Practical waste collector

A practical waste collector should not be missing in any kitchen or apartment today. Nowadays we are being told not only by our communities but also by our own consciousness to do something about the environment, so garbage collectors are a great way to do that.

Often the garbage has to be separated into a great number of sub-categories. It is not always easy to find the right waste container for every part. There are new ones too automatic trash cans which can open and close automatically, very convenient.

However, it becomes even more difficult when it comes to finding a suitable place for these vessels. Especially if you have to separate waste in a limited space, for example in the kitchen or in a small storage room. Practical waste bins are ideal for precisely this purpose.

SONGMICS waste bin for the kitchen, 3 x 8 L, waste bin made of...SONGMICS kitchen waste bin, 3 x 18 liters, waste separation system 3...Amagabeli automatic waste bin rubbish bin motion sensor...Made for us 20 liter 50s waste bin Retro pedal waste bin...SONGMICS waste bin, 30 liter waste bin, steel pedal bin,...DUTIS kitchen trash can hanging 10L plastic (PP)...Trash.Know Design pedal bin 12l yellow, residual bin, ...smarty - Ecobin rubbish bin on wheels (3 x 21L) -...awiwa bathroom trash can with hinged lid made of stainless steel -...
€59,99€129,99Check priceCheck price€69,99Check price€15,99Check priceCheck price€149,95
SONGMICS trash can for the kitchen, 3 x 8 L,...*SONGMICS kitchen waste bin, 3 x 18 litres,...*Amagabeli automatic trash can trash can ... *Made for us 20 liter 50s rubbish bin retro ... *SONGMICS dustbin, 30 liter waste bin, ... *DUTIS kitchen trash can hanging 10L plastic...*Trash.Know Design pedal bin 12l yellow, ... *smarty - Ecobin rubbish bin on wheels (3 x 21L) -...*awiwa bathroom trash can with hinged lid made of ... *
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€59,99€129,99Check priceCheck price€69,99Check price€15,99Check priceCheck price€149,95
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How much space do i have?

In an eight square meter kitchen or in an even smaller storage room, skill is always required when it comes to furnishing. A suitable waste collector should also not be missing. If you only have little space available, you do not have to do without a waste collector with various subdivisions.

There are waste bins in almost all sizes and shapes. Even for a narrow space between the cupboard and the wall, there are, for example, butterfly-shaped waste bins, which means you can stylishly separate normal household waste from organic waste to a slim 30 centimeters.

For what garbage

This question should be carefully considered before buying a waste collector. Because if you want to separate paper waste from normal household waste, you need a waste collector that also offers a sufficiently large volume for these two categories of waste. Paper waste in particular is usually very bulky, which is why a small waste bin for paper is almost impossible, as it otherwise has to be constantly emptied.

If, on the other hand, you want to separate household waste from organic waste, a waste collector offers a larger volume for household waste and a slightly smaller volume for organic waste. Organic waste does not occur as much in a regular household as normal household waste and its volume is rarely as bulky as, for example, paper waste.

The space-saving Tandem-S-plus Hailo TR Swing 50.3 / 29 m is ideally suited for ecological waste separation in the kitchen thanks to its 3-way separation. The capacity of the respective rubbish bin is 1x 12 + 2x 8,5 liters. In addition, a small inner bucket is provided with a biodegradable lid. From a 50 cm wide base cabinet with a revolving door, the waste collector is installed, regardless of whether the door is hinged on the right or left.

Contribute to reducing waste

They can positively influence the problem of environmental pollution and the accumulation of packaging waste. Pay attention to the waste reduction already when shopping. If possible, buy your fruit and vegetable needs at the weekly market. This saves you packaging material. Because almost everything is sold loose and the waste bin does not fill up so quickly. However, you should be careful with fresh meat or fish because of their perishability.

Perhaps you have the option of purchasing the milk directly from the farmer. Here, too, there are ways to get milk in glass bottles. Take bags with the latest design with you when you go shopping at home. In this way you save the use of plastic bags and make a contribution plastic-free life.

A small foldable nylon bag fits in every handbag, no matter how small! By the way, you could do without complex packaging if you have fun and time "cooking your own dishes". Even when buying fruit, deliberation can do no harm. Loose fruit saves bulky packaging material and can be quickly stowed in the shopping bag.

Products from the area

Be environmentally conscious in your daily shopping. Prefer products from the area. In this way you are safer from chemical substances, some of which are assessed very critically because research results are still insufficient. When it comes to hauling weight, you can make it easier to carry loads with careful shopping.

Prevent pipe blockages

German households spend millions of euros annually on toilet cleaners, fragrance stones, damp toilet paper, wet wipes and all kinds of pipe cleaners that promise help with a clogged drain. In most households, the deposits in the drainage system are so extreme that only an installer can help. The resulting costs are very high in most cases and with rethinking, educating and using alternative home remedies, pipe blockages can be prevented.

Only the best in the quiet place

The toilet should smell hygienic after every use of the toilet, so fragrance stones are used. Once hung on the toilet bowl and misfortune lurks. Plumber companies are called several times a day because toilet stones that were flushed down have clogged the drainage pipe system. Bad smelling, organic deposits in the drain can be combated with hot water and a few sprinkles of vinegar.

Only the very best is good enough for the delicate rear end, too. Multi-ply toilet paper, wet wipes or damp toilet paper end up in the toilet bowl, these belong in the waste bin. Then the water-saving button is pressed to protect the environment and save water. The perfect scenario for the next, impending disaster.

- € 2,00
Clic-And-Get waste bin 19 l, black metal wire
Clic-And-Get waste paper basket 19 l, black metal wire *
Dimensions (approx.): Ø (top): 29,5 cm - Ø (bottom): 23,5 cm - height: 35 cm; Color: Black
€13,69 - € 2,00 €11,69

Wet wipes belong in the waste bin

Conventional toilet paper, which is not the multilayered, velvety soft one, removes unwanted traces from every toilet user and dissolves in the flushing water after a very short time. Wet wipes, multilayered or moist toilet paper, on the other hand, get stuck in the drainage system for days.

In order to promote the impending misfortune, the water-saving button is used. Installers come in several times a week because the toilet was flushed with too little water. Even if only a sheet of toilet paper is used, the water-saving button is taboo.

That doesn't belong in the toilet but in the waste bin
• Oil or grease residues
• Leftover food or food waste
• Coffee grounds or tea bags
• Newsprint or writing paper
• floss
• Sanitary towels, panty liners or tampons
• Handkerchiefs
• household towels
• Disposable wipes
• Glasses cleaning cloths
• cotton wool
• Cotton swab
• diaper liners
• plastic
• cigarette butts
• hair
• razor blades
• Thinner, paint residue, paint remover, filler, paste or acids
• Cat litter or bird sand
• medication
• Make-up removal pads
• condoms
• baby diapers
• Syringes
• Disposable washcloths, disposable underwear or disposable towels
• Incontinence pads

So that these things don't end up in the toilet, every bathroom should have a rubbish bin. Hygiene bags should always be accessible, especially for guests.

This waste separation system is particularly practical and versatile, whether you want to use it in the hallway, children's room, office or of course in the kitchen. Thanks to the motion detector, you don't even have to touch the lid to open it. This allows a particularly hygienic use. The automatic lid keeps unpleasant odors at bay.

In the lower part there is a retractable holder that houses 2 handle rubbish bins. Organic waste can be stored in these just as well as smaller utensils such as rags or tools. The steel look of the pull-out bin is not only beautiful, it also makes cleaning easy.

Stainless steel waste separation system with sensor

- € 8,14
Keter 9736000 Split Basic recycling cabinet, grey/black, 68 x 39...
Keter 9736000 Split Basic recycling cabinet, grey/black, 68 x 39...*
Suitable for 2 x 110L bin liners (not included); Application: garage, basement, hallway, cloakroom, attic, storage room, workshop in
€69,99 - € 8,14 €61,85

Without chemical clubs

The drainpipe glugs after the water is running or the flushing water rises while cleaning the toilet, then the drainage system is clogged.
Physical effort is now required to prevent flooding. Chemical clubs such as pipe and drain cleaners should be avoided for the sake of the environment.

The well-tried pipe cleaning spiral, available in every hardware store, usually solves the problem. If you don't have a pipe cleaning spiral at hand, you can put plastic wrap over the toilet key.

The film must sit very tightly and adhere well to the sides. Then rinse vigorously, due to the resulting negative pressure, the problem should have been solved with a jolt. The tried and tested suction cup is used when hand basins, sinks or bathtubs are clogged.

Fill the bathtub or basin with water, seal the overflow with a damp cloth and place the suction cup firmly on the drain pipe. Then pump vigorously with the handle (up and down). The blockage loosens through the pressure created.

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1. Top seller
Ribelli stainless steel dustbin - dustbin with sensor -...
2.113 Reviews
Ribelli stainless steel dustbin - dustbin with sensor -... *
  • The automatic trash can with sensor is a practical and helpful companion in everyday life - thanks to the automatic sensor, it opens and closes...
  • The practical waste bin is made of brushed stainless steel, which gives it a high-quality look - the waste bin is white,...
  • Depending on the purpose and needs, the container is available in four different sizes: The capacity is therefore about 30, 40, 50...
2. Top seller
Klarstein Royal Trash Sensor Garbage Can, 72 L volume in 4 ...
50 Reviews
Klarstein Royal Trash Sensor Garbage Can, 72 L volume in 4 ... *
  • ELEGANT: Waste disposal can be so beautiful: the Royal Trash Sensor bin from Klarstein impresses with an automatic ...
  • VOLUME: With its voluminous interior of 72 liters, the Klarstein Royal Trash offers a large garbage bag container of 43 liters ...
  • PRACTICAL: The suspended 4 L bucket, in which organic waste can be disposed of and which thanks to the lid with a ...
3. Top seller
SONGMICS trash can for the kitchen, waste bin, 45 liters,...*
  • Waste sorting - it's that easy: With this 3 x 15 liter waste bin, you can easily sort your waste, e.g. residual waste and organic waste...
  • Small details make all the difference: an airtight lid tames bad smells for you; 3 foot pedals allow you to remove waste entirely...
  • An important plus: The 3 foot pedals of this pedal bin are provided with 3 different colors, so that you can find the right place for the...
4. Top seller
ONVAYA® double pedal bin Leo stainless steel | 30L...*
  • Practical waste separation system for the kitchen: the waste bin has a capacity of 30 liters divided into 2 inner compartments
  • The waste bin has 2 robust pedals that are easy to operate and allow hygienic opening
  • The trash can can be closed airtight to avoid annoying odors | The surface is coated to prevent fingerprints...
5. Top seller
Kitchen waste bin Waste collector for the door under the sink...*
  • 【Excellent sealing with lip】 Our hanging trash cans have semi-automatic sliding lid design specially as a hidden ...
  • 【Hanging installation design】 Kitchen trash can can be easily hung on the cabinet door or hung on the wall with bracket accessories ...
  • 【Robust and durable】 Compost bin is made of high-density polypropylene, non-toxic and tasteless, sturdy and durable; ...
- € 2,006. Top seller
STARVAST hanging trash can with lid 9L, hanging trash can...*
  • ♻️ 【Large capacity】 The size of our hanging trash can with lid is 23,7 x 13 x 29,5 cm / 9,3 x 5,1 x 11,6 inches, and the ...
  • ♻️ 【High quality material】 Hanging trash can with lid under the sink made of thickened PP, net weight 0,4 kg, maximum ...
  • ♻️【Multifunctional sliding lid】 Garbage can hanging under the sink keeps clean and repels odors better than other ...
7. Top seller
Relaxdays Sensor Waste Bin 12l, Square Waste Bin with Lid &...
119 Reviews
Relaxdays Sensor Waste Bin 12l, Square Waste Bin with Lid &...*
  • Garbage collector: Hygienically dispose of waste in the kitchen, bathroom or office - cover with switch and display
  • High quality: The housing of the kitchen waste bin is made of steel - modern design in black
  • With sensor: The lid of the waste bin opens without being touched - it closes automatically after 5 seconds
8. Top seller
CURVER rubbish bin for waste separation, silver/DARK GRAY,...*
  • A stylish Curver Duo Bin with 2 removable inner bins (with handles) and lid. Very practical, fashionable and light....
  • Inside are 2 inner buckets with a capacity of 15 and 6 liters. The waste bin is ideal for separating waste at home or in the office, and is...
  • Curver stylish pedal bin with lid Dimensions: (LxWxH) cm approx. 30 x 39,5 x 40 with lid
- € 2,009. Top seller
Supremery Hanging Trash Can Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can 7L...*
  • CLEAN KITCHEN: With the waste collector including holder, you can collect your rubbish directly when preparing food, because it can go into the ...
  • CLEAN: The plastic waste container (hanging) offers you a practical and clean help when cooking. The trash can fits...
  • MULTITALENT: You can also hang the collecting container on the inside of the cupboard door for e.g. cleaning agents or on the changing table. Of the...
10. Top seller
BranQ - Home essential a set of 3 trash cans PELIKAN, with...*
  • a set of 3 bins for waste separation: plastic, glass, paper + biodegradable and compostable bin bags, 60 ltr, 10 pcs. ,...
  • Thanks to the ability to stack baskets on top of each other, they save a lot of space and help organize the space
  • convenient flap closure - the raised flap stays in place, making waste sorting very easy

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