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A fridge that tells you what to buy. Regulate the entire heating system at the push of a button. Always be up to date on electricity consumption. Googling with the voice control or programming the shutters. What is possible or sensible today? Some things are already prescribed by the legislator. Many components work independently. Some can be merged. It becomes a little confusing if you are concerned about your living space.

This guide is about smart at home. What is possible, what is not possible, what should you consider when installing technology and what options do you have to use technical processes profitably? - Smart Home - your networked home

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Smart home products - in comparison

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What is a smart home?

Smart home means: Automate quality of life and security, including efficient energy use, with technical support. Technology should support people - not replace them. You decide which device does what and when. You can program devices - as it suits you and your life.

With eHome or Smart Living are also, by the way Smart Homes gemeint

If you don't have a smartphone, you can attach appropriate panels to the wall or use a tablet to switch the technology.

Smart home application

Different functions in a house can be interconnected and then via Smartphone, Tablet or PC not only be monitored, but also configured. Turn on the heating on the way, close the shutters, a look at the Surveillance Cameras throw? No problem. Your own alarm activation? No problem.

To the large area of eHome belong to partial areas. Under certain circumstances, these can also be interconnected.

Smart metering

Counters are hidden behind the term: Water, gas, electricity. These counters are digital and can be monitored at any time. This can help you get an overview of what is consumed during your absence. You can work with the data, you could save electricity or, at worst, find that you have a broken water pipe. We take a closer look at the legal regulations on the subject of digital electricity meters below

Home automation - smart home

This area includes security like that Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors, the heating system, the lighting and also the automated control of the blinds. Are you gone longer? You can just pull the blinds down from anywhere. Light and heating can also be personalized. Easily turn off the light in the bathroom from the couch.

Maybe you're cold and want to warm it up before you get home?
What is also possible today - a automatic unlock for your front door, No joke. Your smartphone is located via GPS and if it is (at best you have not lost it) near your front door, it unlocks. It closes itself off immediately if you move away from a certain radius.

Household appliances - Smarthome

With Smart Home you can also network all household appliances. Maybe you want your coffee on time in the morning? Smart living makes it happen. You can also use yours Refrigerator, your Stove or yours washing machine network.

Maybe you have one mower or a Pool robot? These friendly helpers can also be controlled and programmed in the Smart Living area.

Consumer electronics

Access all your files, pictures, videos and films from all over the house without having to drag CD sticks or other data storage devices from A to B. You can if you have your own server system install.

An internal, in-house server system is not a cloud! A cloud stores your data on an external server that you can access from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Security - smart home

Relevant tasks in the field of smart security include:

These devices can be linked to an action. For example, the door could be opened for a friend, a surveillance camera could take a picture of the burglar, the windows are opened in the event of carbon monoxide contamination. Security messages are also sent.

Smarthome Alexa

- € 30,00

Alexa isn't actually Alexa, it's Echo. Alexa is just the woman who lives in it. Ha. Voice control can not only be used by addressing the device with: "Alexa, play my favorite music!" Echo can do even more:

  • Monitor and use all Apple units
  • Switch light on and off
  • Check intelligent radiator thermostats and change the temperature
  • Control surveillance cameras
  • Connect additional household appliances using intelligent sockets

Of course, she also plays music while washing your clothes or turning on your dishwasher.

Android smart home

Many devices, sockets and systems also run on Android, of course. The programmable adapter plug is particularly popular. It also works with the coffee, exactly half past six in the morning!

Does a smart home make sense?

This technology is also being developed so that we have it more convenient in everyday life. Also, - because not everything that is new is revolutionary. Devices such as refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers can be networked into the smart home - the machines still have to be loaded by hand. Especially since the new devices can be set using the timer.

Where the technology can be used meaningfully:

Smart home for seniors

Does a smart home make sense for seniors? Not necessarily. If the older generation does not agree with the technology, it will be difficult to integrate it as a helper. A automatic water rinsing is not understandable for some older gentlemen. It depends on the person. Technical support is an asset for people who have a physical handicap but are fit.

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Smart home requirements

In order to get started, in terms of saving energy and monitoring, you need a device that is designed to play back the data that needs to be processed. Most smart home devices are easy to connect to your tablet or smartphone. They communicate over the WLAN. For example, if you Amazon Echo in between, all you need to do is give commands: "Alexa, make coffee." For example.

Surveillance systems often work via an app. This way you can easily find out, for example, who has looted your refrigerator while on the go. Or what the dog is doing while you're away.

Smart home threats

Headlines keep popping up warning about advancing technology. Everything that is electronically connected has its gaps. So your home can also be attacked by hackers. Read out data, open doors. You can see when you are at home and when you are not. Alone by reading out the data. Sounds scary? Even if companies promise a good firewall, the dangers cannot be completely ruled out.

Changeover of electricity meter

Legislators stipulate that all analog electricity meters should be replaced by digital meters by 2032. Whether you incur any extra costs is also up to the providers. The installation and maintenance of the devices can incur costs. An upper limit has been set: gross costs must not exceed € 20. Here too, data protection experts do not agree: if the data falls into the hands of unauthorized persons, they can easily find out, based on your consumption, when you are out of the house.

The digital meters transmit your consumption in real time. In this way, the consumption should be calculated better and the risk of manipulation of the consumers should be contained.

Incidentally, installation is mandatory.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart home

They relieve one, the other annoying. The digital home has its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of smart home

✔ You have everything in view at all times - whether it's a break-in

✔ Power consumption

✔ light

✔ Meter readings

✔ video

✔ You can operate your complete systems from the sofa

✔ Voice control is available for the most important gadgets

✔ You can send your robots to work

✔ Move your roller shutters up and down

✔ Make coffee or on the go

✔ heat the apartment

✔ In the long run, costs can be saved

Disadvantages of smart home

✘ Retrofitting can be expensive to purchase

✘ High security gaps can result from hacker attacks

✘ Data is collected

WLAN Permanent WLAN operation

Conclusion - smart home

For people who want to know exactly what is happening when and how much is happening in their own four walls, the smart home is a great way to basically monitor everything. Also the money - because saving will be visible in the future. You can also use your fully automatic coffee machine, your lawn mower, your vacuum robot, your pool robot and your heating system to do this without having to toil.

Your friends could also go into the house while you're away. For people with a handicap, technology can be a fantastic support. Switching off, but then becomes difficult. If you're sensitive and want to turn off your WiFi at night, it's not that easy anymore.

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