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Due to persistent back pain, which has not improved even through active sport, I bought a massager for home that is currently popular. This is a so-called massage gun from MILcea, some of which are even used in practices for physiotherapy.

But how does the massage device perform in practice and what added value do I really have from the device, which costs 89,99 euros? I've tested it, now read my experience report here.

First impression | scope of delivery

The first impression is actually very professional. The massager in the form of a pistol weighs about 2 kg and appears to be very robust and of good quality. The MILcea massage gun is ready for immediate use and the battery is charged. Fortunately, nothing needs to be assembled.

In addition to the massage gun itself, 6 different attachments are supplied, which can be attached as required. The 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery should achieve an operating time of up to 6 hours and reach up to 3400 revolutions per minute.

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Overall, the device and the scope of delivery seem very manageable and the device can be used quickly without much preparatory work. I got a serious and high quality first impression.

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Massage guns in comparison

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Who is the massage gun suitable for?

Basically, this massage gun is suitable for everyone who wants to loosen tense parts of the body or accelerate the recovery of injured muscles. Accordingly, the following areas can be processed:

  • Cervical and spine
  • Back
  • Stomach and arms
  • Legs and hips

The rule here is that the massage gun can only alleviate the symptoms in the event of pain, but the real reason for this should be examined and determined by a doctor.

The massager helps very well with classic tension that can be traced back to a known origin, for example:

  • Wrong
  • Sore muscles from intense exercise
  • Carried too heavily
  • Muscle hardening

The age of the people does not play a role here, only the intensity should be adapted to the needs.

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What should be considered before using for the first time?

Before using it for the first time, it should be noted that the massage gun can only relieve tension in the muscles. For this it is important that, depending on the part of the body, the correct essay is used. This is important so that the optimal effect can be achieved and no pain is caused.

For this purpose, the operating instructions should be studied.

The massage gun arrives already charged and is immediately ready for use. Before using it for the first time, however, it is important that you have the different intensities knows and knows when to use them.

Level 1: light massage
Level 2: Medium massage
Level 3: Muscle awakening
Level 4: Fascia relaxation
Level 5: Professional massage

Basically, you should always use the started at the lowest level to get a feel for the massage first. Overall should 20 minutes massage time not be exceeded.

The massage gun switches itself on 30 minutes automatically. It can of course be put back into operation at any time, but this indicates that the massage should now be ended at the latest.

Massage gun assessment result

After testing the MILcea's massage gun a few times, I can say that I am really impressed with the massage ability. I find the device to be a bit too loud (45db manufacturer information), but this can still be ignored. The device actually provides relaxation and has at least already relieved my back pain.

The five speeds are a nice feature, but I personally find the fastest level to be the most pleasant because I perceive the “shocks” as vibrations. You quickly get used to level 1 and want to increase the relaxation level. However, the intensity is really pleasant and not at all painful.

Since my back pain has definitely been relieved, I assume that the pistol will also be successful in relieving tension in other muscle areas.

Use massage gun attachments correctly

How do you use the massage gun attachments? (The right application!) - Voucher code

Advantages and disadvantages of a massage gun


  • Ready for immediate use

  • Adjustable intensity

  • Different attachments for all areas of the body

  • Good price segment

  • Relieves pain and promotes relaxation 


  • Partly increased volume level
  • Battery capacity lower than specified by the manufacturer
  • The back cannot be reached alone

Conclusion: massage gun

Overall, I rate the massage gun as absolutely successful and helpful in relieving tension and pain. Of course, the real reason has to be determined by a doctor, but I always had the feeling that my pain is less pronounced and that I can even relax.

Given that such devices are even used in physiotherapy practices, it shows me that there must definitely be an effect.

I now use the massage gun regularly and am definitely impressed with the effect. In particular, I personally think it's great that you can use the device yourself at home at any time. I therefore consider the price of 89,99 euros to be justified.

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