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- € 66,95

Bose Soundtouch 10

A powerful sound experience in every room? The Bose Soundtouch 10 wireless speakers from BOSE are supposed to take care of that. In addition to the great optical design, there is also the wireless one

Enjoy music and the versatility of this sound system in the foreground. It connects to the local home network (WLAN) or any other Bluetooth-enabled device in order to play back millions of tracks via music services or from your own digital music library. Streaming your favorite music should never have been easier.

But is it really that easy to use? And how sonorous does the sound actually sound? I tested the Bosch sound system.

First impression / commissioning

You hold a 14 x 9 x 21 cm large and around 1,8 kg light music system from Bose in your hand. The Look is stylish and modern held. At first glance, one cannot imagine that such a compact device should produce such a powerful sound as the manufacturer advertises.

The operation seems to be clear and simple. There are buttons to switch on the device, to connect via Bluetooth, to select the channels and to regulate the volume. In addition to the Bose SoundTech 10 system, the operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery. This looks quite compact, which means that some interesting functions and possibilities must be able to be activated.

Before using the device for the first time, we advise you to do so in accordance with the instructions in the app store

free to purchase app to download. A number of settings and functions can be made here.

As the last step, the Bose system has to be connected to the WiFi connected become. This is the basic requirement for all functions.

- € 66,95

Possibilities with the Bose Soundtouch 10

The Bose SoundTouch 10 music system can work with the Smartphone connected become. To do this, both devices connect via the integrated Bluetooth Connection. After successful connectivity, the Bluetooth LED lights up blue continuously. Music can then be played on the Bose system.

Based on the One-touch access Various music services (Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer) and music library playlists with six individual presets can be accessed. These settings can be saved on the various channels (1 to 6). This allows you to choose between music services at the push of a button.

Music can be played using a Amazon Alexa-enabled deviceas Amazon Echo Dot, also very conveniently via voice command be reproduced.

The Bose sound system can also be used Headphones operated, there is also a 3,5mm jack connector available.

Side note: Unfortunately, Bose itself has the option of music via the integrated Internet radio play disabled. That's a shame because it was a very interesting feature.

- € 66,95

The first use and sound quality

I mainly use the Bose SoundTouch 10 music system at home for sports

Bought. To do this, I first paired my smartphone with the Bose loudspeaker and tested it. The first Sound was actually very powerful, the bass was also well tuned. Overall, the first impression was very good in terms of the quality of the sound.

I find it interesting that this compact box from Bose manages to fill the entire room with sound. I previously had a surround system that was operated with 5 speakers. This technology from Bose is therefore making rapid progress. In

In this case, Bose processed it very well technologically.

The BOSE app I find it clear, various settings can be made there. Everyone should decide for themselves to what extent the app should be used. Then I have the Voice control tested. This function only works with the coupling of an Alexa-enabled device. If this is done, the voice control works fairly consistently with a constant internet connection. In terms of optics, I can say that the Bose system integrates very well into the living room. Due to its black color, it can be placed in the neutral and can even be used as a decorative element.

What Advantages and disadvantages Bose Soundtouch 10


  • Small & compact
  • Sonorous sound
  • Great Bluetooth options
  • Voice control possible


  • Internet radio no longer possible
  • Regular updates required
  • High price segment
- € 66,95

Conclusion: Bose Sound Touch 10

The Bose SoundTouch 10 music system creates a powerful and powerful 2.0 surround channel strong sound to generate. The handling is pleasantly simple, the device can be controlled either by remote control, by pressing a button or with the app.

With the many different options and functions in mind, everyone can choose what they like and save this selection accordingly, so that this stream is played at the touch of a button.

Unfortunately, the function of the internet radio is no longer possible. I can imagine that many users would like to be available again.

I scale the price in the higher price segment, but here you pay for the name “Bose”. Nevertheless, the workmanship and the quality of the sound are very good.

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