Tested: Chaga mushroom prepared as Chaga tea


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Tested: Chaga mushroom prepared as Chaga tea

The Chaga mushroom

Tested: Chaga tea

In our Chagapilz Guide we researched what the mushroom can do, what it is used for and we went into the ingredients. Today I do the product test, put on water and make myself a tea. While I am writing this test, a cup of tea, black, somehow different, is steaming in front of me and my sense of taste and smell has difficulty sorting. Maybe I'll mutate into a super funghi. I dont know. - Chaga mushroom prepared as Chaga tea

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Chaga mushroom tea - in comparison

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What is Chaga mushroom?

Tested: Chaga tea chunks

Chaga is actually a fungus, a parasite that grows on the bark of birch trees. He does that in our latitudes, the medicinal mushroom which is sold as a "miracle weapon", however, is harvested in Lapland and Russia. It is very cold there, which means that the fungus grows very slowly. That's where his secret lies. Due to the slow growth he absorbs much more healthy substances than if he grew fast.

We call it "slate Schillerporling" and its ingredients speak for themselves: melanin, vitamin D3, trierpenes, minerals, betulin, amino acids, inotodiol and others. He has an anti-inflammatory property and is used in natural medicine against excessive blood and sugar levels. He is excellent against all possible stomach and intestinal diseases, he strengthens the immune system and detoxifies.
Among the rags and Russians, it is the fungus from which tea is made to generally strengthen and strengthen the body. Traditionally, it is drunk as a tea, means boiled. With a chunk you come literweit. That makes him very productive despite the relatively high price.

It is said to help with tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, even cancer and liver or heart disease. Wherever the immune system is attacked, it can be used.
Scientific studies (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20607061 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26210065) underpin its healing properties.
He has an ORAC value of 52.458 units and still beats the sage by far. This has in comparison only 32,004 units. What is an ORAC value? The ORAC value measures the antioxidant properties and gives the value in units.

How do I use the chunks?

Chaga mushroom broken

I used the chunks according to the classic recipe. For the first time I took a small chunk and boiled it with 250 ml of water and then simmer 10 minutes on a small scale. I simply fished the chunks out of the water and let them dry again, because it is usable as long as the water turns.

Chaga tea - what does it taste like?

He smells pretty earthy and does not remind me of anything I know. He does not muffle, somehow forest-peaty, I would describe him, although that does not fit, because somewhere comes a slightly sweet note from the background of the smell. The first sip was even stranger. Really, my taste buds had a huge question mark over the head. But after a few more sips, that has stopped. Personally, I would not sort it now for coffee or tea, it tastes much more intense than tea but also for warm water. A taste that is somehow on the surface. And it still tastes of forest, tree, earth, peat, somehow sweet but not. Maybe this product test is useless and I have to repeat it.
After half a cup, I imagine, somehow sweet liquorice to taste that goes off slightly soapy. Truly not unpleasant, but remains strange.
This is the pure version though, so in the course of the test I will try other flavors and ingredients.

What does the pack Chaga - mushroom include?

Patrick 2

My pack contained 100 g chaga mushroom chunk, nothing else, I took pictures of it.
They look woody and are very light, you easily crumble them when you rub them.

Why did I buy you some chunks?

Patrick 3

On the one hand pure curiosity that drove me since I wrote the guidebook, on the other hand I have been feeling a little bit offended for some time now. The fall, stress, fundamental energy loss alive, if you will. He will not harm, even if I should grow a birch bark, which then protects against cold. Cold is also such a topic, because I work a lot in the sitting is me quickly cold and that stays that way. Despite ginger tea or other warming spices. Should the Chaga work wonders? He is often praised on the internet. I like to experiment and so I ordered the mushroom according to the criteria given. I am naturally curious and like such experiments. In addition, my circle of friends had never heard of the vital mushroom, another reason to get on the track.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

My Chaga tea - recipes

The Chaga can be used as long as it rubs off. That is very productive. I've boiled it up several times, just a chunk, and that's not exhausted yet. I am a practical and simple thinking person and so are my recipes. It has to go by the way, otherwise I'll lose my appetite.

We have a fireplace that stands in the hallway and serves as an oversized warmer. So a few days ago, I boiled the chaga chunk and put it into my tea pot, which contains just under 2 liters. I cut fresh ginger and drank it all day. Whenever the jug was empty, I added fresh boiling water. I could have done this for days on, taste and color has changed nothing. At the end of the second day, I took the chunk out again, you do not want to overdo it.


My first experiment: Chaga with fresh ginger is thus more than successful. The two flavors complement each other excellently, the Chaga taste rather floats on top, the ginger comes to meet him from below. We recommend!
Chaga tea with cloves: I stay lazy and go as described above with the chunks. I'm cooking it up. In addition I give a few cloves, 5 suffice me for the beginning. Again, the carnations combine in a very delicious and festive way with the Chaga. Something orange, I could imagine as well.

The classic, Chaga tea with milk and sugar , In my case: soy cream and honey. My honey was my own, a mild creamy, the incredibly flowery tastes. I emphasize that, because I also think there are differences in taste again. You can not exaggerate it, the sweetness lowers the Chaga taste pretty much. The creamy, however, raises him something again. An extremely delicious variation that my taste buds know from black tea and that means they have no trouble with it.
I've also tried strong> chaga with chamomile and peppermint, but that wasn't my cup of tea at all. The chamomile stands across from me, the peppermint runs over everything.
Traditionally, the rags also drink it cold, as a refreshment. But, no, also pure cold, not my case. So I made a kind of lemonade out of it, with strong> raw cane sugar and some peach syrup. Didn't convince me yet, carbonated water knocked it out.
I think I prefer to drink it warm and my personal favorite recipe is with soy cream and honey. Or raw cane sugar. Then it gets a little more caramelized.

My conclusion

For truly meaningful results, it is recommended to drink tea for at least 3 weeks at a time. I can not do that right now, as I have to admit.
What I did was three days straight and I think I was doing very well. I will start another attempt, with the firm intention and the intention to enjoy it regularly and I will also try other recipes.
For me he got an absolute GO, even if I have to make friends first.
So all alone I find him quite strange, mixed with other teas, he adapts perfectly to taste and complements each other. But that's probably just a personal matter of taste.

What I still want to try is to apply it externally, but so far I had no reason to do so. As soon as I get hurt somewhere, I'll apply the tea to the wound. For this I will make an addendum at this point and lead a honey comparison.
He should also be ideal for smoking. The rags thus expel illness, negative and dead from the air. Also you can smear his ashes on the wounds. I will prefer the tincture.
What is clear for me, I stay with the mushroom. The fact that you can boil the chunks until they give no color (the melanin), they are despite their price very rich and you get a few liters with a lump.

Of course it is easier to simply pour a teabag. I'm just wondering if that has the same positive effect. The powder is indigestible, so it comes with a pill (for me at least) out of the question. I stay at the classic boil. If I have any leftovers, I can pour the tea to the other tea. In the fridge, he is a bit durable.
So I can express an absolute recommendation, who does not need it for his health necessarily, I put this taste experience to heart!

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