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Dog training toys

Best Dog Training Toys: Top Picks for Effective Training


Dogs love to play and you can train them at the same time. I'll find some great products for your dog

Unravel 2 Nintendo Switch review

Test: Unravel 2 – [Nintendo Switch] Fun for two in co-op mode


Our little review of the Nintendo game Unravel 2


DEERC 300E & 302E RC Off-Road Drift 4WD Car Test: High-Speed ​​Action in Detail


Here you can read our experience and test about DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car in Part 1.


Test: TonieBox by Tonies | Music & radio plays for children

Dirk Re.

With the TonieBox, children can playfully set up and hear different hearing figures for different stories. Here is my test

3T6B drone (KF609)

Test: 3T6B drone KF609 (Tenga Mini Drone) under 100 euros from Amazon


The 3T6B drone KF609 is a very light, small drone for in between.

Hoverboard - fun for young and old

Hoverboard - fun for young and old


Do you want to buy a hoverboard and don't know what to look for? Here is a little guide to buying.

Carrera RC- The world of remote-controlled Carrera models

Carrera RC - The world of Carrera RC


In this guide we dive into the fascinating world of Carrera RC cars. After a brief outline of the story, here's an overview of all the models or categories, looking for what age groups they are and where to buy the models. Various special features are also included. Let's go. On, into the world of miniature racing!

Guide: Buy Magna Doodle magic board | Toys for children


Find out more before buying and compare top sellers in Magna Doodle Magic Board Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests | Opinions and reviews from other buyers will help you with this.

Pogostick - buy jumping toys

Pogostick - buy jumping toys


If you want to buy a pogo stick, here are a few tips for you. - Pogostick