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eufy Security Cam 2C surveillance

To monitor my garden property, I was looking for a camera that is absolutely reliable and shows pictures in very good HQ quality. During my research, I came across the eufy Security Cam 2C because it meets all of my requirements. The set of two surveillance cameras and the so-called home base creates a stable connection and can be controlled via the smartphone.

 Commissioning should be quick and easy. I tested the surveillance camera for 239,99 euros and now tell you about the strengths and weaknesses, as well as what else you absolutely need to know.

- € 50,00
eufy Security eufyCam 2C, outdoor surveillance camera, 180 days...*
  • FULL HD QUALITY: 1080p resolution ensures every shot is recorded crystal clear. The 135° wide-angle lens guarantees...
  • 180 DAYS BATTERY LIFE: Your outdoor surveillance camera will serve you for half a year after one charge!
  • DAY AND NIGHT: Our advanced night vision technology guarantees that your home is absolutely protected during the day and especially at night.

First impression | installation

After receiving the Amazon bestseller, I was curious to see how constant and stable the connection is. That Set consists of two surveillance cameras and the so-called Homebasewhich, among other things, serves as a memory for recordings. I started my home base with a 128GB memory card because it is my goal that I save certain recordings. the memory card must be bought separately, however.

The first impression is very positive. As a set you hold two surprisingly heavy cameras (approx. 0,7 kg per cam) with the dimensions of 81 x 48 x 57 mm in the hand. The cams work on me, however very high quality and professionally processed.

The homebase can powered by electricity or by battery will. In the event that she is given a permanent permanent location, that can Device connected to house electricity will. Alternatively, the manufacturer also promises one long battery capacity in the event that it is set up flexibly.

I have the two surveillance cameras in my product test absolut operated wirelessly. First of all, I charged both of them about 5 hours Has lasted. According to the operating instructions, the Battery capacity will now be about 180 days. Of course, this depends on the intensity of use. But more on that later.

A WLAN connection is not absolutely necessary for the installation, as the Cameras with the homeinternally couple and thus connect base. However, if you want to access the stored data from outside, a WLAN connection is required.

Overall, the cam in the set makes a neat and professional impression.

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eufy Security Cam 2C

Options and useful information eufy Security Cam 2C

The surveillance cameras offer a variety of options. You can set up and operated individually and independently of location will. Most importantly, it is important to know that there are no costs involved in using these cameras in full. Also must no subscription, as with similar surveillance cameras, concluded will. That impressed me before.

Basically it has to be said in advance that the cams water resistant are and no roofing need. The recordings are made in 1080p (HD) resolution reproduced in order to be able to optimally recognize every movement on the site.

The complete data recording takes place with the surveillance camera eufy Security Cam 2C with secure data encryption and provides absolute protection of the data.

In order to use the cameras, a corresponding App to be installed. Likewise must be an A.ccount can be set up, which, however, only requires a small amount of data. The surveillance camera can be controlled via this app and live images or recordings can be viewed.

If you want to see the image transfer on another external screen, you can also click on Google Assistant or Amazon Echo Broadcast the show permit. All you have to do is say the voice command for displaying after a successful connection. Example: "Alexa, show me the garden view".

- € 50,00
eufy Security Cam 2C content

Functions of the eufy Security Cam 2C

The surveillance cameras from eufy offer a variety of different and useful functions. The most important aspect is that the cameras have a 135 ° wide angle and thus cover a large part of an area to be monitored.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the cameras have a theftprotection. In the event of sabotage, a loud beep sounds to prevent removal. The surveillance cameras have one integrated person recognitionIn connection with this, the eufy Security Cam 2C detects birds, dogs and leaves in the wind and reduces false alarms by 95% so that the alarm is only triggered at the right moment.

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The cameras can be used independently of the time of day. The advanced Night vision technology guarantees that the home is absolutely protected during the day and especially at night and that the images are displayed sharp and precise at all times.

I still find the function of the intercom system interesting. With this set it is possible with the Communicate ringers. I find this a very helpful gadget, especially at night. Speaking and listening take place almost in real time.

For people who travel a lot, the company has also come up with what I think is a great solution. If the HomeBase is integrated into the home WLAN, recordings can be viewed from anywhere via the installed APP on the smartphone. However, an existing WLAN connection is also recommended for this, as the data requires an enormous amount of data.

Live image and recording quality of the eufy Security Cam 2C

After installing and testing both surveillance cameras, I can now give my first results with regard to the quality of the cameras and the recordings.

In my case, the image transfer to the smartphone happens almost in real time and the people are absolutely easy to recognize. In my test, I almost exclusively had a super resolution that at least comes close to or even always reaches 1080p. People were therefore particularly easy to recognize.

What can actually still be improved: At the moment, in my case, as soon as the camera issues an alarm, a push message is sent to the cell phone, but the app first has to be tapped and then loaded. So in my case about 5 seconds pass, which can be decisive for one or the other.

The recording on the memory card in the HomeBase, on the other hand, works flawlessly and is absolutely reliable. Thus, a vacation or an alternative daily absence can be carried out without building pains.

I wouldn't necessarily specify the battery capacity as 180 days. The camera is always active and recording, especially where there is a lot of movement. That consumes more battery than expected. In my opinion, the 180 days only come into consideration where the cameras are really only used to guard premises or gardens and there is little traffic.

In summary, however, I can do that Qualityt call the pictures and recordings absolutely high quality, so far I'm really satisfied.


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Advantages of the eufy Security Cam 2C

  • Simple installation

  • Long battery capacity

  • Wireless operation

  • HD quality (1080p)

  • Live images close in real time

  • Easy handling via app

  • Internal network is generated

  • Free to use

  • App and account required

  • Increased price segment

  • External memory card advisable

Conclusion: eufy Security Cam 2C

I am absolutely satisfied with the decision to buy and test these surveillance cameras from eufy 2C. My priorities when buying (image quality, handling and price) were almost completely taken into account and, on the whole, I am very satisfied with these cameras. Above all the quality and resolution of the pictures and really worth mentioning. The operation, which mainly works via app, is fortunately easy and you quickly understand all functions. I was even able to put a manual aside.

The price can be found in the higher segment, but it absolutely justifies the quality of the cameras. These were always reliable in my eufy Security Cam 2C test, the connection was always stable.

So anyone looking for a safe, reliable and easy-to-use surveillance camera is absolutely on the right track with this set. I can definitely recommend this set.

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