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The same problem every year in warm temperatures, they need a fruit fly trap. You want to eat healthily, buy fruit and you’re there. The fruit flies come without an invitation. And don't go away that easily. The fruit flies, the kitchen quickly swarms with them. However, very few kitchen owners like this. You quickly take out the vacuum cleaner and try to catch all the flies with it. But they are back quickly afterwards and one wonders where they come from again.
Another option is to trap the fruit flies. This can happen once through a glass of water with a dissolved cleaning tablet from braces or teeth.

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Fruit fly trap made from vinegar, water and washing-up liquid

Another option is a mixture of vinegar, water, and dish soap. This mixture can also be supplemented with a dash of juice. The fruit flies are attracted to the smells and then drown in the liquid. The carnivorous butterwort can also be placed next to the fruit. They like to use fruit flies as a source of protein. Another possibility is to use glue traps as well. The adhesive strips or adhesive surfaces hanging from the ceiling should be placed near the fruit so that the fruit flies stick there.

How can you fight fruit flies?

But how can the fruit flies be prevented? Apples and tomatoes give off a particularly large amount of gas that causes the other fruits to ripen faster. Therefore, these fruits should be stored in a different place than the other fruit. The rooms must be ventilated regularly so that the gases also evaporate. In addition, they can take the garbage outside more frequently and more quickly, especially in summer, as the fruit flies like to collect and feed themselves in these places. It can also help to store the purchased fruit covered so that the source cannot be reached by the fruit flies.

This summer seems to be a blessing for the fruit flies. In any case, we have some in the apartment and that's annoying. So a trap was needed. For me it was only important that I can fill it myself and that it does not immediately reveal itself as such in the kitchen. One fruit fly trap that I use is the one from Kela. This ensures that there are no more dead flies lying around.

At first glance, none of my visitors have seen this vessel as a Fruit fly trap recognized. The container is inconspicuous and the contents fortunately invisible, the whole thing is highly effective and can be washed in the dishwasher. The trap is super easy to clean and fill, so you don't see dead flies all the time. It works very well even with just a little bit of stale wine plus a drop of washing-up liquid. Although there is hardly a fly around it, there are always quite a few dead in the container. The small holes in the lid also ensure that only fruit flies really get in. For example, I don't want to kill bees ...

Home remedies for fruit flies

An effective home remedy for fruit flies is to put up a basil plant. Place this plant right next to the fruit basket.

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