This gives you more buoyancy in deep snow and relieves your back leg. The effort is less to push the tail into the snow. Freeride and powder boards are available in different shapes. It depends on your personal taste.

Freestyle snowboard

Freestyle snowboards are mostly designed in a twin shape. The binding is mounted in the middle. Nose and tail are the same length. This makes switching (reversing) easier. Professional snowboarders prefer hard boards that allow large kickers and halfpipes, offer more control, but also demand more skill from the athlete.

Freestyle boards are shorter in length and therefore also suitable for beginners. However, treat a freestyle board with respect and overestimate your abilities, especially at the beginning of your boarder career.

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Jib snowboard

Jib snowboards are suitable for professionals who can do more than front and backsit turns. They are soft and short and have special edges that enable rail travel, but have less edge grip. For beginners these are rather unsuitable for buying snowboards. For advanced drivers who have a safe driving style, however, they provide a lot of fun factor.

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Worth knowing | Buy technical equipment for snowboards

The Length of a snowboard is given from the middle of the nose to the middle of the tail. The unit of measurement is specified in centimeters. Some companies incorporate the length directly in the name of the particular snowboard.

The Width your snowboard is measured in the middle. Especially from shoe sizes 44 and over, it is fundamental to pay attention to the width of your board so that the bindings and boots do not protrude over the board.

The effective edge length Your snowboard says something about the part of the edge that sits down in the snow during a turn. On boards with a short, effective edge, you have a very good turn. However, they are difficult to control at higher speeds. The rule of thumb is that the higher the effective edge length, the more control you have in the curves with less effort to turn the board.

The Snowboard radius says something about the maneuverability of your snowboard. The smaller the radius of your snowboard, the greater the maneuverability. Boards with a large radius have the advantage of being smoother and more stable at high speeds.

The Snowboard flex your board says something about how hard or how soft your board is. Freestyle snowboards and jib boards are softer and therefore great for beginners, as these boards are easier to control. All mountain boards, halfpipe snowboards and Freeride boards are a lot harder because the power transmission to the edge has to be transmitted directly. Rule of thumb: the heavier you are, the harder your snowboard should be.

The Torsion on a snowboard shows the stiffness of your board in relation to the lateral torsion. This stiffness is known as torsion. The same applies here: Freestyle and jib snowboards are much softer than all-mountain and freeride snowboards.

Snowboard boots you should always buy one size larger than your normal shoe size says. Surely you will want to put on warm socks. Half a size larger is therefore ideal as a guide. You should memorize that you can easily feel the tip of the boat when you stretch your legs. If you bend your knees, your toes must no longer have contact with the tip of the boat.

Feel free to wear the boots in the sports shop for a few minutes. Make sure that your foot is firmly in the boat and take your snowboard socks with you. So you can check the ideal fit and it is more hygienic for the new boat.

5. The Note the cushioning of snowboard boots

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)

This is a plastic that is particularly flexible and light and is therefore used in many ways to cushion snowboard boots

PU (polyurethane)

A plastic with a long shelf life that does not lose its good properties even in extreme cold conditions.


Air cushions are incorporated under the heel, in front of the foot or in the entire sole. When a force is applied, the cushion is pressed in and cushions the impact.


The gel cushions are similar to the air cushions and are incorporated like the air cushions or placed in a ring around the heel.

And finally ... Buy a snowboard

When buying snowboards, know that the ideal length for beginners should be between your collarbone and chin. For advanced skiers, the length can vary. Do not overestimate your abilities at the beginning and do not buy any snowboard because it is cheap, but pay attention to our tips in the buying guide.

Allow enough time to try on the boots and always buy half a size to one size larger. Your feet are at their largest in the afternoon. Take advantage of this to buy your boots and have the binding mounted on the board right away. Feel free to test different brands and models and then decide on the model that suits you best.

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