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Toniebox from Tonies

Can a TonieBox replace the classic cassette recorder?

The classic cassette recorder faces competition from the company "Tonies" due to the further development of the technology. This currently offers a small portable speaker for children's stories and music. In a playful way, different hearing figures can be set up for different stories and thus easily used via WLAN.

But do the speakers, priced from 79,99 euros, keep what they promise?

Technical data: TonieBox by Tonies
product dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 cm
product weight: 798 grams
Battery: more powerful, with up to 7 hours running time
Charging Station: German socket standard (type C and F)
Volume: adjustable
WiFi: integrated and must be present in the household

Attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months

Toniebox in comparison

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154,93 €152,78 €Check price149,99 €Check price17,89 €Check price138,98 €78,99 €65,99 €
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First impression of the Toniebox

Unpacked, the Toniebox initially creates a modern, child-friendly image. At first glance, it seems to have been specially designed for children's hands. According to the instructions, the manufacturer forgives shocks and moisture, it is also padded and does not have any sharp edges or corners. The Toniebox is covered with a child-friendly material and actually feels padded and soft.

I bought the Toniebox as a starter set and I quickly noticed that there are no classic buttons. There are only two ears of different sizes and a space for the Tonies, the so-called radio play figures.

Commissioning and setup

Toniebox from Tonies

Tonies' Toniebox is sold as a Starter set with a creative tonie, charging station and operating instructions supplied. The charging station is suitable for German sockets (type C and F). The system language is German. The battery is delivered charged, which I always find very good.

The first step is to set up what is called the cube. Fortunately, since the system language is German, the steps are easy to understand. To set up the Toniebox is first connected to the WLAN become. It has an integrated app. Of the I only have a few moments to establish the connection lasted.

The connection is visually indicated by the built-in LED and flashes blue after successful connectivity. According to the instructions, the Requirement of WiFi mandatory, as this is necessary when using it for the first time. The Toniebox from Tonies can also be used in several households, it only has to be connected to the WLAN once each time. When this is done, the setup is already done. I actually find this step very easy.

Tonie box Tonies 2

Since I do that Starter set from Tonies on offer were with me 2 Tonies radio play characters included. After successful setup, you simply place it on the designated space and the Tonie then installs itself via the WLAN. Once the Tonies have been loaded onto the box, you need No WiFi connection to listen to this Tonies from now on more, I find that very pleasant, because you can take the box with you when you are on the go. I also find this technology to be very successful when traveling by car.

The Tonie box from Tonies has one integrated battery, which can be conveniently charged with the supplied charging cable.

Commissioning was already very easy, but how is the sound and quality of the case?

Quality sound & housing | Toniebox


As soon as the first Tonie or the first radio play figure has been fully loaded onto the box's app, the story or music begins playing immediately.

The volume can be regulated by two ears of different sizes. The big ear increases and the small ear decreases the volume. However, the tone seems clear and easy to understand to me. The volume is good adapted to the ears of children, from a certain maximum value the volume can no longer be increased.

I also feel the difference between language and singing is well mixed, you know the situation from the radio that, for example, the guitar in a song is much louder than the language. This has been well regulated in the Toniebox, and you can jump forward or back to the next chapter by gently tapping the side wall. The classic fast forward is not possible with the Toniebox.

HeLLo mini Personalized shelf for the Toniebox girls -...
HeLLo mini Personalized shelf for the Toniebox girls -...*
Personalizable desired design with desired name; Children's shelf as practical storage ensures order in the children's room
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The Toniebox comes with a child-friendly Related material, even the Corners are padded. You don't get the feeling that the box breaks immediately after the first fall. But my son already did this test by mistake. The Tonies box from Tonies is right on his bedside table and it happened that the box was made from a Height of about 40cm fell to the ground. The interesting thing was that the box no damage whatsoever and the playback of the story was only interrupted.

Tonie box Tonies 6

The radio play characters must therefore always stand on the shelf, otherwise the story cannot logically be played. The case was therefore undamaged, and the padding was not dented either. The story was immediately resumed. The Toniebox therefore appears to be stable and very robust. To be honest, I got that on one Price of approx. 79,99 euros but also expected. The radio play figures themselves, which cost around EUR 14,99, also survived the fall undamaged thanks to robust plastic.

The battery lasts in my opinion not long enough for the price. Suppose a story lasts about 30 minutes, then we have to charge our model after about every fifth day, which is a battery capacity of only about 3 hours matters and less than 7 hoursas specified by the manufacturer.

Test for suitability for children


Commissioning must be done with a parent due to the setup of the WLAN. The child can then do everything else independently. The volume as well as the change of Tonies are likely for Children from 3 yearsas the manufacturer claims to be feasible.

The built LED are in my opinion a little too bright and can prevent some children from falling asleep. The blue LED always lights up for stories, the red one when the battery needs to be charged.

As soon as the battery is empty, the LEDs flash red, The child therefore knows about 10 minutes before the battery is really empty is that a charging process is pending. I also had to show my son that you still have 10 minutes after he called in panic when the blinking red the first time 

Overall, I definitely could child-friendly device determine.


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Advantages and disadvantages toniebox


  • Easy handling
  • Fast configuration
  • Robust and stable housing
  • Good upholstery
  • Large selection of different tonies possible
  • Available as a starter set


  • Increased price (also for radio play characters)
  • WLAN requirement
  • LED quite bright
  • Relatively low battery capacity
  • No fast forward and rewind within a story

Brief tips from me

The Toniebox is ideal for at home and on the go, as the Tonies location-independent can hear. If you are going on a longer journey, the box should definitely be fully charged beforehand, as the battery capacity is quite low as described.

If the child does not like light in the room, this device will not do themselves any favors, as the LEDs always light up when it is working. Unfortunately, these cannot be covered because the radio play figure is on them. Children who need a night light when falling asleep are fine again.

Accessories for the Toniebox

Alternatively there is the tiger box

- € 1,80

Conclusion: Toniebox by Tonies

In conclusion, the Toniebox from Tonies can be seen as a well-made device that is technologically appropriate for today's world. It is absolutely child-friendly to use and, thanks to its fully built-in padding, can withstand normal falls from bed height. There is a Variety of different radio play characterswhich average Cost 14,99 euros. Tonies therefore offers appropriate radio plays for every taste.

At 79,99 euros, the device is a bit expensive, but its simplicity makes it worth it.
You can find out more about the Toniebox here experience.

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