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vacuum sealer
- € 10,00
vacuum sealer

I am testing the INKBIRD vacuum device INK-VS01. It is my first food sealer for vacuum sealing. How to find the device and how to vacuum it yourself, you can read here in my test of the Inkbird vacuum sealer. Have fun

Why a vacuum sealer?

Food keeps fresher longer without oxygen. Due to the longer storage time with less air, as there is less oxidation of the food, you can build up a small supply for a longer period of time.

Marinating grilled meat in the vacuum bag is faster and more durable for up to 40 days instead of just 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Marinating your own high-quality grilled meat yourself is especially good in the barbecue season for your own Grill great.

Stews for meal prep - Pre-cooked or leftover stews are easier to store in the vacuum bag in the freezer or refrigerator.

Fresh herbs from the garden such as parsley, chives, rocket etc. can be portioned and stored longer.

Welding foils without a vacuum possible! Opened packaging such as chip bags or Haribo bags can be sealed / resealed.

Inkbird vacuum sealer

Dimensions: 42.6 x 18.9 x 11.1 cm
Weight: 1,53 kg
5 vacuum bags + 1 vacuum roll (suitable for width of 30 cm)
1 hose for vacuum container (optional) is included

- € 10,00

The Inkbird vacuum sealer has a mode for dry and moist food. A foil cutter for cutting vacuum bags is on the device. Vacuum bags are supplied with the device as ready-made bags and on rolls for cutting


Operation | Inkbird vacuum sealer

The device is self-explanatory. Plug in the power cable and open the vacuum sealer. Place a bag with the opening in the elongated vacuum chamber, just below is the film sealing tape. Close the vacuum sealer again until both sides properly engage or click. Finished!

Now you can choose what you want to do. Just foil welding and seal with "SEAL" or choose between dry and damp "DRY" or "MOIST" followed by vacuum sealing and sealing "VAC-SEAL".

The vacuum sealer shines with a moving LED light bar until the selected process is completed. with "STOP" you can cancel everything at any time.

That's it already, very simple and easy to use.

With the Foiencutter you can cut your own vacuum bags from the vacuum roll.

Tip: If the vacuuming is damp, wipe out the vacuum chamber from time to time, as the vacuuming pulls some moisture with it.

Result | Inkbird vacuum sealer

I think the device works very quickly and the result is completely okay in my eyes. The weld seam is very wide and fused very stably. The vacuum roll or the vacuum bags are very stable. Now it is only up to you how you use this vacuum sealer.

- € 10,00

Pictures | Vacuum sealer

Conclusion: Inkbird vacuum sealer

I am satisfied with the INKBIRD! The vacuum sealer does what it should and can do.

- € 10,00

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