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mDesign 4-pack storage box for the kitchen - plastic fridge basket - fridge box for dairy products, fruit and other food - transparent

The right system for keeping your refrigerator tidy. With the organization system for the refrigerator or a refrigerator basket, you have a better overview in the refrigerator. Far too often you find food in refrigerators that either has expired a long time or has simply not been used up. It's a shame for the valuable food and the money spent on it.

But above all, something like this can be avoided relatively easily with the right system and more perspective. Once you have the right basic order in the fridge or freezer, you don't lose track of things so quickly. The next time you shop, you can save yourself one or the other product by a little more order.

If you want to create a basic order in the refrigerator, you can first assign its compartments to certain food groups. The top compartment can be used for butter, margarine, yoghurt and quark, the next for sausage and cheese spreads. Fresh food such as vegetables and fruits find their place at the bottom. The refrigerator door can also be divided like this: Drinks come all the way down, jam jars are sorted into the upper compartments.

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Create a basic order

Once everything has been given a permanent place, it is easier to get an overview. Such an arrangement is also helpful for sorting new purchases, because you know exactly where which products have to be sorted.

Tip There is also a little trick to use up all food before its expiration date. Food-friendly, clear glass containers are filled with any product that is nearing its expiration date. This is then placed in the center of the refrigerator so that it is clearly visible and provided with a sticky note. This should clearly read something like "Eat first" or "Please use up".

The note directly reminds each family member that these products must be eaten first. In this way, expired and unused food can be completely avoided. Newly purchased items should also always be placed as far back as possible, the food that is already available should be placed right at the front. So these automatically take up better.

More order can also be brought about by glass containers, so everyone can contribute to a plastic-free life. That is sustainable and protects the environment. These are food-friendly and available in different sizes. Some are even available with vacuum-generating lids, which ensure an even longer shelf life.

These glass containers can then be filled with sausages and cheeses. On the one hand, it looks more appetizing than plastic packaging, but on the other hand, it is also more hygienic because the containers can be hermetically sealed. Furthermore, these containers can be stacked on top of each other so that more space can be saved. This guarantees a clearer structure and a better overview.

Is there anything left of your favorite meal for tomorrow? Would you like to keep it in the refrigerator, heat it up the next day in the oven or microwave or do you prefer to freeze it first?

Then the "GOURMETmaxx" glass food storage containers Klickit are exactly the right thing for you! These practical all-rounders are temperature-resistant from -20 ° C to +330 ° C and are therefore suitable for all occasions. You can use it to cook frozen food directly in the oven (without the lid) or, thanks to the microwave valve in the lid, heat it up in the microwave and then serve it "ready to serve".

The shapely containers made of sturdy borosilicate glass are closed drip-proof with the 4-fold click system and a sealing ring made of silicone - for a lasting aroma and against freezer burn. The "crystal clear view" of the contents saves you from searching in the freezer and refrigerator! The glass containers are dishwasher safe.

Special plastic containers are available to save space and keep things tidy in the freezer. These are specially created for the icy temperatures and do not run the risk of becoming porous. Frozen vegetables, french fries, etc. can be poured into these containers. In order to know where what is inside, you can label the container legibly with a permanent marker.

This means you don't have to fight your way through lots of different bags every time you look for something in the freezer. These containers are also much easier to stack than bagged goods - which creates more space and storage space.


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Regular cleaning

If the outside of the fridge or freezer looks unclean and untidy, it is mostly because of the many small magnets and pictures that have been pinned to it. Or the surfaces of the doors are full of stains and therefore do not look clean. In both cases a remedy has to be found. Magnets, pictures and the children's drawings are removed so that the surfaces can be treated with cleaner.

It is best to use universal cleaners such as the one from Cillit Bang for grease, stains and dirt in the kitchen. This attacks stains very quickly and effectively, so that all you have to do is wipe the surface in circular movements with a cleaning rag. The stains disappear without much work.

Once the refrigerator and freezer doors are clean, you can disinfect them if you like. If you consider that every household member touches the surfaces more often a day and leaves germs behind, this step makes sense.

To do this, you can use disinfectant gel, for example, which can simply be spread over all surfaces with kitchen paper and rubbed on. Once you have rubbed all surfaces with it, let the disinfectant dry. The whole thing does not take long, is simple and also ensures good hygiene.

The inside of the refrigerator should also be checked regularly when it comes to proper hygiene. Use one Organization system for the refrigerator, then less time is required for clearing. Because this is where food is stored that needs to be protected from germs and bacteria as well as possible.

The inside of the refrigerator is best cleaned of dirt when it is empty. The universal cleaner is also very suitable for this. This should be spread over all surfaces with a cleaning rag, and then given enough time to take effect.

Are you struggling to organize your groceries in the refrigerator? Wire baskets are an alternative to the plastic fridge basket. Such a flexible storage basket for the refrigerator can also be used as an all-purpose basket.

Whether as a kitchen basket, in the pantry, in the office, as a bathroom shelf, storage container in the children's room or elsewhere - these baskets are suitable for many purposes and create order in many places. Such a fridge basket often also has built-in handles. The mesh basket can be easily transported and relocated.

The wire basket as a refrigerator basket is not only functional, but also makes a good visual impression. The metal basket is a real eye-catcher. Most of these baskets are made of satined steel wire, which promises a long life. The baskets are available in various dimensions to store even large items, e.g. utensils in the kitchen, in an orderly manner.

Wipe clean properly

Afterwards, the surfaces are wiped clean (ideally with a fresh cloth). If you want to be on the safe side, you can also put the removable glass shelves in the dishwasher at 90 degrees, or rinse them very hot in the sink.

The same procedure applies to the freezer, but you have to defrost it beforehand. Disinfection is also very important inside the refrigerator and freezer. You can use the disinfectant gel again and spread it on all surfaces with kitchen paper, or simply spray disinfectant spray on all surfaces and then smudge it.

The refrigerator should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, and the freezer can be defrosted and cleaned once a month. Once both are really clean and tidy, you don't need to put all the magnets and drawings or pictures back on.

This brings unrest to the room and usually looks messy. If you really want to stick something to the fridge, you can use magnetic shopping lists. They usually look beautiful in terms of design and are also practical because they give you a good overview of what you still need.

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