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The Songmics X Bike - fitness bike should enable the perfect training and workout at home. Thanks to the 8 magnetic resistance levels, the training can be increased bit by bit and adapted to the current level. This foldable exercise bike from SONGMICS is suitable for people up to a weight of 100 kg and is equipped with a comfortable, wide and adjustable saddle. The manufacturer advertises in particular with the large, clear display for a clear overview and simple operation.

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Structure | First impression

The exercise bike must first be fully assembled. The required assembly material is included in the scope of delivery, the same applies to the German-language operating instructions. Fortunately, the structure is simple and in 20 Minutes made.

The first impression has been positive so far, as the entire bike provides a firm and robust stance. The handlebars and saddle can be adjusted according to body size. With a dimension of 78 x 41 x 113 cm and a weight of about 18,5 Kg it can be folded up when not in use, making it easy to stow away without taking up too much space.

The large display has been convincing so far Clarity and self-explanatory settings and ads.

The manufacturer specifies a maximum height of the user of 185cm and maximum weight of 100 kg on. In my opinion, the manufacturer could improve this a bit, as men in particular can quickly get over 185cm in height and can therefore no longer train comfortably.

Otherwise, there is a corresponding mat on which the Songmics X Bike - fitness bike can be placed so that it does not move during training and has a firm footing.

Features of the Songmics X Bike - fitness bike

The Songmics X Bike - fitness bike promises an optimal training load thanks to numerous useful functions.

On the large display of the Songmics X Bike - fitness bike different displays can be displayed optically. In addition to the speed, the calories consumed, the duration of the training, your pulse rate, the distance covered can also be displayed.

The pulse function in particular is well processed, as the pulse is determined directly via the handlebars after the cable has been connected. No further finger sensors etc. need to be attached for this.

The Intensity can be adjusted by 8 different magnetic resistances can be changed at any time by turning the attached regulator.

Playing a movie on the phone or tablet is also practical using the Bike Phone Mount possible on the bike. This device is particularly convenient for longer training intervals.

Pictures | Songmics X Bike - fitness bike

First use of Songmics X Bike - fitness bike

Now I was looking forward to the first use. Since I'm in good shape right now, I have with the Level 3 began. The pedals are also made of plastic and you slip quickly. Songmics has already made improvements and one integrated loop incorporated, so that a firm stand is always achieved.

At first the movement was a bit strange, but I had a good feeling right from the start, so that I could do the driving well. Before starting, however, you should set the handlebars and the seat to the correct height.

On Level 3 I could drive well, for example, it was a pleasant intensity. After all, the goal when I bought it was to keep myself in shape. From Level 5 the magnetic resistances you will quickly notice a huge difference. I noticed, however, that the movements run less smoothly at higher levels and you actually have less effect.

The display itself shows the values ​​well. In particular the Heart rate monitor and distance measurement worked very well in my case and these were also my main arguments when buying it.


After driving for 30 minutes in the first test, I could already notice some stress. In the 30 minutes I had covered a distance of 8,2 kilometers with a medium resistance setting. The heart rate monitor showed 480 calories burned. I cannot conclusively judge whether the value is very precise, but I already consider the direction to be good.

In my opinion, the exercise bike serves as an alternative to active driving. This fitness bike is a good alternative, especially in the dark and cold season.

In my opinion, this trainer does not achieve optimal effectiveness, but it is still helpful if you feel like moving in the evening.

Video | Songmics X Bike - fitness bike

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Songmics X Bike - fitness bike


  • Fast assembly
  • Medium price segment
  • All important measurements available
  • Ergonomic driving / pedaling


  • Limited height + weight
  • Very firm / uncomfortable saddle
  • Jerky pedaling from level 5

Assessment | Flow of movement

If you would like to do some sport in between without having to go out, this device is a good alternative. In my opinion, however, this device does not replace conventional free-moving sport, as the movements are no longer fluid, especially from resistance level 5, but rather jerky.


Conclusion: Songmics X Bike - fitness bike

This Exercise bike for Zat home offers an alternative for everyone who wants to keep fit at home. The Songmics X Bike - fitness bike has numerous functions that bring you to your goal. The intensity can be adjusted individually. Thanks to the folding function, the bike can be stowed away very easily without taking up any space.

With a price of € 149,99, Songmics is in the upper third of the market with this X Bike. So if you are looking for such an exercise bike, you will certainly be able to burn a lot of calories with this device.

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