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Test: Syntrox sandwich maker with ceramic coating for 4 sandwiches


Which sandwich maker should you buy? My choice fell on the Syntrox sandwich maker SM-2000W XXL with ceramic coating. You can read why and what I think of him here, have fun.

Siemens EQ.6 Plus extra class

Fully automatic coffee machine | Buy Siemens EQ.6 S700 Plus extra class or EQ.9?


Here you can find out why I bought the Siemens EQ.6 S700 Plus extra-class fully automatic coffee machine and why I decided against the Siemens EQ.9 series. Read my experience of buying a fully automatic coffee machine here.

Bosch MUM5 CreationLine_Kitchen_machine_buy-af12da4d

Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine - the versatility in the kitchen

Dirk Re.

The Bosch kitchen machine has a multitude of options and comes with a large number of accessories for flexible preparation. I report how it performs in everyday life.

Tefal fryer

Test: Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100 | Frying made easy

Dirk Re.

Deep-frying should be quick and easy. What added value do I really have with the 74,99 Euro deep fryer? I have tested the model from Tefal, now read my test report here.

Air fryer | deep-fry with a little oil | counselor


What is a hot air fryer anyway? Are there any health benefits? Can you buy useful air fryer accessories? And what are the other advantages and disadvantages of hot air fryers?

Cookware - interesting facts from pan to saucepan


Choosing the right cookware is of paramount importance. Here are a few tips!

Ceramic ginger grater


Ngwer is valued as a spice, cut into small pieces as an ingredient in a salad or in teas. With a ceramic ginger grater its advantages come into their own.

Organization system for the refrigerator - refrigerator basket


The right system for keeping your refrigerator tidy. With the organization system for the refrigerator or a refrigerator basket, you have a better overview in the refrigerator.

Kitchen scales: kitchen gadget for the kitchen


Especially those who cook and bake in the kitchen according to the recipe and instructions are dependent on the helpful tools of the kitchen scales. You will have to buy a kitchen scale at some point. This has had quite a development behind it, if you remember the kitchen scales models from bygone times.

How healthy is instant chicken broth?


Is Instant Broth Healthy? What can I use it for? Can i do it myself?