Test: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark

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Test: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark 2017

Test: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark

We looked at, tested and evaluated the Carrera RC driving fun for young and old. Thanks to the “Glow in the Dark” function, it also glows in the dark for driving action. The special construction of the Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark 2017 ensures a lot of driving action, the separately controllable axles allow 360 ° flip-action stunts in all directions. Test: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark 2017 remote controlled car for fun action.

Predecessor model 1

Carrera Carrera RC 370162052 - Turnator Car*
  • RC FLIPOVER - STUNT CAR 1: 16 with 360 ° Flip Action Stunts
  • 2,4GHz technology up to 16 vehicles at the same time
  • Differential control for precise driving fun and cool stunts

In detail: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark

We take a detailed look at the remote controlled RC car from Carrera. What are the special highlights and what does the scope of delivery look like.


  • 360 degree flip action stunts - the total fun factor
  • “Glow in the Dark” light function – LED inside the car
  • Splashproof - wet ground, puddles
  • 2,4 GHz radio connection - interference-free up to 16 different turners possible
  • Ready to Run - unpack and drive immediately, you don't have to buy a battery.
  • Differential Steering - separately controllable axes each right and left
  • Auto OFF - Automatic switch-off when the controller and vehicle are at a standstill after 30 minutes
  • ergonomic controller
  • drives up to 20km / h - it really goes off
  • Can be driven indoors and outdoors - driving fun possible anywhere
  • Driving time: 20 minutes (according to the manufacturer, but we were able to drive significantly longer up to 40 minutes.
  • Charging time: 80 minutes - or until the green LED lights up
  • Length: 27,5 cm at a scale of 1:16
  • Age recommendation: from 6 years - but we also think for younger ones, info in the article

What's in the box

  • Vehicle Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark 2017
  • Controller
  • 2x 1,5 V AAA micro batteries (not rechargeable) for controller
  • Li-Io battery 7,4 V 900 mAH (up to 40 minutes playing time specified and we can confirm)
  • Charger for battery 8.4 V 500 mA

Optional tuning

  • Li-Io battery 7.4 V 1200 mA - even more power and longer driving times possible
  • Charger 8.4 V 800 mA - faster charging of the batteries
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Carrera RC 2,4GHz Turnator - Glow in the Dark │ Remote controlled...
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Carrera RC 2,4GHz Turnator - Glow in the Dark │ Remote controlled...*
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Unpack and go

Let's unpack everything and get the Carrera Turnator ready to drive

The radio-controlled Career RC Turnator comes in a beautiful and well-packed box and looks great in the packaging. We unpack everything, put the 2 AAA batteries in the controller. The battery compartment for the already charged battery you open with a small screwdriver, as a screw also closes the normal click fastener. Since the Turnator can flip, i.e. it can also run on the roof or turned up and down, the screw is a must, otherwise the lid could certainly come off with all the action. The battery is easy to connect and incorrect connection is not possible, no problem for children.

The vehicle is now ready to drive. On / OFF switches are located on the vehicle and the controller - The RC vehicle and controller switch themselves off after 30 minutes if the vehicle is stationary - The Carrera RC Turnator feels valuable and stable thanks to its robust chassis. The extra-large pneumatic tires ensure great grip, stability and all the stunts and implementation of power on many surfaces, the more grip and power you still have, the more it can flip and can also climb higher edges or flips and does stunts.

Test: Carrera RC - Turnator Glow in the Dark - The first test drive can begin!

The controller has 2 shift levers, the left lever for controlling the left wheels and the right lever for the right wheels. Both levers can only be moved forwards or backwards. The levers can be steplessly regulated, meaning that it can go from slow to full speed!

Tip: The Carrera RC Turnator MINI the little brother has no stepless control, just full speed

An adult (me) can easily drive straight ahead with little practice and a little feeling with the levers. Children (my son 6 years old) find it a little more difficult, but not driving straight ahead, but driving at full power, quickly tipping the lever leads to fast turns, fast forwards and backwards, gyroscopes, zigzags, flips and a lot of driving action.

This is what is so exciting for children, they move the levers even when things are more grossly motorized, the remote-controlled gymnast just keeps moving, regardless of whether there is an obstacle in the way, it always keeps moving, drives over it, does one Roll or drive in another direction. On our first ride, you might think that the Carrera RC Turnator could dance in the test. We are both very impressed with the Carrera Turnator because it is so much fun. Every child has fun with the vehicle, we can say that.

The special and tricky thing is to quickly rethink through the change of direction, the 360 ​​degree rotations and the flips (rolls) the control is quickly reversed or reversed.

Carrera RC Turnator 2 freaks out!

How to use the Carrera RC Turnator

On the part of Carrera, there are a few things to consider when handling the tornator.

Note: The points listed here are intended to maintain the guarantee

  • The battery should cool down a little after use and be charged again after it has been discharged in order to avoid deep discharge of the battery.
  • If the vehicle is only standing for weeks, the battery should still be charged from time to time to prevent defects.
  • If you have several batteries, you should take a break of 10 minutes from one battery to the other.
  • Avoid permanent use of the engine

Note: Carrera warns that the engine can heat up quickly due to the many abrupt movements and controls by the pilot.

But we are of the opinion that it is precisely this driving behavior that makes the Turnator and hope Carrera has installed a stable engine that does justice to the vehicle without any problems.

  • no jumps higher than 5 cm

Note: We went down stairs with the Turnator, built jumps that were higher up to 1 meter, he did everything great. Robust and stable chassis, that's what Carrera advertises, but not exceeding 5cm jumps? This is certainly a guarantee point where Carrera knows that the Turnator can withstand a lot more, but keep it small for the purpose of guarantee claims.

  • the Turnator is splash-proof, not waterproof! We drove through wet grass and on a wet surface with puddles, so far no problem
  • thanks to the large wheels, the Tornator 2 drives easily through rough terrain where twigs, roots, horse mackerel and branches lie. Whether smooth ground or dry, wet sand, it is an all-rounder. The cleaning should always take place after every trip.

Possibilities and game modes

Let's come to the possibilities of a Carrera Tornator to have even more fun with it.

Here are a few tips:

  • Build a race track / parkour on a straight surface from simple objects that you have to drive around for time or against each other at the same time. Here you get the feeling for the steering and believe me it's not as easy as many might think.
  • The next step is to build a racetrack / parkour with small objects that you have to drive over, or small jumps, you will notice that it is not easy to keep the course.
  • Now it gets really difficult, build a racetrack / parkour with objects where you go up more like ramps, build narrow bridges or small platforms, you will notice it is really difficult to hold onto the respective things at all before you completed the next passage. You can work with jumps to get to the next point, and so on.

So many objects can be used for other purposes to create a parkour in the apartment or in the garden. You can see it in the videos below. We put the Carrera Tornator through hard in our test.

We tested in a parking lot!

Carrera RC Turnator Glow in the Dark controlled by the 6 year old

We built a little parkour for the Carrera RC Tornator.

Carrera RC Tornator Glow in the Dark Parkour Test

For adults it is also a special kind of skill game.

Carrera RC Turnator “Glow” Extreme Parkour Test
Carrera Turnator 2 Glow Indoor Parkour


We are just thrilled how much fun the gymnast can be, whether young or old. It is especially fun to build your own parkour with obstacles, curves, jumps, seesaws, narrow and small areas, whether indoors or outdoors. Children and adults can let off steam very creatively with one another or on their own. When it comes to completing the parkour, it is pure fun, because you have to take into account a few things, as already mentioned in the article above, here a lot is demanded of the pilot depending on the difficulty of the parkour and the age of the pilot.

People buy you the Carrera RC Turnator or several and drive races, build parkours in the house or garden with your friends and stop the times. Build a higher platform where two Carrera Tornators have to push each other off the platform. I would say that it could be a real sport to compete against other pilots and complete exciting parkours.

The Carrera RC Turnator Glow in the dark, fun for the very little ones or the slightly different skill toy for the older ones.

Buy RC car Carrera RC Turnator “Glow in the Dark”.

Accessories for RC Carrera car

Tip: get the more powerful additional battery, then it goes off faster and lasts for longer driving fun!

- € 3,771st best product
- € 8,002st best product
Carrera RC 370800032 - Battery 7,4V 900 mAh for 2,4GHz vehicles
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Carrera RC 370800032 - Battery 7,4V 900 mAh for 2,4GHz vehicles*
  • 7,4V 900mAh Li-Io battery
  • Rechargable
  • 2 rechargeable cells. Minimum age for use: 14 years and older

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