Buying guide: insect screen curtain with magnet for doors | Screen door


With a fly screen as a door curtain in summer you are protected against mosquitos. Magnetic lock the better choice?

Rat valve in case of rat infestation


Rat flap in case of rat infestation, the one-way system Protects you from these uninvited guests.

Fruit fly trap against fruit flies


The same problem every year in warm temperatures, they need a fruit fly trap. You want to eat healthily, buy fruit and you’re there. The fruit flies come without an invitation. And don't go away that easily. The fruit flies, the kitchen quickly swarms with them.

Ant farm starter set with queen


Ant farm starter set with queen. Some want them and don't have them, others have them and want them...

Flying ants in the house


I have flying ants in the house I met my parents as a child on my parents' property, so we sometimes had these little animals in the house.

Ant species - distribution - occurrence


Some Ant species in Austria or Germany there are food and supply hogs, which can pose a health and economic risk that should not be underestimated. There are species of ants that particularly like to pounce on sugar or protein-rich foods.

Ant trap test with buy recommendations


Ant trap test with buy recommendations. The ant trap and killer test is designed to help you defend yourself against an ant infestation in your house or garden. Self-made ant traps with home remedies such as vinegar or baking powder are usually ineffective.

Fight silverfish

Silverfish trap - how to fight silverfish


Silverfish can be fought well with a trap for silverfish, also known as a silverfish trap. Most of the time, the uninvited guests turn up in slightly more humid rooms, for example in the bathroom or kitchen.