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StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron from Philips

Fast glamorous curls made easy with the StyleCare Prestige from Philips!

You have problems making curls yourself with the curling iron? Is it taking too long for you to twist each strand of hair around the wand and wait for the curl to finish? You find a conventional one curling iron unwieldy? Then you are with that Style Care Prestige (Automatic curling iron) from Philips is on the right path to your perfect curls. - StyleCare Prestige from Philips

1. StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron

- € 40,00
Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...*
  • Voltage - Universal V Cable length - 2 m

The Philips set includes:

  • A Philips StyleCare Prestige
  • A cleaning tool
  • A hair trimmer divider
  • Operating instructions in several languages ​​(including German)
  • A quick guide with pictures and text to use
  • The international guarantee card

2. Application | StyleCare Prestige


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The Philips StyleCare Prestige is the new edition of the Philips StyleCare Auto Curler. It has the shape of a tulip and is placed vertically on the head. This is to protect the arm muscles, since an automatic curling iron with half a kilo is not exactly easy. We all know the problem when the arm hurts so bad after 3 strands that we want to take a break, but with that Philips StyleCare Prestige we no longer have this problem.

Due to the open design and the long curling iron, twice as much hair should be curled at once (compared to the Philips Auto Curler). For us this means: faster styled for the party, event etc.

There is no general requirement how long the hair has to be in order to use the "StyleCare Prestige" from Philips. In general, the hair should not be too short for curlers. The device needs a hair length of approx. 15 cm to "grab" and curl the hair. The hair should be at least chin length to style beautiful curls. According to Philips, the Style Care Prestige suitable for all hair types.

Everyone who has a curler knows the problem: Pinched hair! But thanks to the open design, the smooth curling iron and an intelligent sensor, you can easily create curls without having to worry about pinched hair. The intelligent sensor stops the device when it detects that too much hair or it has not been inserted properly. The open and upright design allows you to remove the hair immediately.

What setting options does the StyleCare Prestige from Philips have?

According to Philips, are with the Style Care Prestige 27 different looks is possible.

3 time settings (8 sec., 10 sec., 12 sec.),
3 Temperature Settings (170 ° C, 190 ° C, 210 ° C) and
3 curl directions (left, right, automatic)

These can be combined as desired. Strictly speaking, the time settings are only an aid provided by the device in the form of an acoustic signal. The hair is always released manually by pulling the curls out of the device.

Temperature and time setting:

The Style Care Prestige from Philips has three temperature levels. At 170 ° C there is a very low level, which is very gentle on the hair. As a user, you can decide which temperature you want to use. Other curlers don't have these options like Babyliss, for example.

According to the operating instructions, the time and temperature setting should be selected according to the styling request:

styling requestTemperature:Time
Waves170°C8 sec.
Soft curls190°C10 sec.
Firm curls210°C12 sec.

However, you also have to consider your hair type:
With thick hair, a high temperature in conjunction with a high time setting ensures defined curls. With thin or damaged hair, you should select a low temperature and time setting to protect the hair. You can create great styles even at low temperatures.

- € 40,00
Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...
Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...*
Voltage - Universal V Cable length - 2 m
€129,99 - € 40,00 €89,99 Amazon Prime

Curls direction:

The direction of curls can also be selected.
If you want a uniform look, select "left" on the slider on the left side of the head and "right" on the right side. For a natural look, the setting in the middle is recommended, then the curl direction is changed automatically.

3. Cleaning | StyleCare Prestige

There is a separate cleaning accessory with a felt covering for cleaning the curling iron. This allows residues from styling products on the curling iron to be removed. The device must be switched off and cooled down before use. The cleaning accessories are placed in the curling chamber on the curling iron and moved up and down several times. The cleaning accessories can be washed under running water. It must dry completely before the next use. The housing of the curler itself can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

4. Technical data

Automatic rotationJa
Rotating directionJa
Coating of heating areasCeramics with keratin
Automatic shutdownafter 60 minutes
cable jointJa
hanging loopJa
Styling temperature170 ° C - 190 ° C - 210 ° C
3 curl directionsRight - Alternating - Left
Timer settings8 seconds - 10 seconds - 12 seconds
Heating time30 sec.
tensionUniversal V
cable length 2 m
- € 40,00
Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...
Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...*
Voltage - Universal V Cable length - 2 m
€129,99 - € 40,00 €89,99 Amazon Prime


✔ Easy handling thanks to the vertical handle
✔ Great design
✔ Protective ceramic coating with keratin finishing
✔ 27 styling options
✔ No burning


✗ No storage box
✗ If necessary some practice required
✗ Higher dead weight than a conventional curling iron

5. Conclusion - StyleCare Prestige from Philips

At the beginning, the handling of the Philips "StyleCare Prestige" was a bit strange. You first have to get a feel for how to insert the strand of hair into the curling chamber. However, after initial trial and error, you will get along very well with the technology. Compared to a conventional curling iron, the curls on the back of the head are much easier to curl yourself.

The styling time is determined by the length of the hair and the desired styling result. The manufacturer recommends starting with a 4 cm strand of hair. This is more than with curl curlers from other manufacturers who recommend a width of approx. 2-3 cm. To make it easier to determine the amount of hair, there is an accessory divider. After a short time, even without it, you have a good feeling for how much hair the Philips curler can handle.

You have to admit that the promised 27 styling options are a little too much of a good thing. The curls or waves differ little from each other if you only change the temperature or only the time setting. You can create beautiful waves, light curls and real curls, but 27 different styles are unlikely to be created.

If you want defined tight curls with long, thick hair, the hair strand must be selected correspondingly thinner and the time setting should be 12 seconds. The styling time is then correspondingly longer (approx. 30 minutes). For long, thick hair and a little practice, waves take around 10-15 minutes.

The "StyleCare Prestige" is also reasonably priced. With about 140 € you have invested very well in this curler. There are other models from different manufacturers that are below but also above the price of the "StyleCare Prestige".

Finally, it can be said that the "StyleCare Prestige" from Philips is well worth its price. Great looks can be created like a professional, the arm hurts less, the curls hold well and it is suitable for all hair types. Whether young or old, everyone will be satisfied here. Also a nice idea as a gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Update: The latest version of the StyleCare Prestige is the Style Care Prestige MoistureProtect Auto-Curler! Somewhat more expensive, same functions + protects the natural moisture of the hair thanks to the MoistureProtect technology!

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Philips StyleCare Prestige automatic curling iron with...*
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