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Fitness towel

Sport is not just something you do for your body. The soul likes to live in a trained body. Strength, endurance and fitness. Maybe you go to a studio? Maybe you have one Pooldance pole built at home? Or do you like hiking or going to the beach? Anywhere that has water in any way, be it sea water or even your sweat, you need a towel. Fitness towels are characterized by special properties. What they are and what you can do with the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | You can find out here about honest tests. – Fitness towel

Fitness towel - in comparison

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What makes a good fitness towel

The properties must fit, otherwise you could as well sauna towel take. Which attributes are important to you?

Measurements of the fitness towel

Fitness towels are also characterized by the fact that they fit perfectly on the devices. Are you training on a bench? Then you need a towel, which has at least about the size of the bank. Do you take your towel with you for swimming? Then the dimensions are almost square. A small towel when you go jogging? That may be really small, if you just want to wipe the sweat off your face with it.
So pay attention to the dimensions!


With good towels, you have the possibility that there are different magnets or Velcro fasteners on the towel. So you can fix your towel to a training device. It will not slip away and it's the most hygienic for you. Many studios even require you to bring your own towel.

Bag on fitness towel

Here comes my favorite feature. The bag in the towel. Very good towels have a kind of secret bag. You can do this in yours Smartphone, your membership card, some money, the key or whatever. These bags are designed to provide enough space, not be discovered so quickly, and are also very sturdily sewn so nothing can fall out or be stolen.

Materials fitness towel

Lightweight, easy to clean, absorbent. That should bring a good fitness towel from home. What about the materials? We have listed the three most popular ones here. Microfiber, bamboo or cotton?

Fitness towel cotton

Well, the times of the thick towels are over. The new generation cotton towel is a lot finer and lighter. Although cotton sucks very well, it only dries slowly. This can leave a muddy feeling if you sweat too much. Although cotton is actually a natural product and also tolerates cooking laundry - but can also be heavily loaded. Cotton is the classic that does not have to scratch or be heavy. Pay attention to the cotton towel but to a good quality.

Fitness towel microfibre

Microfiber is great! So great, that we wrote a special microfibre guide especially for this material.
Microfiber is extremely lightweight, can be very thin and dries incredibly fast. Some towels made of microfibre but stick easily, are therefore more suitable as a base for your devices. Of course you can dry yourself with it - or dab. The material is very absorbent. The feeling on the skin but not for everyone.

Fitness towel bamboo

Have you ever heard of bamboo towels? No? Then here comes a great alternative: The bamboo fibers are extremely fine and therefore absorbent. Environmentally, this is great, the bamboo is a renewable resource, which requires very little water. Further advantages: Bamboo is antibacterial and skin-friendly. It cools in the summer and warms in the winter.

Fitness towel Extras

You can also personalize your towel! Own logo? Surname? Love oath of your sweetheart? No problem! Make your towel easy to embroider!

Fold up and off for it? Some towels can be folded into a small package and attached to your backpack with a trailer. So you're a wonderful helper too, all about camping.

** Bock on nature? In this Camp Counselor about tents we have put together all the useful gadgets **

Fitness towel care

That your towel should not be wet in your pocket is clear. Washing is important. Depending on the manufacturer and materials, the information is different. But watch out for a good cleanliness, otherwise bacteria form not only smelly but can also make you sick.

How many fitness towels

And? How many and, above all, which ones do you need? At least twowhen you go to a studio. The recommendation is a towel with a secret compartment for training and then to dry after the shower. Then you should at least wash your towel of the equipment. Depending on how fast that is, we would recommend you at least two sentences.

Even when hiking or jogging. Two are usually sufficient.

What to look for when buying a fitness towel

Did not you find the right towel yet? Here are some tips:

  • Which dimensions should your towel have?
  • Should it have magnetic or Velcro closures so you can attach your towel to a device?
  • What material should your fitness towel consist of?
  • You need at least two sets of towels - maybe they are also available as a set?
  • Is there such a set in different sizes?
  • Should your towel have a secret bag?

In any case, make sure that the towel is well sewn, that you get it clean and that it is durable. Because just when you use it on the devices, it is pretty much abused.

Pros and cons Fitness towel

You think your old towel is enough? Think again about it:

Benefits fitness towel

✔ Your fitness towel is light,

✔ dries quickly,

✔ folds up

✔ and attach to your devices

✔ It is not expensive

✔ You can have your towel embroidered

✔ and have a secret compartment

Disadvantages fitness towel

✘ You need at least two sentences

Conclusion - fitness towel

A fitness towel is not only cool, hygienic and lightweight - it's also practical. The special features are in the material, in the secret compartment and also that you can attach it to the various devices. Nothing can slip anywhere anymore. Microfiber also works well on materials such as leather or imitation leather. This makes it very good on the weight bench. You can use that not only in the studio, but also at home.
With good care, which means that you don't leave your towel lying around in the wet, the materials will last a very long time. Microfiber and bamboo are very durable. You have long friends with it!

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