White tea | Silver Needle from Bouna Classic


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White tea | Silver Needle from Bouna Classic

We are devoting ourselves to tea today because we were asked to test it. Well in the past I've drunk black tea with lemon a lot, was okay and tasted good. I didn't know a white tea and haven't drunk it to this day. I am curious to see how it tastes to me and also some others. You can find our opinion and conclusion here in this article. - White tea Silver Needle

White tea box
White tea in a beautiful vintage box
Bouna Classic White Tea Silver Needle 25g Detox Tea | ... *
  • ✔ The Silver Needle Tea contains antioxidant active ingredients and supplies the body with vitamins and minerals.
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  • ✔ Strengthens the immune system and ensures better fat burning

White tea Silver Needle - where does it come from!

Bouna Classic is a very special white tea, a special Silver Needle from a certain region. Originally, the white tea comes from China and is named as one of the best and oldest teas. From young buds of the same tea plant (camellia sinensis) as well as the green, black and yellow tea is produced. Today it is now grown in India, Sri Lanka and Africa, the majority still in China.

Silver Needle Tea | Silver Needle Tea | Yin Zhen

White tea is available in 4 quality levels - The Silver Needle is the 1. and the highest quality level, being the most valuable and noblest white tea from all others. Only unopened buds from a region on the east coast of China are used for the production. Silver Needle Tea standing here in front of me, will be from one Da Bai Hao tea plant won and has according to the manufacturer a very high quality. The taste of it should have a delicate, elegant, fresh and floral aroma. With its ingredients it should also be soothing to the body.

Positive properties of white tea | Silver Needle

He should reduce weight can, the Stimulate metabolismTo to store less fat, He assists with fast weight loss and can the Body Detoxify, a lower high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Headaches and migraines Reduce. This is how the manufacturer and many sources of the Internet describe it. I do not really want to go into these aspects here because it's hard to confirm. Whether you believe that a tea can affect a lot of physical positive, everyone has to decide for themselves and just try it out. The preparation is probably very important.
The Bouna Classic | White tea | Silver Needle is 100% vegetable, no additives, lactose free, gluten free and animal free.

The first impression and the preparation

Now this little tea box with the white tea | Silver Needle in front of me. My first impression is that it is a small vintage box and looks good and is also great for giving away. Whether tea fans, tea connoisseurs or mother-in-law, nicely packaged is a nice gift idea with tea. The tea box can be used very well for further tea later or for the storage of spices in the kitchen.

Preparation - White Tea Silver Needle

On the box is a preparation manual from Bouna Classic itself:

  • Amount of tea 1 - 2 teaspoons (1,5g - 3g)
  • 200ml water
  • Temperature 80-85 degrees
  • Brewing time 2-3 minutes

The water should not boil, it would destroy the ingredients and make the white tea taste bitter. Water temperature, brewing time and water quality affect the taste experience very much. So you will find different preparation variants.

A general preparation:

Like many high quality teas and with proper preparation, you can make several Aufgüße.

  • Tea quantity 2g
  • 200 ml water
  • Temperature 70-80 degrees
  • Brewing time 3 - 5 minutes

Tip from Bouna Classic manufacturer

When infusing always make sure that the Water not too hot at a hunt.
The quality we have adjusted so that several infusions possible are, but the taste and the effect is not lost. A In addition to application is that already infused Tea buds afterwards, can be used as a skin scrub, with also great effect.

How does white tea taste | Silver Needle?

I did it after the preparation instructions of Bouna Classic.

My first thought was ... nice, it tastes completely pure sweet, soft and round, only in the aftertaste comes the somewhat tart note, but it is much easier as the black tea. Directly an 2. Infusion and here the sweetish less and the tart taste dominates a bit more, but may also depend on the preparation again.


more opinions:

The taste was very mild, sweet and tart on the finish. The taste is well present and you can drink it well without any additives.


Odor: very very soft, very light to hay meadow, in the noon time in the summer. Very pleasant with character, without being intrusive. Very similar in taste and soft. Overall: A very light, flavored white tea that is present but not intrusive. I had tasted white tea before and thought the stuff was abominable, personally I can say now that this would be a tea that I would recommend and also buy if I would prefer white tea.


Nice, but I would not buy that!

a girlfriend

Conclusion: white tea | Silver Needle from Bouna Classic

I'm a little tea drinker, but I mix a lot together and drink them with additives like sugar, honey, lemon or whatever else you sometimes find. The Silver Needle Tea test surprised me a bit and can say “It tastes really good”, also because it would be a nice gift idea overall, I would be happy to recommend it to others.

Tea connoisseurs will know and love him, others should just try and taste him.

For all tea drinkers and readers, there is still a great offer here.

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