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Playstation Controller | Tips for PS 3 & PS 4

Where are the differences in the controllers? This guide is only for you as a gamer to the two controllers of Sony ©. We'll show you what you should look for when buying the gamepad and whether you can use Controller for PS for your new generation gaming console.

Guide: NERF toy weapons

Toys that can display weapons and fire projectiles. Almost like "in real" - but only almost. Nerve and NERF are close together. What is HASBRO NERF anyway? This guide is about a toy that undoubtedly splits the fronts.

Love swing - sex swing - top 10

For whom are the swings especially good and where are the advantages and disadvantages of such a love swing? Are there qualitative differences? What material are they made of? And how many kilos do they last? In this guide you will learn everything important about load, attachment and the various functions.

Kicker multifunction table Top 10

How many and which games can be played on it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a table? In order not to throw your money out of the window because you do not need it, we looked at it.